Happy New Year 2020

We look forward to the New Year holidays - it's time to pick up beautiful and original congratulations on the New Year 2020 for relatives, friends or colleagues. We have collected the most beautiful lines with wishes in poetry and prose that your friends will surely like, will give them a smile and a good mood.

Also on the pages of our portal you will find original Christmas cards and pictures, short quatrains for New Year's SMS, as well as many useful tips on how to organize a holiday for children and adults, what to present under the Christmas tree and how to surprise guests on New Year's Eve.


Universal New Year's greetings must be at hand during the winter holidays, because such beautiful lines can be congratulated on the New Year 2020 and friends, and relatives, and colleagues, and superiors.

New Year’s verse, creating a mood and reminiscent of the approach of the brightest, most beloved celebration since childhood, can be printed and hanged in the office. You will see that both employees and guests will involuntarily blur in a smile after reading these lines, because they are saturated with the atmosphere of the upcoming holiday.

Of course, such verses are also suitable as an addition to the original postcard.

Light up the sky with billions of lights

Again, the New Year comes to the chimes!

May 2020 be good to us all

Let everyone give what he dreams of!

Snowflakes are spinning in a round dance

The city seems to be covered in magic.

Fireworks reflected in the ice

Year 20th comes to our house!

He brings luck and joy to everyone,

A lot of bold, successful ideas,

A lot of new trouble, but not a burden,

And prosperity, and new friends!

Christmas tree in the house, cake ready, Santa Claus is on the way

Isn’t it time for us guys to spend the Old Year?

And raise the glasses loudly, gathering friends at the table,

May there be many bright, wonderful days in the 20th year!

2020 is a beautiful figure,

The good luck code is hiding in it!

So let this cipher magic

Will bring many happy days!

In personal life - love, understanding,

And emotions, like bright lights.

At work - success recognition,

And friends close by faithful, reliable,

After all, with friends, life is more fun!

Meet the 20th year, new,

After all, he has long been on the road.

Hastens for the aroma of pine

To find the way to the house.

May 2020 bring us

There is a lot of love, good luck, happiness,

So that in my soul - again sixteen,

There is a wide road in labor!

You want no one to guess that the New Year's greetings were not written by you - choose universal wishes in prose in 2020.

Until the New Year 2020, there are only a few hours (days). Around the New Year's bustle, and in the soul - the expectation of a miracle. So let the coming New Year's Eve be bright, cheerful, unforgettable, and the coming year will bring a lot of joy and creative success.

New Year is on the verge! So let it be soft and beautiful, like snow falling behind a window, bright and joyful, like the lights on a Christmas tree, hearty and creative, like a festive table menu.

Happy New Year! May he give joy and decorate with a smile each of the coming 366 days. May success and luck, inspiration and creativity be always with you.

Santa Claus is close! In anticipation of New Year’s fireworks, a chime of chimes and unpacking of gifts, we want to wish you in the new year: health and warmth, success in any undertakings and advancement in the career ladder, more relaxation, bright moments and positive emotions! Happy New Year!

Greetings with wishes

It is also worth picking up beautiful greetings with wishes in a rhymed form that will help to originally congratulate Happy New Year 2020. Such lines can be added to a thematic picture, having received a beautiful New Year's card, or simply send in a chat of a favorite instant messenger.

We picked up the most interesting congratulations on wishes in poetry and prose for the New Year 2020.

Happy New Year, friends, with new happiness!

Let it remain in the old bad weather.

In the year 20th we will take with us

What we love and how we live.

Warm look of the closest, loved ones

And the smile of friends so valued

Children's laughter scattering the clouds

We believe that the coming year will be the best!

I want to wish in this wonderful moment -

May all your wishes come true!

And the 20th year, without problems and without intrigue,

It will be remembered as a time of prosperity!

Year 20 is coming! I want to wish you:

May luck help you realize your plans!

In life, let family, personal

Everything will always be great!

We kiss, hug,

Happy New Year! Congratulations!

On New Year's Eve, I want to wish you

Smile, have fun, sadness and adversity do not know!

May the wonderful year 20th bring you under the Christmas tree

A pile of happiness, a pound of health, a sea of ​​joyful troubles,

Heart - tenderness and passion!

Happy New Year with a new happiness!

You can also complement this New Year's greetings in 2020 with an interesting animated postcard.

To relatives

On the eve of the holiday, December 31, do not forget to congratulate your family and friends on the upcoming New Year 2020. If you celebrate this holiday not with your family, moms and dads, brothers and sisters, grandparents will be very pleased to receive from you a beautiful congratulation in verse or prose.

Beloved, dear, dear

I want to wish you a Happy New Year!

And wish love, health, happiness,

Smiles, and not only at this hour!

Let everything conceived earlier happen,

In my heart I wish peace, warmth,

Let the moment when the 20th year is born,

Cherished dreams will come true!

