Scarlet Sails in 2020

The most unusual and spectacular holiday of graduates of St. Petersburg is celebrated on Saturday, the closest to the whitest night, usually at the end of June. It does not have a clear date, as it is directly related to the dates of exams and recent calls. Where this name came from, the history of the appearance, as well as the date of the red sails in 2020, we will tell in this article.

The history of the holiday

The birth date is considered to be June 28, 1968, when at the initiative of several groups of graduates in the waters of the Neva River the first event was held, bringing together more than 25,000 students. Why exactly the embankment? The tradition of meeting the dawn in nature has existed for many years, and the Neva was the most beautiful and suitable place.

The theme was taken from the tale of the same name by Alexander Green, when the girl Assol was waiting for the captain from swimming. The idea turned out to be so inspiring that exactly one year later the event becomes official and the name "Scarlet Sails" remains on an ongoing basis. Over time, the scale becomes larger, more and more people come to St. Petersburg to see this intriguing ship with sails.

Fearing huge congestions, in 1979 the holiday fell under the ban and was there until 2005.

Scarlet Sails Today

The idea of ​​reviving the holiday belongs to V.V. To Putin, together with the governor, they renew this tradition. So, for about 15 years, the festival has been held year after year and at the moment is a large-scale musical performance on the water with the use of basic multimedia technologies. The celebration consists of two stages:

  1. a concert taking place on Palace Square;
  2. a pyrotechnic show in which a ship with red sails is involved, sailing to music.

Scarlet sails have their own motto: "Together with Russia!". The city has hopes for the younger generation, sends them to adulthood. "Anthem to the great people" has become the main musical symbol.

Throughout the history of the festival, ships have repeatedly been replaced. From 1970 to 1979, the Kodor sailed along the river, followed by the Standart and the Young Baltic, and until last year Tre Conor was decorated with scarlet sails.

In 2019, Russia was replaced by the sailing ship, which, according to preliminary data, will also complete the 2020 Scarlet Sails event.

It was specially acquired as a symbol of the motto, has the largest sails, can also move on the engine, and the speed can reach up to 9 knots.

In addition to beauty, the ship must have good maneuverability and a responsible team. Despite the simplicity of the events, it is quite difficult to sail along the narrow Neva with a changeable wind rose, and you need to get into that kind of music, so you have to execute the usual commands many times faster. Safety remains the most important, therefore, during the celebration, a whole flotilla is hidden on the shore: a security tugboat, 2 high-speed and 6 small boats.

Expected Holiday Date

The date of the red sails of 2020 remains open, it will be known in a few months, when the dates for the exams will be understood.

Considering the experience of past years and knowing that Scarlet Sails usually pass on Saturday or Sunday, it can be assumed that this will be on June 20 and 21 or on June 27 and 28.

The concert, which will be held on Palace Square, can only be reached by invitation, which they send to schools just a few days before the celebration.

The long-awaited appearance of a brig in the distance on the banks of the Neva is the most charming moment of the evening. A small but colorful show remains in the memory for a long time, and a beautiful firework accompanied by music symbolizes the end of the celebration and a carefree school year.

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