Cathedral of Christ the Savior New Year tree in 2020

The New Year tree in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior is one of the best festive events for children and adults, held annually in Moscow. The next year will not be an exception - the submissions are scheduled for the period from 12/23/2019 to 01/08/2020, a day for 3-4 sessions. The first starts at 10 in the morning, the last at 7 in the evening. By tradition, Patriarch Kirill will visit one of the Christmas productions, but it is not known exactly what day this will happen. His presence at the festival will be a surprise to the audience.


The Christmas performance in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in 2020, as always, is organized and conducted by the Orthodox Church with the blessing of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Cyril, so the events on the stage affect the theme of Orthodoxy, faith, God, the Bible and other religious moments. The themes of the productions are never repeated - every year they are different. The basis for what is happening directors take fairy tales or original scripts specially written for the holidays.

Their main characters are children whom faith helps to overcome difficulties, believe in miracles, travel through time and learn a lot of new things about the birth of Jesus Christ, the baptism of Russia, other important events in the life of Orthodox Christians. The information is entertaining, in a simple and understandable way - so that small viewers do not get bored. The atmosphere is created by scenery, lighting effects, 3D projections, music and dance numbers included in the program.

The Christmas tale lasts about 1 hour without intermission. There are no age restrictions: viewers from 6 years old can visit the tree without parents, animators will look after them, and at the end of the holiday, they will pass it on to adults waiting at the entrance.

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill at the Christmas tree in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Temple Entrance

The temple opens an hour before the start of the Christmas tale. At the entrance, visitors are greeted and entertained by life-size puppets, buffoons. Anyone can take a picture with them, play. A metal detector frame is installed at the entrance - this is done for the safety of those present. Security service skips quickly, there is no congestion at the entrance. Inside, visitors take their clothes to the dressing room and can spend time near the Christmas tree or in the play area. Animators are watching over unaccompanied children. Not far from the Christmas tree there is a buffet that sells chocolate, muffin, water, drinks, sandwiches so that the child and parents can have a bite.

15 minutes before the start of the New Year’s musical, spectators will be invited to the hall so that they calmly, without fuss, take their places.


Tickets for the Christmas tree in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior can be purchased on the Internet - on the organizer's official website or through a company that sells electronic tickets. The cost for children and adults is the same, varies from 500 to 5000 rubles. Joining a group of events on social networks will be a 5% discount.

A child under 3 years old is not required a ticket, but in this case, parents will have to put him in their arms at the time of presentation.


On New Year and Christmas holidays, children receive gifts from Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Sweet presents are paid separately - their cost for the year 2020 will be known closer to winter. Last season, they cost 600 rubles.

Packets with sweets are included in expensive tickets for 4,500-5,000 rubles initially - you don’t need to pay anything, but when buying a ticket, it’s better to clarify what additional services are included in it.

In addition to the traditional sweet gifts, you can pay for the Christmas songs CD.

Who doesn't need tickets?

Information about free visits to the New Year tree in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in 2020 is usually published on the official website of the event, in social networking groups. The right to free access is:

  • in children from large or low-income families;
  • pupils of boarding houses;
  • orphans;
  • adolescents in difficult life situations;
  • seriously ill patients;
  • sons and daughters of police officers, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, military personnel who died in the line of duty.

About the hall

A Christmas tale takes place in the hall of church cathedrals at the Temple, opened in the summer of 2000. The room is large, bright, spacious. On the walls - unique murals for biblical motifs. The capacity of the hall is 1298 seats. From any place, even located in the far ranks, the scene is clearly visible and the actors are heard. The hall of church cathedrals is considered one of the best venues in Moscow; it often hosts religious and social events.

How to get there

The temple is located on the banks of the Moskva River, not far from Prechistenskaya embankment at the address: Volkhonka street, 15. It is most convenient to get to it by metro to the Kropotkinskaya station. And then go along the tourist signs. The road to the cathedral takes no more than three minutes by walking step.

You can also get on the bus routes:

  • "A", 15, M3 - to the stop "Kropotkinskaya metro";
  • 233 - to the stop "Cathedral of Christ the Savior";
  • 33 - to the stop "Prechistenskaya embankment".

Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow

Why do I need to see the performance?

Every year the event is organized at a high level: a lot of attention is paid to the script, special effects, and technical equipment. Scriptwriters think through each phrase in the text, and the actors during rehearsals tend to feel the characters of the characters, their motives and actions. As a result, viewers with genuine interest observe the development of events, trust the actors.

The second point is the involvement of the audience in the production. Young viewers help the heroes, prompt, guide. Elements of interactivity turn viewers into direct participants in what is happening.

The cognitive component is no less important. After the performance, preschoolers and schoolchildren learn more about Christmas traditions, compassion, friendship, responsiveness, mutual assistance and other character traits necessary for the formation of a harmonious personality. At the same time, there is no obvious religious bias in the tale - the emphasis is on the magic and miracles with which the New Year and Christmas are associated.

Christmas tree in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior: how it was

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