2020 business ideas that are not in Russia

Representatives of different categories of the Russian population want to get rid of the need to work for hire: from students and graduates to well-established individuals who managed to accumulate the necessary experience and starting capital. Moreover, not everyone succeeds in easily occupying a free niche, investing and making a profit. The main reason is the lack of a suitable idea that could appeal to future consumers.

More often, beginners are guided by the successes of domestic businessmen, thereby making a mistake. One way to solve the problem is to search for optimal business ideas 2020, which are not in Russia.

With the right approach to adaptation and marketing, it is likely that a new niche will be formed. A minimum of competitors and interest from consumers are guaranteed to bring a positive result. Choosing a fundamentally new sphere and focusing on foreign experience, you can open a business that will not only bring profit, but will also become truly fascinating for an entrepreneur.

European ideas for implementation in Russia

Today, for beginners and professional Russian businessmen who are guided by the experience of colleagues from Europe, serious prospects open up.

Actual business ideas for 2020 are related to service.

The rapid development of the Internet leads to the fact that almost every option to one degree or another requires knowledge of the work of modern technologies. Consider some of the most attractive options that have been successfully tested by foreign consumers.

VR technology for football fans

Major sporting events take place almost daily and everywhere. Even the most affluent fans do not have the opportunity to attend every football match involving their favorite teams. It remains to watch their game through a TV or computer monitor.

The forces of a small company managed to make a system of cameras located in the stadium. Recording from them is transmitted to a system that provides VR. Thus, in the presence of special glasses or a helmet, the fan will be able to ensure a perfect viewing of the match, sitting comfortably and not limiting himself to the scope of the TV.

School for eSportsmen

ESports is a trending activity that brings serious income to professionals. Recently, he is included in the official list of sports, but future champions have to train on their own, spending a lot of money on computers and other equipment.

It is much more profitable to organize classes in special classes equipped with suitable equipment and hone skills under the supervision of professional e-sportsmen.

Such trainers can share the secrets of success and behavior strategies in popular disciplines.

Quick duplicate keys

In an emergency, finding a wizard who can quickly make a copy can be difficult. European entrepreneurs solved the problem quite original, having formed a network of devices that automatically produce keys. The operation of such systems is simple:

  • the client places the original in a special tray;
  • the device scans the key and forms a complete duplicate;
  • the finished sample is issued for a set fee.

Practice shows that the decision pays off an order of magnitude faster relative to a full-fledged workshop, whose employee performs a similar amount of work.

Non-standard vending machines

Familiar to many devices located in crowded places usually offer a standard set of services - making coffee or selling demanded foods like chocolate or snacks. The right approach will expand the functions of such devices, providing a quick and convenient sale of goods. For example:

  • ready-made rolls and semi-finished products for their preparation;
  • over-the-counter medicines;
  • newspapers, books and other printed matter;
  • creating photos for documents;
  • hygiene items, small clothes.

Consideration should be given to where to place the system. The maximum benefit and positive response from the audience will be achieved only if the vending mechanisms are installed in places with increased traffic.

Most often we are talking about shopping centers, hospitals, public spaces for recreation and entertainment.

Aggregators of popular services

A good option for large cities, which are represented by many different services. The essence of the formation of the aggregator is to open a website or mobile application in which offers from different organizations will be collected. Among the options are:

  • local catering;
  • car services;
  • delivery company;
  • local online stores.

The owner of the aggregator enters into a contractual relationship with business representatives. Receiving a kind of advertising, they promote their services, paying a small commission for posting offers on the site or in the application.

Risks associated with opening an unusual business

Each of the proposed ideas enjoys certain popularity abroad, however, in Russian realities, entrepreneurs may encounter problems. The main thing is the lack of desired demand, and, consequently, the inability to recoup investments.

The above options for business ideas from Europe in 2020 are quite attractive, but there is a chance of getting misunderstandings with end users, because for them the innovations are still too unusual.

This nuance leads to the need for quality marketing, which can turn into an expense item.

Another problem is the coordination of projects with government officials. Despite numerous reforms, small businesses today have to deal with the need to look for additional opportunities for financial support. In addition, the introduction of certain technologies requires coordination with the authorities. Against the background of such circumstances, it is recommended to conduct a thorough study before starting to implement a business idea of ​​interest.

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