Allowance up to 3 years in 2020

Since 2020, in the Russian Federation, the amount of childcare allowance from 1.5 to 3 years will increase almost 200 times - from 50 rubles to 10 thousand on average. President Vladimir Putin has already signed the relevant law. There is no single amount of benefits up to 3 years - in each region it is different, corresponds to the established child's living wage.


Currently, the amount of payments for caring for children of 1.5-3 years old is 50 rubles, so many parents do not make them. A 50-ruble allowance was introduced as a temporary measure back in 1994. Over the past quarter century, it has never been indexed or revised, although the need for its increase has been repeatedly mentioned.

On June 19, 2019, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev came up with such an initiative. He specified that the Russian government is ready to increase state aid, but this requires the support of the president and the legislative framework. In July of this year, the State Duma considered a bill on payments to families with children maternity under 3 years old from 2020 in the third reading and adopted it. In August, Vladimir Putin signed the law.

Who should be?

The state will pay a new allowance of up to 3 years only to needy families with low-income status. Now poor families are recognized in which the income for each member does not exceed 1.5 living wages.

Since 2020, a new norm has been introduced - 2 living wages per person. An increase in the criterion of need is defined by amendments to the law on monthly payments to families with children. According to lawmakers, a change in the criterion of poverty along with other measures will help overcome the demographic crisis and increase the birth rate in the country.

An increase in the norm from 1.5 to 2 living wages per person will significantly expand the circle of recipients of state aid. The Russian government hopes that additional funding will be an incentive for the birth of a child for couples delaying this moment.

An increase in benefits up to 3 years from 2020 and a revision of the criterion of need will provide payments to almost 70% of Russian families whose first or second child was born. Currently, the percentage of recipients is significantly lower - according to Rosstat, it was 40-46%.

Dates increase

Legislative innovations also touched on the timing of the registration of children's payments:

  1. Initially, the allowance is assigned for a period of up to 1 year.
  2. After that, one of the parents submits a new application and receives payments before the baby is 2 years old.
  3. The next step is to submit an application for state assistance up to 3 years of age.

An application for payments for the care of the first child is submitted by the parents to the local social security agency, and to the Pension Fund department for the second child.

Another important point. In order to arrange monthly financial assistance, employment of parents is optional. Unemployed or working informally should register and register with the employment center. There - get a certificate confirming the status of unemployed.

Those candidates who have never worked, do not have experience and a work record, should contact the Pension Fund and receive a certificate of no deductions.

What to consider when submitting documents?

  1. You can submit documents to the territorial body of social protection or through a single online office.
  2. Families claiming the status of low-income must document the income (lack thereof), provide full information about real estate, cars, land plots owned.
  3. When calculating the total income, it should be borne in mind that only people who are closely related or officially custody are considered family members.
  4. Assignment of statuses is refused if the applicants have submitted an incomplete package of documents, filled it out with errors or provided false information.
  5. The decision is made within two weeks.

For two

A monthly payment will be assigned only to the first and second child. For the third and subsequent children brought up in large families, allowance up to 3 years is not paid.

This is explained by the fact that large families receive regional benefits for the third and subsequent children as part of a program to support low-income families.

Monthly parents receive subsidies for the third and subsequent children from the federal and regional budgets. The amount of the subsidy is equal to the children's cost of living in the region. The number of regions participating in the program is growing annually. In 2019, there were 62.

New Benefit Size

It was mentioned above that the amount of monthly assistance will be equal to the children's cost of living in a particular region. From January 1, 2019, it amounts to 10390 rubles in Russia as a whole, but there are regions and districts where it is significantly higher.

In Moscow, the PM for children is 14329 rubles, and in the Moscow region - 12057.

Leadership is held by regions with difficult climatic conditions. In the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug the cost of living is 18675 rubles, in the Magadan Oblast - 19519, in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug - 21427, in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug - 22472.

Will 50 rubles be abolished?

Lawyers explain that the 50-ruble payment has nothing to do with the new law. There is no official information that this allowance is canceled. Consequently, Russian citizens can apply for this benefit further if they have such a desire.

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