Fashionable sneakers 2019-2020

In the fall-winter season of 2019-2020, fashionable sneakers are an element of the must-have of both women's and men's wardrobe. Sneakers are not in vain considered universal and practical shoes that can be used in any situation and at any time of the year. For example, stylish white sneakers can be worn with a tracksuit, and with a striking trouser set, without any complexities regarding compatibility.

According to stylists, the wardrobe should have at least three pairs:

  • sports;
  • Creative
  • basic.

We offer you to consider in more detail what trendy sneakers from 2019-2020 took note of street style activists during the fashion marathon in Paris, London, New York and Milan.

Fashion trends sneakers

In 2019-2020, fashionable women's and men's sneakers are presented in all their diversity. This is a classic model, and with a fancy design, and brutal, and "scary" on a huge platform. By the way, a massive sole on the hand of those women and men who want to appear taller. For sports, such sneakers, of course, are not suitable.

Undoubtedly, there is plenty to choose from, since the designers tried their best, having experimented a lot with forms and textures. For example:

  • Virgil Ablaw demonstrated luxurious sneakers that perfectly complement the bride's dress;
  • Demna Gvasalia turned traditional sports shoes ... into a means of self-defense, decorating the sole with long metal spikes;
  • Kistopher Kane equipped the sneakers with funny heels in the form of colorful balls;
  • Acne Studios designers presented shoes, the highlight of which is the ultra-high sole.

White sneakers, which became the favorites of fashion shows last year, do not concede their leadership positions, remaining the same popular shoes as, say, ankle boots, pumps or sandals.

Donatella Vercache, Giorgio Armani and Michael Kors once again confessed their love for a sloping thick sole, relevant for those who lead an active lifestyle. Many couturiers preferred ascetic fabric models or silver, with a futuristic design.

Examples of current models

Even those who are not too fond of sneaker fashion still have at least one pair in their wardrobe. Fortunately, today they are worn not only within the gym, but also in other situations, considering the elements of a stylish aufit to be full-fledged.

Basic or universal

For a long time, stylists came to the conclusion that correctly selected sneakers can be an excellent base for any wardrobe and a background for creating an expressive fashionable image. Such a base can be white or black monophonic models made in a minimalist design. Universal colors make them absolute favorites in both women and men.

You don’t have to worry that such sneakers will become unfashionable or boring over time. That definitely won't happen! Perfect couples can be seen in the collections of Golden Goose, Alexander McQueen, Veja and Fila Originals.


At all times, out of competition are sports models of sneakers that girls today boldly mix with pleated skirts and sundresses from flowing fabric, and men with classic trousers and jackets. For example, trendy thin-soled converse, whose sporty aesthetics are emphasized by the elegance of design, may well become your favorite shoe.

In 2019-2020, Nike and Adidas Originals remain leaders in the production of sports shoes, but they are literally on their heels with the rapidly developing brand APL Athletic Propulsion Labs, which offers stylish models of high quality and sophisticated, technically sophisticated design.


More and more in demand are sneakers with a fantasy design. We are looking for original models among sneakers, which are megapopular in 2019-2020. These are massive models with a curved, very high sole, and quite unusual, surprising with complex geometric shapes, bright colors and contrasting combinations, unconventional textures and extraordinary decor - ribbons, slots, fringe. By including such sneakers in the image, fashionistas and women of fashion express their individuality and knowledge of current trends.

Curious models, for example, Gucci Flashtreks - bright, with an original design, Balenciaga Triple S - iconic, Calvin Klein - colorful. You can choose to your taste without any problems. A stylish solution is to dilute them with classic and elegant bows.

Bright colors, catchy prints

In addition to the timeless classics (black and white models), bright colors will trend this winter, as if retaining the emotions of the spring-summer season. Gentle nude shades will also be popular:

  • beige;
  • cream;
  • dusty pink.

For those who love the most vivid colors, as well as sneakers with various patterns, patterns and ornaments, stylists suggest paying attention to models with a predatory and floral print, as well as stripes and peas that are relevant in 2020. Gucci products look even more stylish and shocking, it is simply impossible not to ignore the bright sneakers with logos and decor.

It must be remembered that giving preference to such extraordinary shoes, other things in the ensemble should be neutral. Another option is to choose not completely “leopard” shoes, but with neat inserts.

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