Zenith games 2019-2020: schedule

Last season, the Zenit football club from St. Petersburg showed incredible results. Occupying the fifth line in the overall ranking, the team began to run sharply and completed the Russian Football Premier League with the championship. Most experts believe that this was due to Sergei Semak, who replaced Roberto Muccini as head coach of FC. The schedule of games of Zenith in 2019-2020 was published in the public domain, and the new season has already started.

First round

The new season began for Zenith very successfully. Already in the first round, held on July 14, Petersburgers defeated Tambov at home. The game ended with a score of 2: 1 in favor of the former. Given that Tambov FC is in last place in the rating table, experts did not predict a different outcome.

Zenit played the second match away. On July 21, Petersburgers fought against the not so strong opponent of Sochi, winning 2-0 in their favor. On the 28th, FC was waiting for a more serious opponent - Orenburg. The team from St. Petersburg again played away and won again 2-0. Statistics show that away matches are just as easy for a football club as home games for Zenit 2019-2020.

On August 3, in the fourth round of FC, a meeting is expected with the main competitor - Krasnodar. Last season, Krasnodar lost to St. Petersburg in a difficult match, losing the game with a score of 2: 3. As a result, they took second place in the overall ranking and third in the Russian championship. In the new season, Krasnodar set a goal to achieve the championship and has already won two games.

Subsequent matches until the end of August pose no risk to Zenith. On 10, 17 and 24 of the FC from St. Petersburg will meet with weaker opponents: Dynamo, Akhmat and Ufa. Almost all experts put on the victory of St. Petersburg. On September 1, a game between Zenit and Moscow Spartak is scheduled, in which the majority puts Muscovites on a loss. But on September 15 a more difficult game is expected - the Tula Arsenal, which occupies the fifth position in the rating table, will compete with Zenit.

Having played a fairly simple game on September 22 with Rubin, St. Petersburg FC will have to face another dangerous opponent - Moscow Lokomotiv. Last season, Muscovites took second place and were determined to win the championship in this. The Urals and Rostov, which FC will meet on October 6 and 20, respectively, can also create significant Zenith problems.

On October 27, the St. Petersburg football club will be able to relax a bit in a duel with the team of Wings of the Soviets, which occupies the penultimate place in the ranking table. The next difficult match is scheduled for November 3 with Moscow CSKA, struggling to break out of the top three. It will be followed by another not the easiest match with the Tula Arsenal. At the end of the year, Zenith is assigned weaker opponents: Rubin, Spartak and Dynamo. Petersburgers will play with them on November 24, December 1 and 8, respectively, after which they will leave for the winter break.

Second round

Immediately after the break in the 20th round on March 1, Zenit will play with Moscow Lokomotiv, whose chances of victory are very high. Experts believe that in the rematch Muscovites will do everything to defeat the current champion. On March 8, FC St. Petersburg will play with Ufa, whose prospects are much worse, which cannot be said about the Urals. The football club from Yekaterinburg takes the sixth position in the rating table, but on March 15 it will try to break through higher. On March 22, Petersburgers have another difficult match with CSKA Moscow. The chances of the second are very high, but the majority puts the first to win.

The beginning of April does not portend Zenith to strong opponents. On the 5th and 12th of the day FC will play with Wings of the Soviets and Tambov, who are in last places in the rating table. On April 19, a rematch with Krasnodar will take place - analysts suggest a difficult match and even consider the possibility of a victory for Krasnodar. Then, until the end of the second round, Zenith will not have serious rivals. On April 26, a game will be played with Sochi, and on May 3, 10 and 17, there will be matches with Akhmat, Orenburg and Rostov. If desired, each fan can already download the Zenith games calendar 2019-2020.


In the summer, the composition of the St. Petersburg team underwent minor changes. The football club has replenished with new players: 25-year-old Brazilian defender Douglas Santos and 25-year-old Russian midfielder Alexei Sutormin. Some players left FC, but head coach Sergei Semak assures that this will not bring harm.

Experts assess the prospects of Zenith to defend the championship extremely highly. Last season, the team won gold for three rounds before the end of the championship. And although the results of the Super Bowl were not the best, analysts believe that in mid-September, with the start of the European Cups, the football club will reach its peak. Until September 2, the transfer window remains open, so you can hope for the strengthening of the team by new players in the next month and a half.

Zenit games in the Europa League 2019-2020 are still difficult to predict. Last season, the team showed mixed results. Now that the head coach Sergey Semak has identified all the advantages and disadvantages, you can count on the best indicators.

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