Carnival in Brazil in 2020

The Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro is one of the brightest events in the whole world. Preparations are underway for a whole year, and eminent designers and couturiers take part in the creation of decorations, outfits that excite the minds and imagination. All participants, guests of the festival will be able to immerse themselves in the extraordinary atmosphere of enchanting dances.

In 2020, the dates of the carnival in Brazil fall on the period from February 21 to 26.

The capital of the country will become a real paradise of flowers, feathers, jewelry.

When will the carnival in Rio

Carnival dates change annually. This is because they are associated with a particular calendar period - Lent. Action in Brazil always begins on Saturday, preceding its beginning. The whole festival lasts five days, and ends on Wednesday, which the Brazilians themselves call "ashen." However, in reality, extravaganza lasts much longer. To plan an interesting trip to Brazil, you need to figure out when there will be a carnival in Rio by ordering a tour.

The program of the famous theater action includes:

  • opening;
  • parade of children's schools involved in the study of samba;
  • gay ball in costumes;
  • Champion School Parade;
  • permanent sites with discos;
  • competition between street groups;
  • balls.

The most striking event is the coronation and delivery of the city keys to the king. From that moment, Rio has been owned by the participants in the carnival for a week. In order not to miss the most interesting, try to preview the entire program of the festival in advance, choose the most extravagant performances.

The essence of carnival

One cannot say for sure where the tradition of the holiday came from. Someone speaks of African origins, others believe that the roots go back to Ancient Rome, Greece. Another option is to compare the carnival in Brazil with the "fun" days of the Portuguese, because it was they who made the greatest contribution to the development and formation of the country.

Our compatriots often call the action "Maslenitsa in Brazilian style." The time coincides, the mass of festivities. Although the number of people carnival wins many times. People begin to prepare for a new walk right after the end of the previous one.

Despite the large number of events announced on the dates of the carnival in Brazil in 2020, its essence remains the competition between samba schools. For a whole year, students work out movements, choose outfits, representatives.

About six organizations perform daily. In total, it is from five to eight platforms with thousands of people. Participants carefully come up with jewelry, costumes, pump out dancing skills, because the award for the best will be participation in the final parade of champions. The performance of one school is given a little less than an hour and a half, so there will be enough time to enjoy.

The presented numbers are evaluated by a strict jury consisting of 40 people. They are divided into 10 groups of four. Voting, evaluation is carried out live. Spectators, jury members are located on the platform with a capacity of about 9 thousand people, traditionally located in the Estacio area.

No less vivid than the competition itself is the celebration of the winners. In addition to giving gifts, cash prizes, the award is accompanied by colorful salutes. On the last day, the three schools that won prizes pass the final time through the streets of Rio. All comers will be able to watch the incredible action of the winners from music, feathers, a variety of bright colors, capable of giving the feeling of a holiday of incredible proportions.

Carnival will take place under any conditions

The festival is not affected by anything: neither the economic nor the political situation, because the week of the festival brings a considerable amount of money to the treasury. In Rio, not only tourists gather, whose number is in the hundreds of thousands, but also local residents from all over the country.

To visit Brazil in late February - early March has long been the "blue" dream of many. The atmosphere of holiday fever covers the whole country. They try to hold mini-festivals in almost every city, but the samba festival in Rio was and remains the most ambitious.

Having visited the carnival in Brazil, you will never forget the eternal holiday reigning around the mood and unrestrained fun.

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