SMS: Happy New Year 2020

We need creative ideas on how to congratulate friends, relatives or colleagues on the New Year 2020 - catch traditional and unusual quatrains for SMS, as well as bright New Year's mini-cards.

Greetings in verses

The most original way to congratulate your friends on the New Year is a short congratulatory verse, which in 2020 can be sent not only via SMS, but also using any convenient messenger (Viber, Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.), because in this case it’s rhymed lines you can add a beautiful picture.


If you want to congratulate a friend, but still do not know his tastes very well, the best option would be a short laconic sms with universal wishes for the New Year 2020, or a small mini-card.

Outside the window, New Year's Eve has blossomed,

All the sorrows took the old year away.

I wish you long-awaited happiness,

So that the sun shines and bad weather hides!

Happy New Year,

Let sorrows, adversities, sink into oblivion

Let it be fun, cool and bright

May life bring presents every day!

Quietly falling to the ground, dancing, snowflakes

New year comes to us with an easy step!

I want him to be without a single tear

Light, bright, soaring, no problems and worries!

Beloved / beloved

A beautiful postcard and warm words with gentle wishes are the best addition to the original gift for your beloved or beloved. And if fate has developed so that in 2020 you are not celebrating the holiday together, you can give your soulmate a pleasant emotion through short New Year's SMS congratulations.

Happy New Year from the bottom of my heart,

We hasten to make a wish together:

I wish I love you myself

I wish you happy to be!

New Year has come - it's very good!

The Christmas tree burns with an asterisk, it smells wonderfully mandarin.

I only wish you good luck.

May your dreams come true, you smile tenderly!

Happy New Year! With a new miracle!

In the light of the Christmas tree and candles

I’ll ask for one thing -

Be this my year!

My dear, I congratulate you

May the New Year come true!

And I have only one desire -

May you always be by my side!

To relatives and friends

New Year is a family holiday and on December 31 it is important not to forget to congratulate the people closest to you - mom, dad, grandparents. And perhaps all together, if relatives celebrate the holiday at the family table, and you - with friends or colleagues.

New Year's Eve is standing outside the window

In a wonderful whirlwind, our huge house fell silent.

I would like to wish all my dear:

Be loved, believe, create and dream!

My dear, Happy New Year, I congratulate you,

Let your fairy tale live in your soul, as in childhood!

I wish you more success, health and happiness

May the new year bring you only good!

May the New Year bring more:

Emotions of bright, joyful worries,

Have a nice meeting with your beloved friends,

And all that you dream about!

With picture

For those who do not like typing on the on-screen keyboard of smartphones, we offer ready-made cards with rhymed wishes. Of course, such New Year's greetings cannot be sent to classic SMS, but in 2020 there are many other communication channels that allow you to share a bright New Year card with your friends or colleagues.

About rat

2020 is coming to us, the symbol of which will be the White Metallic Rat, which means that cool New Year's SMS and congratulations on the mention of this cute and mischievous animal will be relevant.

Do you hear something rustling?

The white rat came running to us!

Brought a bunch of good with her,

And New Year's miracles a huge hat!

Two twenty - a "round" holiday!

He is very young, a prankster.

Let all pass without worries

White Rat is a cool year!

Happy New Year,

I sincerely ask you:

Let the pig take away adversity

Rats let happiness give in return!

Congratulations in Prose

No less touching, tender and emotional may be congratulations in prose for the New Year 2020.

It is worth noting that prose, in contrast to poetry, is more universal. Having changed a little like a congratulation, it can be made relevant for congratulations to almost any acquaintance, colleague, friend or relative, and also used as an original toast.

Today we celebrate the best, most anticipated, most magical holiday - New Year! A white rat will bring it to us on its thin tail. And may happiness and joy come with it, and let your life be rid of all sorrows, losses, and tribulations!

New Year's Eve fills hearts with a mysterious expectation, anticipation of true miracles. The clock will strike soon, and life will open a blank sheet. So let us write on it only beautiful, vivid tales, pleasing with fulfillment of desire and sparkling with laughter!

With all my heart, with all my heart I congratulate you on the new, Rat, year, dear friend! Let this farm animal, a symbol of the coming year, bring only the best: a heap of vivid impressions, a bag of cool adventures, a ton of warm family happiness and a lot of love and wild passion!

In the new year, do not eat food like a Rat, do not drag sorrows and troubles into the house, do not steal someone else's good! Only attract positive things and let everything be fine with you!

I sincerely wish you a Happy New Year! Two twenty is very cool, wonderful and round! Let everything be fine, the year will pass as it came: bright and colorful, fun and fabulous!

On the eve of the New Year, 2020, I want to offer: forget all the bad things in the past, take all the bad things and let them go, never again load and never be sad! Let every day of the future 366 please only with positive, warm with happiness and love!

In the New Year, I want to wish good, love, happiness and beauty, so that all everyday grayness would be avoided, and the house would be nice, sincere, cozy and nice in the rays of solid positive! And so that these wonderful Christmas tree lights remain in your memory for a long time!

Congratulations to you, my dear people, my family and friends, Happy New Year! And let us not meet him today, but I am very glad that I have you, and I want to say thank you - from the bottom of my heart! Let everything be fine with you, desires must be fulfilled, and everything always turns out in life!

So 2020 has come! He will be the most beautiful, cheerful and joyful, because I so desire! And may a small miracle happen to you - the very one that you have been dreaming of for so long!

I quietly wish you a Happy New Year! Let these wishes sound only for you and get into the very heart, and be sure to be fulfilled! After all, I wish you a clean, peaceful sky above your head and a bright sun shining on it! Only bright joyful days and serene nights. And to be loved, desired and sweet - because you deserve it!

New Year's animation

If you want to surprise with an unusual gift in 2020, complete the New Year greetings in verse or prose with a beautiful animated greeting card.

Please note that such images are quite voluminous and can take a long time to load on smartphones at low Internet speeds. Therefore, it is recommended to give such cards only if you are sure that a friend or acquaintance has good enough speed, unlimited traffic and a smartphone that can easily accommodate numerous Christmas animations.

To view the animation effect, click on the image.

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