Early retirement in 2020

In 2020, several preferential categories of citizens will be able to retire ahead of schedule. After the entry into force of innovations in the pension system, the right to early retirement on well-deserved rest was reserved for almost everyone who had it in the pre-reform period. The issue of listing Afghans on the list of beneficiaries is currently under consideration. In addition, in 2020, according to the new rules, unemployed Russians and mothers with many children will be able to retire earlier than expected.

New procedure for applying for pensions for doctors and teachers

Early preparation of pension benefits for medical workers is not related to the age limit and the number of total length of service. To obtain the right to benefits, you need to develop 25-30 years of medical experience. The exact number of years required to become a pensioner depends on the working conditions. This order of access to a well-deserved rest existed before the reform. Since 2019, the benefits have been preserved, but a new condition is provided for - a delay before applying for a pension. Its term depends on the year of special experience. Every year, the value of the delay will increase until it reaches a five-year value (in 2023). The increase will be smooth (12 months each year) starting in 2019.

For medical workers who have become pioneers in the reform, special conditions are provided. In 2019 and 2020, it will be possible to draw up a length of service six months ahead of schedule. So, for example, for doctors who have worked long years in the first half of 2020, the delay is 6 months. That is, the allowance will be available in the second half of 2020. The transition period is shown in the table.

Year of experienceRetirement Year
1 half of 20192nd half of 2019
2nd half of 20191 half of 2020
1 half of 20202 half of 2021
2 half of 20201 half of 2022

Similarly, an early retirement pension is granted for teachers. The work of a teacher to care for seniority should include work in the educational field of 25 years. The transition period for the teaching staff began in January 2019 and will last until 2028. Over the years, the age limit for teachers will increase in increments of 1 year every 12 months.

In addition to special experience under the new rules for the appointment of a pension, medical workers and teachers need to have a sufficient number of pension points. The minimum to be accumulated is shown in the table.

Year of retirement, subject to deferralIPB
2019 (January-June)16.2
2019 (July-December)18.6
2020 (January-June)21
2020 (July-December)23.4

Thus, in order to get the right to rest, you need to earn the required number of points (IPB). Their number depends on the size of insurance premiums. That is, the higher the salary, the more deductions and, accordingly, individual retirement points. To calculate the IPB, you can contact the specialists in the PF. In case of shortage, there are several ways to increase their number:

  • purchase them at the Pension Fund (make a contribution);
  • postpone retirement for several years;
  • one of the spouses with a higher salary may deduct contributions to the other.

Also, additional points are awarded to women for each child. The maximum number can be obtained for 4 children. IPA for a woman with four children will be 24.3.

From the moment of working out the special experience until the appointment of a pension, the employees of pedagogical and medical professions can leave their place of work at their request or continue working.

New preferential categories

After the reform of the pension legislation, the list of beneficiaries who are supposed to leave their main job ahead of schedule has been changed.

Since January of this year:

  • Mothers having many children. For women with three children, the opportunity is given to stop working three years earlier than the new retirement age. For mothers with four children, four years earlier. In this case, the total insurance experience must be at least 15 years. Women with five or more children retire at age 50.

  • Unemployed pre-pensioners. If it is impossible to get a citizen of pre-retirement age to work, the period for going on vacation is postponed two years earlier. Unemployed status must be officially confirmed. For this, the pre-pensioner must be registered with the employment service.
  • Citizens with a long work experience. Women who have worked for at least 42 years and men with at least 37 years of experience can stop working and are entitled to an early pension. But, for this group of beneficiaries, an age limit has been established - the retirement age can be reduced, but not more than up to 60 years for men and no more than 55 years for women.

In 2020, for all newly introduced preferential categories, retirement will be subject to transitional provisions. So, for example, mothers with many children (with the exception of those with five children) will be assigned pension benefits in 2020 only when they reach 55.5 years.

Retirement of War Veterans

At the initiative of the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense, Alexander Sherin, a draft law was developed on the preservation of previously established retirement parameters for war veterans. The deputy proposed to introduce this amendment as soon as possible, since the first Afghan retirees, according to old standards, would have appeared already in 2020. But in connection with the innovations, the ex-military will have to work for several more years. The deputy chairman explained that the Russians who served in the hot spots do not have the physical ability to wait for a pension for so long. The State Duma and the Federation Council have not yet begun to consider the document. In addition, the date of consideration of the draft law has not yet been determined at all. If the initiative is approved, war veterans will retire according to old standards:

  • from 55 years old women;
  • from 60 years old men.

According to official statistics from Rosstat, about 1.5 million people have the title of war veteran in Russia in 2019. Of these, about 600 thousand took part in hostilities in Afghanistan.

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