Animated Cards Happy New Year 2020 of the Rat

If you want to surprise your friends and relatives with an unusual New Year's surprise - catch unusual animated cards and pictures of various subjects (nature, Santa, the New Year tree, funny rats animation) that will help you beautifully and creatively congratulate people dear to your heart with the New Year 2020.

Winter landscapes

On the eve of the New Year holidays, you can present an excellent mood and recall the upcoming celebrations by presenting a beautiful picture with the image of a winter landscape and flying snowflakes.

A lot of vivid emotions will also give the image of Santa's snowy house. In addition to this pacifying landscape, you can write a small quatrain about snowflakes and the approaching New Year 2020.

Snowflakes lie quietly on the white roofs

Somewhere in the distance already hear the chime of bells.

This is 2020 in a hurry to us, scattering mini-ice from the sky,

Meet the happy New Year messengers!

The only drawback of such beautiful pictures is the rather large file size. Animations can take a long time to load at low Internet speeds, and a large number of such congratulations can even leave the owner of the smartphone without the Internet, dragging on itself all the available traffic. Therefore, it is better to send small-volume pictures through popular instant messengers. For example, such original landscapes with a format of 240 × 320 pixels will look great on a smartphone screen.

To see the animation, click on the picture.

Christmas tree

The luxuriously decorated New Year's beauty always gives a feeling of an approaching holiday, reviving the vivid pictures from childhood in memory. Therefore, congratulating the upcoming New Year 2020, the original animation of the Christmas tree with flickering lights and multi-colored garlands can act as a postcard.

You can supplement the picture with a short congratulation on the upcoming 2020.

The smell of the Christmas tree in the house again

Soon the holiday is New Year!

Glad beautiful pine

In Russia, an honest people.

Many on the branches of toys

And presents underneath.

Holiday penetrates the soul

We look forward to more fun days!

No less original may be a European-style Christmas card with a tall Christmas tree and a beautifully decorated fireplace, in which flame lights play, creating an atmosphere of coziness and emotional family warmth.

We need small format pictures - choose beautiful Christmas trees presented in the gallery.

To view the effect of animation, click on the image you like.

Santa Claus

The main characters of New Year's fairy tales are Santa Claus and his western colleague Santa Claus. Both children and adults are looking forward to them, because good wizards not only give long-awaited gifts, but also fulfill their cherished desires.

Present on New Year's Eve an original animation card with Santa Claus or Santa, complementing it with a small rhymed congratulation.

Santa Claus is knocking on the door

What a miracle? Here you go!

I now believed in a fairy tale

Though I never believed.

Chimes hit - 2020,

Raise your glass soon!

Let the dreams come true

Let life become more fun!

You can also give a smile by sending a funny New Year mini-picture with animated Santa Claus or cheerful Santa.

Wish Cards

Bright and colorful animated cards, on which there is a beautiful inscription "Happy New Year", and rhymed wishes for the coming 2020, can become an alternative to a lively winter picture and a separate congratulation.

It also offers an original live card with the Snow Maiden, which will convey to your loved ones your warm hearted wishes for the New Year 2020.

2020 Animations - Rat

Everyone knows that the coming year according to the Eastern calendar will pass under the auspices of the white metal Rat. To present animated cards with an animated rat or mouse on the eve of the New Year of 2020 means to give a caring patron to the house, which will provide comfort, income and mutual understanding.

Before the New Year, you can send your friends a picture of how two rats carry a Christmas tree to the house, as a symbol of the upcoming celebration.

You can also please friends, colleagues or just acquaintances with a beautiful lively mini-picture that shows mice or cute rats (white or gray).

Heroes of fairy tales and cartoons

In addition to Santa. Santa Claus, the Snow Maiden and the symbol of the year (White Rat), in 2020 you can give pictures and postcards with your favorite characters from children's fairy tales and cartoons. Such postcards will be appreciated not only by children, but also by adults, to whom the pictures will remind vivid emotions associated with their favorite winter holiday.

We also offer interesting mini-pictures with bunnies and rabbits, a mischievous Masha and cute snowmen, which can be supplemented with children's greetings.

A fairytale is knocking on our door

On the threshold of the coming year!

All dreams would come true

To be better than the previous one!

I wish you luck

And health, and love!

Accept congratulations

My New Year!

Comic New Year's animations

If you want to cheer up your friends - choose comic pictures on the theme of the New Year!

Just be careful. Not all people are ready to accept such extraordinary New Year greetings. Send funny pictures only to friends who understand the New Year joke.

DIY Christmas animation

You can create your own Christmas animation by using online services such as,,, etc.

If you have already mastered Adobe Photoshop quite well, you can try creating your own unique live picture by 2020 (a graphic file in gif format), following the simple tips from the video tutorial:

Watch the video: Happy New Year 2020 (March 2020).

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