Curtains to the kitchen in 2020: modern news

You have started a grandiose repair, or just want to change something in the interior - find out how to choose beautiful and functional curtains in the kitchen, which models will be at the peak of popularity in 2020, and what is interesting about modern news.

Problem of choice

When choosing curtains for the kitchen, in addition to the current design trends of 2020, presented in the photo, it is necessary to consider:

  • color palette;
  • the dimensions of the window opening and the kitchen itself;
  • functionality and practicality.

Remember that the kitchen is a room with special conditions and the textile decor of the window will need to be washed more often than tulle and curtains in the bedroom, nursery or living room.

Actual models

Depending on the interior, you can pick up a wide variety of curtains in the kitchen, because the 2020 fashion offers both classic and modern options.

Short (retro)

For interiors with small window openings designed in the style of country or Provence, short models decorated with ruffles, frills or fringes are ideal. This window design looks simple, but very elegant.

Today you can find many variations on the theme of a short curtain for the kitchen - the photo shows the most current models of 2020, the design of which will be the highlight of your interior:

  • oar or single;
  • on loops, on rings or on grommets;
  • with graceful interceptions, creative decor and colorful prints.

Among the colors in 2020, traditionally, cell and floristic motifs (flowers, grapevine, fruits and berries), as well as drawings of "kitchen theme", among which the most popular coffee beans and everything related to this aromatic drink, will be relevant.

Custom-made photo curtains look incredibly beautiful. Thanks to the use of innovative printing technologies, any image you like can be applied to the fabric, which will make your kitchen truly exclusive.


This is the original interpretation of the short model, which is a canvas with transverse slats. Thanks to a simple mechanism, such a curtain can be lifted and fixed at any height. Moreover, during the transformation, the fabric forms beautiful wave-like folds, which gives the window a very interesting look.

The only drawback of the Roman curtains is the price, which is due to the cost of the transformation mechanism itself.

Classical - Tulle and Drapes

Window decoration with transparent tulle and blackout curtains made of curtain fabric is a universal option that can be recommended not only in the hall or bedroom. Such textiles will serve as a decoration for a spacious classic-style kitchen, as well as a kitchen-dining room.

It is worth noting that today a combination of classic heavy curtains and translucent Roman curtains is very popular. This combination looks very unusual, and at the same time spectacular. Many even order such curtains in the hall, but still combined novelties in 2020 are better to hang in the kitchen. We suggest evaluating in the photo how a window designed in this style might look.


The peculiarity of this type of window decoration is that the window decoration consists of separate strips of fabric, the width of which can vary from 40 to 150 cm. The length can also be different. Depending on the wishes of the client, such curtains can be long (to the floor), short (on the windowsill) or step.

Due to the fact that each of the strips can move along the guide independently of the others, you can easily transform the interior, changing the design of the window in seconds.

Japanese curtains, the design of which is presented in the photo, will harmoniously fit into the current interiors of 2020 (minimalism, loft, modern), and your guests will definitely appreciate the functionality, practicality and unusual design of such a novelty.


Another unusual solution for creative people who are looking for an extraordinary solution for the interior. Designers proved that in 2020 such curtains can be safely purchased not only in the living room, but also in the kitchen, using as a mono decor, or combining other modern models with threads.

You can emphasize the originality of the design solution with the help of stylish pickups. In fact, the filament curtain represents the widest field for creativity, because the threads falling down like a waterfall can be stacked in complex weaving, creating your own masterpieces.

Also, threads can be combined with lambrequins or Japanese paintings. Pay attention to the photo how beautiful, unusual and stylish such combinations look.


In modern fashion, such a direction of window decoration as blinds stands out separately. Such functional curtains can be found today not only in offices, home offices and children's rooms. Many types of blinds can be integrated into the interior of the kitchen.


Definitely, the most appropriate in the design of a classic kitchen will be roller blinds. They do not take up much space, perfectly protect from prying eyes and allow you to do without heavy curtains.

It is worth noting that roller blinds can be used as the only window decor, or can be combined with light organza, lambrequin or, for example, Roman curtains.


In the interior of the kitchen, vertical blinds will also look stylish and modern. Depending on the wishes of the customer, numerous manufacturers of such curtains are ready to make plain, color, printed models, or even apply any pattern to the surface of the blinds.

The only drawback of this solution is the difficult maintenance of textile slats. It is not recommended to use horizontal blinds if the window is located near the stove, since it will be quite difficult to clean the lamellas of fat that settles during cooking.

Classic horizontal

Plastic and metal horizontal blinds have long been included in our was. Of course, today they can no longer be called innovative, and especially stylish too, but from the point of view of practicality, such models have no equal. They are easily washed and cleaned of any contaminants, they are durable and have excellent functionality.

You can combine beauty and practicality by ordering horizontal blinds with a pattern, or complementing the plain with a beautiful tulle with a bright print.

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