Federal target program "Housing" in 2020

Until 2020, the federal target program "Housing" will continue to operate. The whole range of measures, thought out by the government of the Russian Federation, has been consolidated into one target project whose main goal is to increase the availability of housing for the population. Several categories of citizens can become a member of the Federal Housing program. You can apply for participation in the municipality until January 1, 2020.

The essence of the program

The federal program "Housing" became the embodiment of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on measures to provide affordable housing for citizens. The head of state was tasked with filling the real estate market with inexpensive, but comfortable apartments. Economy class apartments should be available to people with small and medium earnings, the president said. Special attention in the Housing program is given to privileged and special categories of citizens, as well as to young people and families.

The project is financed from the federal budget. About 120 billion rubles are spent annually on the implementation of tasks. Funds are allocated to:

  • housing for families with children;
  • repayment of part of the debt of Russians with a foreign currency mortgage;
  • development of infrastructure and housing market;
  • preferences for beneficiaries.

The project was first launched back in 2002. By 2010, it was planned to successfully complete it. But due to the high demand throughout Russia, as well as efficiency, it was decided to extend the validity period for another 5 years. But in 2015, the president decided to adjust the document based on the real situation in the country and extend its validity until 2020.

As a result of the government’s work after editing, five subprograms were identified in the Federal Tax Fund:

  • apartments for young families;
  • housing for the military, northerners by certificate (federal benefits);
  • stimulation of the construction of new apartment buildings in the regions;
  • support for citizens of privileged categories;
  • modernization of existing buildings, facilities.

Citizens who have become participants in a national project receive certificates for the purchase of housing. The size of payments under the program varies depending on the category. With a certificate, you can pay off part or the full price of an apartment. So, for example, the government compensates young families about a third of the cost of square meters.

The Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services has been appointed the responsible agency for the implementation of the national housing project.

How to get involved

Until January 1, 2020, people can apply for benefits under the Housing program:

  • military pensioners (those who have retired after long service);
  • employees of law enforcement agencies (police, investigative committee, prosecutor's office);
  • single mothers;
  • families with three or more children;
  • participants in the liquidation activities in Chernobyl;
  • tenants of houses recognized as an emergency or dilapidated foundation.

In addition, families in which at least one of the spouses is under 35 years old can become participants in the project. Such families have the status of "young." At the regional or regional level, the list of participants can be expanded at the request of local authorities. Also, those wishing to receive a certificate from the state must confirm their solvency. To do this, you will need to provide a statement of income that allows you to make payments on a soft loan. This does not apply to categories of citizens who receive a certificate for the full price of an apartment.

An application for benefits on the target project "Housing" can be submitted before January 1, 2020. You must familiarize yourself with the requirements and deadlines for receiving applications in a specific region in advance. Application forms can be printed independently on the public services website or contact your local administration. The application will need to collect a package of documents, which need to be clarified by the specialist accepting the application. He will calculate the preliminary amount of subsidies, which is due for a particular citizen. Application processing time - 10 working days. After making a positive decision, the next step will be to draw up a certificate of the right to social benefits.

According to the feedback of the project participants, obtaining a certificate is not always possible immediately after the decision of the commission. Due to the large number of participants, there is a queue for subsidies, which must be a citizen. The queue for the program "Housing" is formed depending on the category and prescription. The waiting period most often is about one year. When borrowing funds, the bank approves the application after providing a certificate of exemption. There is a period during which it is necessary to apply to a credit institution after receiving a preferential certificate - 2 months.

According to statistics, the most popular of the five subprograms of the Housing project turned out to be the “apartment for young families” direction.

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