Russian leaders - competition 2019-2020

"Leaders of Russia" is one of the largest projects of the autonomous non-profit organization "Russia is a country of opportunities." It has been held since 2017 and is a great opportunity for talented managers to demonstrate their skills and gain irreplaceable experience. In 2019-2020, it is planned to organize the third season of the competition, since in previous years it received international status. It attracts an increasing number of interesting and ambitious leaders.

About the contest

The competition "Leaders of Russia" is aimed at identifying the most promising and competent managers who are willing to develop their skills, improve skills and productivity. It can be an impetus for promotion in the post or the beginning of a career in government. In addition, the event is a global platform for communication and exchange of experience between the contestants, as well as leading managers of the country. Here you can not only demonstrate your professionalism, but also learn a lot, learn about current interesting projects and create your own.

The importance of the activities of the organizers of the contest “Russia is a country of opportunities” and, in particular, the holding of “Leaders of Russia”, was noted by Russian President Vladimir Putin during the annual direct line in June 2019. In this area, more than 200 thousand applications were received from the Russian Federation and other countries, which he considers to be effective work. Many participants who have undergone a serious selection, now occupy high positions in the state apparatus and large business.

Traditionally, the competition begins in the fall with the stage of registration of applicants. Last season, the application deadline was scheduled for October 24, 2018, and the final took place in March 2019 in Sochi. For the period 2019-2020, the dates are not yet specified. It is expected that the dates and locations will be published on the official website //leaderrossii.rf in the near future.

Nevertheless, it is now possible to begin preparations for a future competition. For example, collect data on your managerial activities, make a plan for a video interview.

Conditions for Contestants

Not everyone can compete for the title of the best leader of the country. Participants must meet certain criteria set forth in the Regulation on the competition. Namely:

  • both Russian citizens and the Russian-speaking population of other countries can take part (provided that they undertake to continue to work in the Russian Federation or in Russian missions in other countries);
  • the age of the contestant may not exceed 55 years;
  • experience in the position of manager should be at least 5 years, for contestants under 35 years of age a minimum threshold of 2 years is allowed;
  • at the moment it is not necessary to be employed, the main thing is to have the appropriate experience;
  • Competitors who participated in the previous season but did not make it to the finals are allowed.

Persons who have a criminal record (including canceled) or are under investigation are not allowed to participate.

The competition "Leaders of Russia" is held on a free basis. That is, it is not required to make any organizational fees and other payments for registration and further participation. However, in the case of passing to the semifinals and finals with in-person events, travel and accommodation are paid at the expense of the contestant.

Prizes and awards

During the competition, participants will meet and closely cooperate with the most famous and successful leaders of the country in the field of business and public administration. According to the results of the competition, finalists and winners will be able to join the program of forming the country's highest personnel reserve, as well as receive additional professional education.

All participants will receive an assessment of their managerial abilities, indicating strengths and weaknesses, as well as an individual development plan with the presentation of prospects for growth.

For the finalists, a grant of 1 million rubles is provided for advanced training or education at any university in the country. The funds from the grant are intended to pay for one or more educational services selected by the finalist. If the cost of the service exceeds the size of the grant, the contestant repays the remaining amount from his own funds.

The winners, in addition to the educational grant, will have the opportunity to receive personal consultations from one of the mentors, the country's top managers, during the year. Successful managers, such as:

  • Valentina Matvienko - Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation;
  • Evgeny Dietrich - Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation;
  • Igor Artemyev - Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service;
  • Andrey Kostin - President, PJSC VTB Bank;
  • German Gref - President of Sberbank and many others.

In total, about 100 mentors have been approved for the "Leaders of Russia". In the 2019-2020 season, the list can be added and adjusted.


The competition consists of four main stages. At each of them, participants are evaluated with scoring and rating. In the process of work, the intellectual potential of the contestants, their leadership qualities, organizational skills, ability to work in a team will be evaluated.

At each stage, certain tasks will be provided, on the basis of which an assessment of skills and competencies is performed. Each season, the tasks become more complicated, so in 2019-2020 something new should be expected. This was stated by First Deputy Chairman of the Presidential Executive Office Sergei Kiriyenko at the opening of the final of the competition in March 2019 in Sochi. Sergei Kiriyenko also said that the assessment methodology will change, however, he did not specify how, preserving the intrigue.

Stage 1 - Registration

To apply for participation in the “Leaders of Russia” 2019-2020, you should create a Personal Account (or enter an existing one) on the official website of the competition //leaders of Russia.rf. After confirmation of registration, you will need to fill out a questionnaire indicating your managerial experience. Additionally, you need to download a video interview.

Information about the participants will be checked, therefore it is necessary to provide correct and reliable data. A competitor will be disqualified for using knowingly false information.

It is forbidden to use several accounts and register the same person several times. This is checked automatically and if a “double” is detected, the application will be blocked.

All participants who submitted applications on time in compliance with all the conditions specified in the Personal Account are allowed to the next stage.

Stage 2 - Remote Testing

This stage allows you to evaluate intellectual abilities. It is conducted in the form of online testing on a remote basis. That is, testing can be done at home or in the office, or anywhere else with access to the Internet.

Technical equipment (computer performance, uninterrupted network supply, etc.) is controlled by the participant himself.

The test consists of several blocks evaluating erudition, abstract thinking, the ability to analyze information, and management skills. Blocks include numerical and situational tasks, as well as questions on the knowledge of your country (geography, history, law, etc.).

The test is carried out on time.

To prepare for testing for the competition "Leaders of Russia" 2019-2020, you can study the database of questions on the official website of the organization "Russia - the country of opportunities" // (available for registered users). These questions will not be used in the new season and are for informational purposes only.

For each block of tests, the contestant receives a certain number of points. Based on the test results, a rating is compiled separately for each federal district. Participants with the highest scores are admitted to the next stage.

Stage 3 - Regional semi-finals

Semifinals are held separately in each region. They are face-to-face events where participants will need to pass a control test in the presence of members of the control commission. This is necessary to confirm that the online testing was passed by this particular person without the use of assistants and improvised tools. The verification test consists of a shortened list of questions that were previously used at the remote stage.

During the semi-finals, the contestants of the “Leaders of Russia” will solve business cases and other tasks provided by the organizers. In addition, during such events it will be possible to get acquainted and discuss various issues with TOP managers and leading state leaders of their region.

In 2019, the competition necessarily included the successful completion of the task - "The Heart of the Leader". Semifinalists needed to assemble a team, create and implement their social project from 11 presented categories: education, charity, sport, art, etc. Moreover, the “Heart of a Leader” was not to be a one-time action, but a project with the prospect of long-term use.

Stage 4 - All-Russian Final

The finalists are the participants with the highest rating among their competitors. Also, last year’s final place was won by contestants - the organizer of the brightest social projects. The total number of finalists should not exceed 300 people from all regions of the country.

All applicants for victory will be assigned individual and group tasks to assess their leadership qualities. Tasks may include business games, solving simulated problems, organizing the work of the team, etc. Each competitor is evaluated individually depending on his personal qualities and competencies. After summing up the results, the commission announces the winners and presents prizes and awards. In 2019, 104 managers from 30 regions of the Russian Federation became winners.

The meeting of the winners with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin can be viewed at video:

Watch the video: Joe China for 2020! (March 2020).

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