Fashionable mink coats: 2019-2020 models

Love luxurious mink coats and plan to buy an exquisite new thing for the new season - we will tell you what fashionable models will be trending in the winter of 2019-2020, and also show in high-quality photos how spectacular and elegant coats of different styles can look.

The fashion for mink coats originated in the 30s of the last century in Hollywood. Today, after almost 90 years, a natural mink fur coat is a dream item for many women. We suggest figuring out which mink coat can hardly be called a luxury item, and which models are really worthy of becoming a queen's decoration and are able to emphasize high status and exquisite taste.

Popular varieties of mink

Mink is one of the most popular types of natural fur. Designers appreciate it for the widest variety of shades, soft and silky hair, as well as practicality and wear resistance.

But, not all mink is equally valuable. The less common the color in nature, the more expensive the fur coat made of such fur will be.

Russian mink

It is such products that can most often be found in inexpensive stores and even in markets, as this is one of the most affordable types of fur. But, it is worth knowing that among the entire volume of Russian mink, only 15% corresponds to high quality requirements.

The color scheme is represented by mono shades:

  • standard black;
  • standard brown;
  • pastel (soft brown);
  • silver-blue (may have a slightly dirty shade)

Nordic mink

Perhaps this is one of the most popular types of fur (80% of the total volume sold) and in 2019-2020 the Scandinavian mink coats will be at the peak of popularity. Of the main advantages of the Scandinavian woman it is worth noting: the widest range of colors, the widest field for creating an exclusive design, as well as the ability of the fur to retain heat perfectly thanks to its thick undercoat.

So, the most popular of this type:

  • scan black;
  • scanbrown;
  • mahogany (grader);
  • demi buff;
  • dark pastel;
  • nut;
  • gold;
  • silver blue (pure tone).

It is worthwhile to know that Scandinavian furs come from Danish and Finnish breeding. Danish are softer and more tender, and Finnish are rougher with long skeleton hair.

North American (Canadian) Mink

It differs from previous furs with a short awn, which practically does not go beyond the undercoat, making the surface look "plush".

Due to the small number of such animals, such models are included in the elite group, which affects the price of products.

The color scheme covers both light (pearl, headlund) and dark shades (BlackGlama, BlackNafa).

Exclusive (Hybrid)

If you are looking for something really unique - ask for models of mink coats made of natural hybrid skins, which can be judged by the photos of 2019-2020 products.

Among the exclusive hybrids, the price of which fully corresponds to their rarity and uniqueness, it is worth noting:

  • Jaguar (has a natural pattern with dark spots on a brown background);
  • marble (dark yellow with beautiful chocolate stains);
  • silver-sable (rare polar variety);
  • cross (sometimes white, gray and brown).

Trending models

Having decided which kind of mink you like best, you can proceed to the selection of a stylish product that will fully meet your requirements.

In the season 2019-2020, the most diverse models of mink coats will be relevant:

  • classic and cross cut;
  • long and short;
  • with a hood or volume collar;
  • under a belt, or freely fitting;

Cut products

Speaking about a cut of a mink coat, they mean, first of all, the peculiarity of laying skins. The cut may be longitudinal or transverse.

With a longitudinal arrangement, the joints of the individual elements are practically not noticeable and the effect of a single web is created.

With the transverse stripes are clearly visible, which allows you to create an original pattern and serves as a decoration for the product.

There is also styling at an angle. As a rule, such fur coats have a complex symmetrical pattern.

Length of the product

Definitely, length matters, because it not only sets this or that style of the fur coat itself, but also has a significant impact on the cost of the product. Arithmetic is simple - the more fur goes into production, the more expensive the product will be.

The advantages of short models:

  • price;
  • practicality (they get dirty less);
  • convenience (especially if you spend a lot of time behind the wheel or just in a car);
  • focus on the figure.

Of course, such a fur coat will not be able to warm in the cold and will not protect from the wind, but it will become an elegant and spectacular wardrobe element.

Maxi length is an element of luxury, because such fur coats not only look incredibly luxurious, but also require special treatment, part of which is regular and expensive professional care. If the prospect of additional costs for the care of mink products is frightening, perhaps your option is a fashionable fur coat made of faux fur. Such models are also presented in a wide variety.

By the way, you should not think at all that a long mink coat will be heavy. Due to its peculiarity, fur coats made of natural mink fur are very light and even a flared maxi model will not cause you any inconvenience.


Without a doubt, models with hoods look very impressive. It is these fur coats that you should look after if you absolutely do not like to wear a hat. It is worth noting that the hood can decorate almost any model:

  • short;
  • direct classic;
  • under the belt;
  • poncho;
  • flared length "maxi".


A great alternative to the hood can be a voluminous lynx collar, which may not differ from the main product, be made of mink in contrasting colors or other types of fur (usually with a long pile).

Lynx and fox are in perfect harmony with brown shades of mink, with snow leopard or silver fox, with white and black.

Combined and with patterns

An unusual highlight of a fur coat can be:

  • a combination of different shades of fur;
  • a combination of sheared, plucked with a classic mink;
  • painted elements (patterns, drawings, prints).


As you can see, the choice is not easy, because in 2019-2020 the market offers a wide variety of models of fur coats from expensive or more affordable minks, and the photos clearly demonstrate how diverse the cut and design of the products is.

In specialized boutiques of Russia, collections of a wide variety of domestic and world brands are presented, among which the most popular are such manufacturers:

  • Russia: Sagitta, Elena Furs;
  • Italy: Fellicci, Roccabella, Antonio Didone;
  • Greece: Avanti, Chris, Above, PKL;
  • Germany: Tykafurlux, De la Manie.

For details on how to choose a beautiful and high-quality mink coat in the 2019-2020 season, which will long please you with its amazing appearance and effectively warm on cold days, see right now in our video instruction:

Watch the video: Fur On The Runway FW19 (April 2020).

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