Children's benefits in 2020

The new year 2020 will begin with a series of positive changes in social significance. So, the amount of child benefits from January 1, 2020 will amount to 10 thousand rubles. The Russian government took care of this in advance, having drafted the corresponding amendments to the federal law No. 720994-7, which establishes the basis and procedure for monthly payments to children's families. The changes are designed to support needy parents who receive up to two minimum subsistence level (MP) per household.

The Russian authorities, as far as possible, compensate for the increase in prices at the expense of budgetary funds. Due to the fact that the term for freezing the recalculation of payments due to inflation has expired, which was introduced due to the problematic economic situation in the country, from January 1, 2020 all types of subsidies, with the exception of child allowance up to 1.5 years, will be indexed by 3.8 % Updated payments will begin to come to the population on February 1 of the new year.

On the first baby

Ridiculous children's money in the amount of 50 rubles. finally left in the past. Now, on behalf of the head of state, benefits for the second child in 2020 will increase to 10 thousand. Thus, financial assistance will increase by about 200 times, which will certainly become good material support to needy families. The changes planned by the government will affect infants aged 1.5 to 3 years. According to government estimates, from January 1, 2020, about 70% of parents whose per capita income does not exceed 2 living wages will receive financial assistance in the form of child benefits. Funds to support the expanded contingent of subsidized persons are allocated from the federal treasury.

For the second child

Poor parents raising two children are also waiting for joyful changes. As part of enhanced demographic support, they will be accruing child benefits from the beginning of 2020. The amount of financial assistance is tied to the level of PM, calculated for the average child. Each region has its own norm and sometimes the run-up between the standards in various constituent entities of the Russian Federation is significant, however, in the whole country the PM is no less than 10-11 thousand rubles. The specific value of this indicator can be clarified in the territorial body of social protection located in the place of residence of the parents. Money for financing the allowance for the second child in 2020 will be allocated at the expense of the capital.

On the third baby

Parents who decide to give birth to a third baby are guaranteed the following measures of financial support:

NameSize, thousand rubles
Maternity subsidy up to 12 weeks0, 7
One-time generic payment17, 5
Maternity100% of average earnings
Monthly allowance up to 1.5 years7
Subsidy up to 3 years1 size of regional PM for a child (at least 8 thousand rubles).

Maternal support up to 1.5 years is calculated on the basis of the average salary for the last 2 years of work and does not exceed 40% of this amount (the allowed amount is in the range of 7-24 thousand). Relevant documents are drawn up at the place of employment of one of the baby's parents. If the organization in which the mother or father of the baby worked, ceases to exist, then a fixed 12.5 thousand rubles will be transferred to her (him). Unemployed Russians will be able to receive no more than 7 thousand. The above benefits for a third child in 2020 exist only in 62 Russian regions - they are not paid everywhere. Spouses for children in an increased amount are received by the spouses of the military personnel - 26.7 thousand rubles. Moreover, if the baby’s father is in the service, then, over this, 11.5 thousand rubles are reckoned to them.

According to the law, a mother who has given birth to a third baby is considered to have many children, by virtue of which she has the right to count on numerous benefits at the regional level. Additionally, in each constituent entity of the Russian Federation, the local administration introduces increasing indices. The amount of help depends on the territory of residence, income, number of children, parental age. So, one-time subsidies are paid in the following places:

Name of territorySize, thousand rublesNote
Moscow10 minimum salariesThese subsidies are available to mothers under the age of 30.
Moscow region30The benefit is intended for low-income families whose average per capita income is 1 PM per person or less.
Saint Petersburg37
Altai region50
Chuvashia100A subsidy is given for improving living conditions or paying for an education for a child.
Bryansk region100
Other regions2 to 5

On behalf of the president, the parents of the third and subsequent babies will receive large financial assistance to repay the mortgage loan. So, 450 thousand rubles will be transferred directly from the budget to them. As a result, a large family, coupled with matkapital, will be able to receive up to 900 thousand rubles.

In a number of regions, local administrations are looking for opportunities and monthly pay child benefits up to 3 years, for example, in the Kursk region. Here, for the birth of triplets, Russians rely 114 thousand rubles. and a monetary certificate in the amount of 86 thousand rubles. for the third baby.

Criteria of need

Today, to classify a family in need, an indicator of 1.5 PM per person is used. Now, the possibility of receiving child benefits in 2020 will be available to parents with an income of 2 PM. When calculating per capita income, the authorities take into account any money sources: salaries, part-time jobs, scholarships, bonuses, bonuses, alimony, maternity, travel, etc.

Since 2020, unsecured mothers fall under the program of new benefits for children, regardless of whether they are busy or not, work 8 hours a day or part-time, go on maternity leave or continue to work. Also, circumstances such as going to the kindergarten or raising a nanny do not affect the receipt of children's money. There is only one criterion for making payments - a low level of income for each able-bodied household, which should not exceed 2 PM established as of the 2nd quarter of the previous year.

When considering the issue of assigning child benefits for the first child in 2020, the amount of which has changed since January 1, the documents are accepted by the local department of social protection. If we are talking about registration of maternal care for a second baby, the decision will be made by representatives of the territorial branch of the Pension Fund.

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