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The Unified State Exam promises to become one of the most popular elective exams in 2020, which means that graduates should learn more about what the test will be in the new year, what the structure of the essay should be (task no.), And also what it costs draw the person taking pictures during preparation.

For more information about which Russian universities require a certificate in social studies, as well as what the exam regulation will be in the new season, read the article "Unified State Exam in 2020".

In this article, we will examine in detail issues related to writing an essay.

Task number 29

Recall that in KIM, there are 29 tasks in society - 20 with a short answer, 8 with a detailed answer and an essay (mini-essay with elements of reasoning on a given topic).

In the 2020 demo, the following wording of the assignment is proposed:

Please note that as a social science knowledge, on which it is necessary to rely, revealing the selected topic, it is recommended to use:

  • real events from public life;
  • literary and historical examples;
  • situations from movies and theatrical productions;
  • personal experience.

The task itself belongs to the category of alternative. This means that the examinees are given the right to choose. In this particular case, the right to choose a theme for a mini composition. The assignment proposes 5 statements, one for each thematic block:

  • philosophy;
  • economy;
  • sociology;
  • political science;
  • jurisprudence.

In the specifications, it is recommended that 30-45 minutes out of 235 allocated for the execution of all 29 exam questions in social studies be allocated for writing a mini-essay. But, teachers recommend increasing the time for writing an essay and focusing on about 60-90 minutes. So the test part will be a little less than 3 hours, which is more than enough.

Another tutorial tip - start with a mini essay. The first 60 minutes, the brain works as efficiently as possible, and it will be easier to write an essay than after 3 hours in a stuffy classroom.

Essay Evaluation

For correctly completed 29th task, you can get 6 points, which is 9% of the maximum primary point (in 2020 this is 65).

The second part of the examination in social studies is assessed by experts, so it is very important to write clearly.

FIPI has established the following criteria for essay verification:


Maximum score


Revealing the meaning of a statement



Theoretical content (explanation of key concepts)



Theoretical content (logical reasoning and conclusions)



The quality and relevance of the facts (examples)


Please note that for task №29 as a whole, zeros will be set if the meaning of the statement is not disclosed, and according to the K-3 criterion they will automatically put “0” if there is no explanation of key concepts and the second criterion K-2 is rated at zero points.

It is also worth paying attention to the recommended amount of text - approximately 150-450 words. Ideally, your essay should be close to 350 words in volume, which with an average size of capital letters is approximately 2-3 sheets.

We want to reassure those who are worried about the literacy of the essay - spelling errors do not affect the assessment for an essay in social studies. The exception is errors made in the writing of terms and concepts.

The results of the verification of tasks of the 2nd part can be appealed. Of course, if you are confident in your innocence and are ready to defend your opinion before the expert committee for the consideration of appeals.

How to write an essay

In order to avoid problems with writing a mini-essay in the social science exam in 2020, you need to prepare in advance - think over what the structure of the essay should be, select relevant examples for different topics, and prepare cliches.

Since the topics that will be proposed to examiners at the exam in 2020 are not disclosed in advance, at the preparation stage you can focus on the most relevant areas identified for each of the 5 blocks.

In 2020, the structure of essays on social studies will not change. The mini essay should include the following blocks:

  • main quote;
  • affected issue;
  • the essence of the statement;
  • the examinee’s look at the problem;
  • argumentation of opinion;
  • examples;
  • output.

Along with what the structure of the essay on social science should be, experts are also told about what it is not worth writing in the essay on the Unified State Examination 2020. So, proof of relevance, as well as biographies of authors of literary works and famous personalities appearing in the examples, will be superfluous. Most often, it is precisely on these blocks that do not add points to the essay that graduates spend time in vain, instead of writing out the meaning of the statement in as much detail as possible and finding the right examples.


So, now you know what is and what is not worth writing in an essay on the exam in society. Now let's take a closer look at how you can collect the necessary composition from the prepared blocks. Such blocks are called clichés and help in writing an essay on social science to correctly build a text taking into account the requirements that dictate the structure and evaluation criteria of the Unified State Examination 2020.

We bring to your attention a selection of key cliches that will be useful when writing an essay on almost any topic:

For more information on how to write a mini-essay on the Unified State Examination 2020 in social studies, see the lesson from the online tutor:

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