May this long-awaited holiday

Will fill with warmth, good heart!

After all, the young New Year, such a prankster

Already standing with a gift at the porch!

May he bring comfort and happiness to the house,

Let it be light and bright, mischievous.

Go away, let adversity and bad weather.

Kisses, Happy New Year, my dear!

Happy New Year, sister, beloved

With new happiness in the 20th year!

I wish you my dear

Blossom like a rose in the garden!

Let life be a fairy tale, not a saying,

The prince comes not only in dreams!

Happiness let it sparkle

In your sincere young eyes!

My beloved, dear, dear ones! Happy New Year, the year of joy, success and prosperity! Let 2020 bring coziness and prosperity to the house, warm the soul with the warmth of close hearts, fill the house with fun children's laughter and give you good health! Let your faces light up with smiles, and everything that is conceived is easy.

Beloved brother (beloved little sister)! May the coming year become the beginning of a long and fascinating path to success for you. I wish you to find your wide road to the top and people along with whom the path will be easy, fun and interesting. May you succeed in the new year!

Mom and Dad (grandparents)! Congratulations on the upcoming 2020! I wish that the coming year will bring you a lot of joy and kindness, and the surprises that life has prepared are extremely pleasant. Let your face be illuminated by a smile, and each of the 366 days of next year will decorate a good mood!

About the symbol of 2020 - Rat

This time we see off the Year of the Pig and meet the year of the Rat, so congratulations on the mention of these two symbols of the eastern calendar will be especially relevant in 2020.

Creative congratulations on the year 2020 of the White Metal Rat can be supplemented with images of the new patron.

Chiming clock, clinking glasses

New Year comes into the house!

We are happy to meet the guest

With honey, cheese and wine!

We will feed the nobility notably

It will be fun with us,

What would be in our new year

Do not see the trouble at all.

May it bring happiness to the knit,

And in the soul will settle a fairy tale,

To the year 20th new

It was funny, bright, cool!

Year of the pig is leaving 2019

He managed to us pretty "blame"!

We are happy to celebrate the New Year.

Today, the rat pleases the whole nation!

She is kind, wise and fair,

Not a timid, not grumpy!

Promises prosperity and career growth - not a few,

And again on the table roll and bacon!

What will be the year 2020

Under the chiming clock, we’ll ask the tailed one!

May the year of the 20th 20th Metal Rat

Will give you health like steel!

May sadness-sorrow with the speed of space

Carried away, taking adversity, into the distance.

May your heart be happy with luck every day,

May it give the warmth of your beloved hands,

May happiness fall like snowflakes from the sky

And next will be the most faithful friend!

Happy New Year 2020 - the year of the White Metal Rat! Let the new patron be soft and fluffy to us, but at the same time give iron health, wisdom and prosperity.

So the period of rampant "swine" has ended! The pig is replaced by a wise and caring Rat. She will show her long nose with a profitable direction, lay a treasure with her paws, ensuring wealth, teach her how to run in a wheel and get pleasure from work, as well as give warmth and family well-being!

New Year is coming! A rat is not a simple animal; it can be touched and eaten from hands, and it can hurt. So let our rats that we meet today be white and fluffy, cheerful and sociable. Let your table all year round have a cheese to a vinichka, and bins a lot of other tasty stocks.

To colleagues

And finally, we offer an original New Year's greetings for 2020, which can be addressed to colleagues in a postcard, read on a corporate party or simply printed and placed in a prominent place in the office, raising the spirits of everyone.

We spend our lives at work

We are not just colleagues, we are almost relatives!

Everything in common - projects and concerns,

And my friends appreciate us, not in vain!

We are a team! Close-knit, bold, friendly

We are able to give and rest a plan,

And what we all need for happiness -

We are ready to tell Santa Claus.

Let him give us a New Year

What our people dream of:

In families, success in tasks,

And a car, a boat, a summer house,

Fur coat, bag, heels ...

In the Canaries, fireflies

Visa (but not for tourism) ...

And more optimism!

Well, walk, people

A new working year awaits!

May the New Year rise

Average monthly income!

So that in the 20th we could

Rest everything in Bali!

Ride limos there

And stint up in stores.

Forgetting projects, letting go,

And the deadline in addition ...

Dreaming of a New Year!

Celebrate working people!

Vodka, meat, sandwiches,

Around the Christmas tree dances ...

But you break out of the cycle -

Tomorrow work awaits again!

If you prefer more traditional options in prose, we suggest paying attention to such wishes for colleagues:

Happy New Year 2020! Let the coming 12 months be no less bright than New Year's Eve, any tasks can be solved easily, and work brings only joy.

We are not just colleagues - we are one family! So let our family always have mutual understanding and mutual assistance, interesting projects and funny corporate parties. Let each of us take the best for himself from the rat: mind, hard work, sociability, thrifty, creativity.

And you can brighten up the last working day by sending colleagues near-New Year cards.

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