School holidays in Ukraine in 2019-2020

Ahead of the new academic year 2019-2020 and we offer to understand when vacation periods are planned in Ukrainian schools and why the calendar of some educational institutions in Russia does not coincide with the dates of the start of Ukrainian vacations.

School year structure

Traditionally, in August, a single document was approved, which clearly describes the structure of the upcoming school year and the date of the shift of working days for educational institutions working on a five-day and six-day working week.

Most schools and gymnasiums in Ukraine attend the semester system. Trimesters are found in lyceums and educational institutions working on an individual schedule.

Note! In the 2019-2020 academic year, a slightly different distribution of study and vacation time is introduced. Winter holidays start from December 25, 2019and the last call will sound May 29, 2020 of the year.

According to the approved document, in the 2019-2020 academic year, Ukrainian schools will receive such a vacation calendar:

1st semester

1st quarter

02.09.12 - 27.10.19


28.10.19 - 03.11.19

2nd quarter

04.11.19 - 24.12.19


25.12.19 - 12.01.20

2nd semester

3rd quarter

13.01.20 - 29.03.20


30.03.20 - 05.04.20

4th quarter

06.04.20 - 29.05.20


from 05/30/20

Note! It is recommended that schools shift spring breaks by 1 week. If according to the old schedule, the guys had to rest 23.03.20 - 29.03.20, then really in most educational institutions the week will be vacation 30.03.20 - 05.04.20.

Such a schedule will be more convenient for those regions of Ukraine where central heating is turned off from April 1. As a rule, the first week without heat is the coldest and in school classrooms the temperature often drops significantly. It is more reasonable that the guys would spend this time at home.

Thus, the year 2019-2020 in all educational institutions of Ukraine, as well as in Russia, will begin on Monday, September 2. The last working day of the year for Ukrainian students will be Friday May 29th.

The coming school year will consist of 34 weeks (6 of which will be incomplete), 4 quarters and 4 vacation periods.

Compared with the work schedule of Russian schools, in 2019-2020, winter and summer vacations will be close in dates, while in the fall and spring, Ukrainian schools will go on vacation later than Russian schools working according to the trimester system.

Extra rest for first graders

In many Russian schools, 1st grade students have a small bonus in the form of an extra week of rest at the end of February, which is designed to unload the kids in the longest and most difficult 3rd quarter.

Unfortunately, most Ukrainian schools do not have this practice yet. Although NUSH (New Ukrainian School) also involves creating the most comfortable learning environment in combination with taking care of the physical and psychological health of the kids, the decision to take additional periods of rest was allowed to be taken individually by schools.

If the leadership of the educational institution considers it possible, then the kids can give a short rest in the period from February 24 to February 29.

Taking into account the announced transfer of spring break on 03/30/20 - 04/05/20, additional rest for first-graders will be especially relevant, because the longest third quarter now promises to stretch for 11 weeks.

Holidays and transfers

In the 1st quarter of 2019-2020, students will receive 1 additional day off October 14 (Monday), and there is already nearby and the autumn holidays. 10/14/19 Ukraine celebrates Defender's Day by analogy with February 23 in Russia.

In the 2nd quarter, the day off and the first day of winter vacation will be December 25th - Catholic Christmas declared a public holiday in the country.

The longest and heaviest 3rd quarter will please teachers and students with only one official holiday - March 8 (unless, of course, it is canceled in 2020, as they have been promised for several years).

The last, 4th quarter, will be the richest for the weekend. The first will be a non-working Monday (April 20) after Easter, which in 2020 falls on April 19. Also in May, the guys will receive two periods of long weekends at once, after which the summer holidays will come very soon.

In connection with this arrangement of holidays, 5 additional days off are planned:

date of

Day of the week




Defender of Ukraine Day



March 8 carryover



April 19 carryover (Orthodox Easter)



Labor Day



May 9 Victory Day

Long weekend

The so-called "long" rest period are formed in two cases:

  • if the red day of the calendar falls on Friday or Monday;
  • if the holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday and the day off is postponed to the next Monday.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, the school vacation calendar promises five periods at once, which can be used for recreation, long trips to relatives, travel and just a good family vacation.





12.10.19 - 14.10.19

3 days


07.03.20 - 09.03.20

3 days


18.04.20 - 20.04.20

3 days


01.05.20 - 03.05.20

3 days


09.05.20 - 11.05.20

3 days

Possible schedule changes

The dates of the periods of study and rest for schoolchildren are advisory in nature and can be changed by the leadership of the educational institution, if there are good reasons for this.

Most often, autumn and spring vacations are postponed in Ukraine, and in 2019-2020, a decision on the shift of dates can be made if:

  • force majeure situations in a particular school;
  • weather conditions and the supply schedule (shutdown) of the coolant will require adjustments to the work schedule;
  • prolonged suspension of the educational process due to the high threshold for the incidence of SARS.

As a rule, the holidays can be “shifted” by no more than one week. At the same time, the school administration is obliged to notify all participants of the educational process in advance about planned changes in the work schedule and should not impede the departure of students whose families purchased tickets in advance or booked vouchers for the recovery of children during the vacation period.

Adjustments are still possible in the calendar, so always stay tuned for our news. If the leadership of Ukraine makes any changes to the school vacation calendar for the 2019-2020 school year, we will be the first to tell you about it.

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