New rules for passing the exam in 2020

All graduates and parents who have to go through the exam test in 2020 are afraid that they will introduce new rules for examinations in the upcoming GIA season. The excitement is quite justified, because over the past years there has been a large-scale reform that has significantly changed the structure and content of CMMs in almost all subjects of the exam.

Even more uncertainty for 11th graders is added by Vasilyeva’s statements about the introduction of the mandatory exam in the history of Russia already in 2020, because the school year has already begun, and graduates have not received a clear answer to the question of how many required subjects they will have to take in just a few months.

Will history be mandatory exam

Since no official statements to this effect have been received from Vasilieva, FIPI or anyone else, we will try to analyze the situation and draw our own conclusions.

Will the exam in history be mandatory in 2020

Fact No. 1 - promising models of 2020, as well as the rules for passing the exam in history, available in the codifier and specifications, are not changed.

If we consider the discipline "history of Russia" as a compulsory subject of the State Automobile Inspection, then it is necessary to revise the rules for passing the exam, the structure of KIMs and the assessment system. It is possible that history will be offered at the "basic" and "profile" level, as mathematics is today, because there are universities that want to see a USE certificate confirming the thorough in-depth knowledge of graduates in this discipline.

Fact No. 2 - History, as a compulsory subject, has not been tested.

If we recall the history of the introduction of most of the changes, then all of them were integrated into the knowledge assessment system after a certain period of testing. For example, this is exactly what happened with the oral part in foreign languages. In 2020, history will become a compulsory subject for graduates of 9th grades, which can be considered a kind of approbation. The management will analyze the results that 9th graders will demonstrate and decide whether graduates are ready to pass the exam in the format that exists today, in 2020, or whether it is necessary to change the rules of delivery (facilitate tasks, enter a "base" and "profile" and other)

Thus, we can confidently say that if history joins the number of compulsory disciplines of GIA-11, then not earlier than 2021, which should please 2020 graduates and give them the opportunity to start training in three (and for someone else) 4) disciplines.

How many items to hand in 2020

How many items must I hand over? This question also haunts the 11th graders.

It is worth noting that not all graduates are limited to the minimum necessary set of 3 disciplines (Russian language, mathematics and a subject to choose from). Many decide to take 4 exams, guided by various motives.

Option number 1 - and basic and specialized mathematics.

Yes, you can! The teachers recommend passing both options to those who are not confident in their abilities, but still want to try to get into the specialty of a physical and mathematical profile. In this case, choosing both the basic and profile exam, the graduate gets an additional chance to pass the exam and get a certificate, even if the profile test "fails".

With the preparation in this case, everything is as simple as possible - get ready for the profile exam. This knowledge will be more than enough to pass the base on the passing score, and in fact more from this certificate is not necessary.

Option number 2 - two subjects of choice.

This option will be relevant for those who can not decide on the desired direction. For example, torn between foreign philology and the field of IT. Believe me, now there are a lot of such guys.

In this case, you can try your luck twice, and make a decision based on which of the relevant subjects will turn out better. The main thing is to prepare qualitatively in all subjects.

Important! Even if both examinations you are interested in on the Unified State Exam 2020 calendar are on the same day, the rules for passing the exam suggest a way out of the situation — one of the disciplines (which one should be decided by the examiner himself) can be passed on a reserve day.

Will the procedure itself change

Although the media talked a lot about what changes are planned in the near future, it is unlikely that these innovations will be launched this season.

In the near future (perhaps as early as 2021 or 2022) graduates expect the following innovations:

  1. Full conversion of GIA to digital format.
  2. Individual CMM for each examiner.
  3. The oral part of the exam in the Russian language.
  4. English and history as compulsory subjects.
  5. The return of the GIA-11 to the school walls.

When and how the announced innovations will be introduced is still unknown. As soon as the Ministry of Education and FIPI announces its plans for their implementation, we will be the first to tell you about important news.

Important dates for the USE 2020

The calendar of the pre-term period for 2020 is still approved, but the dates of the main exams for graduates of this year are already known.


Main date


Final essay


02/05/20 and 05/06/20





06/19/20 and 07/03/20

Russian language


06/22/20 and 03/07/20

Mathematics (base and profile)


06/25/20 and 07/03/20




06/29/20 and 03/07/20

Social Studies



06/30/20 and 07/03/20

Foreign languages ​​(orally)


07/02/20 and 03/07/20

Foreign languages ​​(orally)


Foreign languages ​​(in writing)



07/01/20 and 07/03/20

Retake and appeal

For compulsory subjects, a retake is possible both on a reserve day and in September. For disciplines of choice - only on a reserve day!

If you do not agree with the assessment, you can appeal only to the second part of the work (which is checked by experts). Appeals against part 1, which is checked automatically after scanning, are not accepted! Also note that the appeal process takes place in the presence of the test subject. Before disagreeing with the assessment, it is worth weighing all the pros and cons, analyze the weighty arguments available (if you know where and for what you could have scored points), and also prepare to defend your opinion with the commission without tears and nervous disruptions.

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