Holidays transfer in 2020

The Labor Code of the Russian Federation (Article 112) prescribes 8 public holidays, which are official holidays for all employees. The transfer of holidays in 2020 is regulated by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation and is indicated in the production calendar. In 2020, any global changes in the scheduling of enterprises are not expected. Also, there will be no 6-day working weeks in connection with the planned official transfers. Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that at any enterprise an internal order on the distribution of workload can be drawn up. But he should not go beyond the general requirements and rules of the Labor Code.

2020 is a leap year, which happens once every four years. It has 366 days. An additional day appears in the last month of winter - February 29. This must be taken into account when scheduling holidays and the distribution of working hours.

New year holidays

The Government Decree on the transfer of holidays in 2020 is dated July 10, 2019, No. 875, and signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. According to the Decree, in 2020 only two transfers will be carried out:

  • from January 4 to May 4;
  • from January 05 to May 05.

On the basis of the Labor Code, non-working days are provided for all employees of the Russian Federation during the New Year holidays, which are called the New Year holidays. They last from January 01 to January 08, including January 7 - the bright Orthodox holiday of the Nativity of Christ.

All eight days are officially approved by the Labor Code. In 2020, the New Year holidays begin on Wednesday January 1 and also end on Wednesday January 08. The last day of December 2019 falls on Tuesday and is working. However, based on the norms of the Labor Code, working hours on 12/31/2019 should be reduced by 1 hour.

During the New Year holidays, January 04 and 05 fall on Saturday and Sunday. According to labor law, in this case, the official holiday weekend should be rescheduled to other dates. It was decided to attach them to the May Day, thereby increasing the period of rest in the spring.

Holidays in February and March

The transfer of the weekend in 2020 will also take place in the last month of winter and in the beginning of spring. In February, Russia established one state holiday - February 23, Defender of the Fatherland Day. It is a public holiday. In 2020, it falls on Sunday. Therefore, in accordance with Article 112 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, it must be rescheduled for the next business day - that is, on Monday February 24th. Thus, the Russians will rest for three days - from February 22 to February 24 inclusive.

International Women's Day 2020 also falls on Sunday. Therefore, it will be rescheduled for Monday - March 09. In this regard, in the first month of spring, a long rest period is expected from March 7 (Saturday) to March 9 (Monday) inclusive.

May holidays

In May, Russians celebrate two public holidays: Labor Day and Victory Day. The difference between them is only a week. Labor Day is celebrated on May 01, which falls on Friday in 2020. Accordingly, on pre-Thursday Thursday April 30, working hours will be reduced by 1 hour. Due to the transfer of holidays from the period of the New Year holidays, the May Day will last from May 1 (Friday) to May 05 (Tuesday) inclusive. Further, Russians expect three working days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) and again a long weekend.

Victory Day 09.05 falls on Saturday. Therefore, an official non-working day is scheduled for the next Monday, that is, May 11. On Friday, May 08, the work schedule is reduced by 1 hour.

As a result, in 2020, in May, Russian workers receive the following official mini-vacations:

  • from 01.05 to 05.05 inclusive - only five days;
  • from 09.05 to 11.05 inclusive - only three days.

In some cases, the management of the enterprise may take the initiative and, on the basis of an internal order, make the period between these two holidays non-working (in 2020 it will be May 06, 07 and 08). In this case, they are carried forward to other dates. For example, on Saturdays. This decision is made purely by the management of the enterprise, and not by government bodies, and cannot contradict the Labor Code.

An employee can independently officially extend his May Day by issuing a vacation on May 06, 07 and 08. This action should be coordinated with the management of the enterprise where the employee is working, and approved in the vacation schedule.

Weekend in the summer

In summer, at the state level there is only one holiday - Day of Russia on June 12. In 2020, it falls on Friday, very successfully joining Saturday and Sunday. Thus, in June, triple weekends are formed from Friday, June 12, to Sunday, June 14. On Thursday, June 11, working hours are duly reduced by 1 hour.

Weekend in the fall

For autumn, there is also only one public holiday on November 04 - National Unity Day. In 2020, it falls on Wednesday. No transfers will be performed in the middle of the week. On Tuesday, November 03, in accordance with the Labor Code, employees will work less than 1 hour.

During this period, it is also advantageous to take a vacation on the dates 05 and 06 November. As a result, the employee gets a full five days off (from 04.11 to 08.11 inclusive). At the same time, only two days from legal leave are spent.

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