Miss Russia contest in 2020

The most important beauty contest "Miss Russia" in the country in 2020 will continue to present the audience with the beauty and grace of Russian women, and the participants themselves will open up new opportunities for career growth and professional development. The date when the competition will be held is still unknown. But here you can focus on the established tradition of holding a festive ceremony in the first spring months (usually in March or April). Acceptance of applications for participation is already open.

What you need to participate

Girls from all over the country can apply for the Miss Russia 2020 contest. The main thing is to comply with the conditions set by the organizers:

  • age (mid-April 2020): 18-23;
  • height: from 173 cm;
  • marital status: not married / not divorced;
  • Russian citizenship;
  • other conditions: the absence of photos or videos of erotic content, criminal records, bad habits and tattoos on the body.

In addition to matching age and height, for future participants there are no other restrictions on the appearance (chest, waist, hips). A more important factor for the jury will be the harmonious proportions of the figure and natural beauty. The latter implies the absence of artificial curls, bright extended nails (with the exception of a neat manicure), unnatural tanning and obvious signs of surgical interventions.

For further success at the castings, the charisma and energy of the girls, the ability to present themselves to the whole country is important. An additional bonus can be sports merit, interesting hobbies, merits in the field of education, although they are not spelled out in the rules.

To declare yourself, you can:

  • Leave a request on the official website.
  • Send a note with information about yourself and photos to e-mail [email protected]
  • Come to the regional selection (the schedule can be found in the accounts of the social networks of the contest.
  • To come to the Moscow office of the Directorate on a weekday from 10:00 to 18:00, taking with you high-heeled shoes, a separate swimsuit / plain linen. To obtain a pass, you must first call +7 (495) 644-17-17 or send an e-mail.

Competition Procedure

The rules do not provide any monetary contributions for participation. Invitations are sent to girls whose profiles will interest the organizers for further acquaintance in the Moscow office, and if it is impossible to attend in person, they are invited to send video penetration and sometimes additional photos to make a final decision on each applicant. If the answer is yes, the girls are invited to a large casting in Moscow, where they can demonstrate their external beauty to the jury and reveal their inner world.

Jury members change every year. These usually include winners of past years, famous figures of culture, sports and art of modern Russia. So, last year, the talents of girls were evaluated by Oksana Fedorova (Miss Russia 2001), Igor Chapurin (designer, costume designer at the Mariinsky and the Bolshoi theaters), Vladimir Matetskiy (composer, producer) and others.

Based on the results of the castings, 50 finalists from all regions of Russia are selected, who are preparing for the main ceremony in Moscow in a month. They are waiting for a strict daily routine, a special diet, acting classes and speech style. Through a transparent vote, the jury will ultimately select the winner of Miss Russia, which, in their opinion, is able to adequately represent the country in the international arena, to engage in charity and public works on behalf of the competition. In addition, the winner receives a gift of 3 million rubles, a car, the opportunity to study at any educational institution in the world and conclude contracts with leading representatives of the fashion and beauty industry.

A bit of history and interesting facts

There is no doubt that the final ceremony "Miss Russia 2020" will not be inferior in any way in its scope and level of organization to past contests, but while waiting for it you can recall interesting competitive events of past years and related facts:

  • The first Miss Russia contest was held in 1927 in Paris, where the winner was chosen from among the Russian immigrants living in France. Such an unusual choice of venue can be explained by the numerous Russian diaspora. Two years later, Russian girls living in any of the European countries were also allowed to participate.
  • In 1931, Marina Chaliapina, daughter of the great singer Fedor Chaliapin, received the title of winner. The girl later fell in love with the married Italian Luigi Freddy - the future organizer of the Venice Film Festival. The couple officially formalized the union only after 17 years of relationship.
  • The competition was suspended with the outbreak of World War II in 1939 and resumed only in 1989.
  • Over the entire history of existence, it was carried out three times under the name "Miss USSR" (in 1989-1991).
  • The winner in 1991 was Ilmira Shamsutdinova from Saratov. At the time of her participation, she was only 15 years old.
  • Oksana Fedorova is the only Miss Russia winner (2001), who also managed to become the first beauty of the Miss Universe contest (2002). But the girl did not enjoy the victory for long, because she was deprived of the title due to her refusal to travel around the world with charity missions under the auspices of the competition.

Miss Russia 2001 Oksana Fedorova

  • More than 50,000 girls from 85 constituent entities of the Russian Federation take part in castings annually.
  • The importance of "Miss Russia" in the international arena is emphasized by the existence of exclusive rights to represent the country at the international competitions "Miss Universe", "Miss World".
  • The winner puts on the luxurious crown of the Mercury jewelry company, the prototype for which was the diadem of the wife of Emperor Nicholas II, Alexandra Fedorovna. Precious stones in the color of the Russian flag form asymmetric patterns, and 203 pearls adorn the center and the "domes" of the crown. The approximate market value of the crown is $ 1 million.

How to choose Miss Russia in 2019: video

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