Knitted hats fall-winter 2019-2020

Are you planning to purchase fashionable new items for the fall-winter 2019-2020 season - we will tell you what women's knitted hats will be at the peak of popularity, as well as demonstrate the trend models in the photo that are offered by high-fashion masters in their collections.

There is no doubt that stylish knitted hats should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista, because they have a number of undeniable advantages, including:

  1. the widest variety of models, colors and textures;
  2. excellent compatibility, because a knitted hat can be a great addition to a classic coat, fur coat or sportswear jacket;
  3. winter models warm well on cold days, while thin autumn models protect against wind;
  4. practicality (most models can be easily washed in a typewriter);
  5. reasonable price (in comparison with, for example, fur models);

Fashion models

The collections presented by famous fashion houses on the catwalks of Milan, London, New York and Paris set certain trends for each season, and the winter of 2019-2020 will also be able to offer fashionable women stylish, comfortable and spectacular women's knitted hats. We offer a more detailed look at which styles will be in trend.


A trendy youth hat, the feature of which is a simple laconic design, cut, tight-fitting head and lack of ties.

There are many interpretations of a bean:

  • straight and short (adjacent to the crown);
  • long (cap-toe);
  • with pinches on the back of the head;
  • with a lapel or miniature pompons;
  • thin (in autumn) or voluminous from a dense woolen thread (for winter).

Such models can be seen in the new Versace collection. The designer suggests combining a stylish beanie with a leopard coat or a fashionable textile coat.

Harnesses and coarse knitting

Volume models will not lose their relevance. If you already have a stylish hat in your wardrobe, the decoration of which is a gum or tourniquet pattern, you can safely include it in any fashionable look. If there is no such element yet, the winter of 2020 will provide another chance to try on this stylish and original trend.

Please note that volumetric caps are designed to be the highlight of the image, which means that they should attract the eye. Therefore, for many women of fashion an interesting solution in 2020 can be a product of bright colors: burgundy, coral, yellow, orange, blue or green.

Another interesting trend reviving this season is hand-made knitted sets. If last year the uniform style in a hat, scarf and gloves was rather considered a bad manners, then the new winter season, on the contrary, promotes such a combination to a fashionable Olympus, as evidenced by the photos.

Ears and horns

Decoration of knitted oversize and beanie patterns may well be cute “ears” and “horns”, which add a touch of playfulness and childish immediacy to the female image.

With pompom

Pompom is a trend that holds the leading position for several seasons. Large and small, made of yarn, natural or faux fur, pompons are the most spectacular decor for fashionable women's hats.

In the fall-winter 2019-2020 season, stylish knitted hats with pompons will be presented in a wide variety. High-quality photos of trending models will help you choose the ideal option for you.

However, it is better to refuse a very voluminous pompom if you like to wear a hood, or often carry a hat in your bag (for example, going down the subway).

With fur on the lapel

An interesting trend of 2020 is knitted hats with natural fur decor. Such products look very impressive and worthy of complementing a luxurious fur coat or elegant classic coat.


A creative option for those who are looking for innovative ideas for a vibrant look. Such models are suitable not only for young, creative and creative girls, but also for middle-aged women who prefer elegance with some zest.

So, adolescents can safely choose for themselves hats-animals with the faces of owls or bears, and older women - stylish models, decorated with pompons or fur.

A knitted hat with earflaps, close in cut to the classic fur, will also be relevant in the coming winter. At the same time, designers recommend choosing not only neutral models of classic shades (gray, white, black or blue), but also try on earflaps with contrasting bright shades (red, yellow, orange, coral).


The most extravagant headdress of the winter of 2019-2020 will be the balaclava. Appearing on fashion catwalks several years ago, this outrageous knitted hat confidently registered among fashion trends, becoming an integral element of the brightest and most unusual designer bows.

In the fall-winter 2019-2020 season, balaclava can be found in many collections. In 2019 and 2020, designers recommend combining this bold accessory with almost any thing, whether it be a brutal jacket-jacket, a natural sheepskin coat or a military raincoat.

Spectacular decor

Along with numerous monophonic models, in 2020 you can purchase:

  • bright multi-colored patterns knitted from yarn that differs in texture and shade;
  • products decorated with prints and embroidery;
  • caps with beads and rhinestones;
  • accessories with knitted decor.

An interesting solution that claims to be among the fashion trends of 2020 will be a knitted hat with a veil. It is worth noting that the designers tried to combine this interesting element with models of various styles and colors. What came of it, look at the photo.


Classic hats are bored, and you are not ready for such radical experiments as balaclava - look for yourself a fashionable headdress among alternative options. So, in the fall-winter 2019-2020 season, designers also used knitted berets, snoods, caps and hats in fashionable aufits.

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