Pictures of the New Year with the symbol of 2020 - rat

The most long-awaited and beloved holiday of the year is getting closer and closer, which means that it's time to pick up beautiful New Year's pictures with the symbol of the coming 2020 - the White Metal Rat, as well as cute and funny rats of various colors and cartoon characters.

White Rat - a symbol of 2020

Definitely, on the eve of the holidays, New Year pictures with the symbol of 2020 - the White Rat will be especially popular!

In the east, it is believed that this animal has many positive qualities. He is cheerful and active, has a subtle mind and wisdom, as well as practicality and worldly cunning.

Presenting original pictures with the symbol of 2020 (White Rat) as a gift to friends or relatives, you bring luck, prosperity and comfort to the house.

In oriental style

Traditionally, we celebrate the New Year on January 1, but in China, in the homeland of the eastern calendar, the year of the White Rat will come a little later. The exact date may vary, because the first day of the next year is customary to meet on the day of the second new moon after the winter solstice. Usually New Year in China is celebrated between January 21 and February 21. The coming year will not be an exception.

Traditionally, on the occasion of the holiday, beautiful thematic cards are presented with the image of the symbol of the year coming, made in red and gold colors.

Of course, no one forbids giving such unusual cards in large or mini format also on December 31. We bring to your attention a selection of original pictures in oriental themes, which are sure to cheer up and give your friends a lot of positive emotions.

Realistic Puppies

What could be nicer than fluffy rat muzzles on an exclusive New Year's card!

We bring to your attention a selection of original pictures with which you can creatively congratulate a musician or soccer player on the New Year 2020. Although, anyone will be pleased to receive such an interesting congratulation, because the young rats in the pictures are incredibly cute and touching.

Funny faces

As a mini-card for the New Year 2020, you can also use pictures with a painted rat, and we offer you a small selection of such funny characters of 2020, glowing with kindness and giving a smile.

Cartoon characters

Perhaps the most popular rat rat of 2020 will be Ratatouille - a mischievous culinary kid from the cartoon of the same name. If realistic rats are not to your liking, download such cute pictures for the New Year with the image of the symbol of the coming year.

Coloring pages

Kids really like to create holiday cards with their own hands. Offer your fidget to decorate a beautiful picture with the image of the fluffy patron of 2020 and present it to friends or relatives as an exclusive mini-card.

Universal Pictures

A postcard depicting a fluffy symbol of the coming year is a great option for congratulations on the upcoming holidays. Everyone will like this picture.

Draw a rat

For older children, you can offer a full-fledged creation of a postcard with your own hands. You can make such an author's present with the help of pencils, felt-tip pens, paints or in a computer program.

The rat will be the main element of such a postcard, and you can place anything you want next to it:

  • snowflakes and stars;
  • Christmas toys and serpentines;
  • Christmas tree itself (classic or cheese);
  • Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden;
  • Snowman
  • Santo and Deer.

You can learn how to draw various New Year heroes in the article “Drawings for the New Year 2020”, and we will talk about how to quickly and easily draw a beautiful Rat - a symbol of 2020. And we will start with the rat Ratatouille.

If this format seems brackish to you, take one of the simpler versions of the image of the fluffy symbol of the year into service.

We also offer to watch a video that shows step by step how to draw rat pups of various formats:

Watch the video: 2020 Year of the Rat (February 2020).

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