How to relax in May 2020: weekends and holidays in Russia

One has only to look at the 2020 calendar and you can immediately say on which days the weekends and holidays specified in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation will fall. Many people know that in May in Russia we relax on a grand scale, and many people expect spring holidays no less than the New Year holidays.

Production calendar

Each year, the government approves a production calendar that regulates the ratio of working days and days off. It also immediately stipulates public holidays, as well as days of transfers. Before the approval of the official calendar, you can focus on the draft of this document and predict how long the weekend and May holidays in 2020 will be.

According to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, holidays in May are the 1st and 9th, in 2020 it will be Friday and Saturday, respectively. Pre-holiday working days, which are April 30 and May 8, should be shortened (minus 1 hour).

The Labor Code has a clause stating that if a holiday falls on a day off, then it is postponed to the next working day following it. In 2020, this rule will work during the celebration of May 9: the holiday falls on Saturday, so we will get a day off on Monday the 11th.

According to this rule, holidays in May may increase due to transfers of weekends from January (4th and 5th, which are considered non-working according to the Labor Code). A government-approved resolution states that in 2020:

  • January 4 (Saturday) will be postponed to May 4;
  • January 5 (Sunday) - on May 5.

A total of 5 days on May Day and 3 days for the celebration of Victory Day.

Unfortunately, in this case, there is no need to wait for a continuous holiday for the New Year holidays in 2020, but the predicted days off will be enough to distract from the everyday work.

Calendar days31
Working days17
Days off9
Holidays and Holidays5
Shortened days1

Based on this, calculate the number of working hours:

A weekWorking hours
40 hour135
36 hour121.4
24 hour80.6

Pupils and students

Holidays in May are very popular among students of all ranks, because this is the last academic month when you already want to relax. Although the production calendar is not happy with possible holidays, it will still be possible to relax. With both a five-day and a six-day school week, Saturdays will be completely dropped (2nd and 9th), and you won’t have to work out anything. Plus will come on May 4, 11 and 12. As a result, schoolchildren and students will receive three shortened weeks in a row, taking into account part-time on one of them (May 8).

Holidays in Russia

According to the calendar for the last month of spring there are two public holidays, which will be an additional weekend: on May 1 we will celebrate the Day of Spring and Labor, and on the 9th we will celebrate Victory Day. In 2020, both dates are round: 130 and 75 years, respectively.

Other dates are also marked on the calendar. Among them are many professional holidays.

  • 5.05. (Sunday) Day of the cryptographer and the diver.
  • 7.05. (Thursday) Day of Communications Workers, Day of Creation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and Day of the Presidential Regiment.
  • 05/13. (Wednesday) Day of the Black Sea Fleet
  • 05/14. (Thursday) Freelancer Day.
  • 05.17. (Sunday) Information Society Day.
  • 05/18. (Monday) Baltic Fleet Day.
  • 05.21. (Thursday) Military Translator's Day, BTI Worker’s Day, and Pacific Navy Day.
  • 05.24. (Sunday) Personnel Day.
  • 05/25. (Monday) Philologist's Day.
  • May 26. (Tuesday) Day of Russian Entrepreneurship.
  • 05/27. (Wednesday) Library Day.
  • 05/28. (Thursday) Day of the border guard.
  • 05/29. (Friday) Customs Veterans Day, Military Motorist Day and Welder Day (celebrated on the last Friday of the month).
  • 05/31. (Sunday) Day of the chemist and Day of the Russian advocacy.

International holidays

A lot of the May calendar and dates that are celebrated around the world.

  • 3.05. Press Freedom Day (established by the UN Assembly in 1993) and Sun Day (since 1994).
  • 5.05. Europe Day, Day for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, International Obstetrician Day.
  • 8.05. Red Cross Day (since 1953).
  • 12.05. World Nursing Day (since 1965).
  • 05/15. International Family Day (since 1993) and International Day for Military Refuser.
  • 05/18. Museum Day (1977).
  • 05.20. Metrology Day.
  • 05.21. Unemployment Day, World Cultural Diversity Day, International Day for Biological Diversity and World Cosmos Day.
  • 05.24. Slavic Writing Day and European Park Day.
  • 05/29. UN Peacekeepers Day.
  • 05/31. World No Tobacco Day.

Religious holidays

In Russia, people of all faiths strictly honor religious holidays.

  • 1.05. - The Maximov and Kasperov Icon of the Mother of God (Orthodoxy).
  • 2.05. - The Holy Matrona of Moscow and St. John the Old Cave (Orthodoxy).
  • 3.05. - The Mother of God of Pochaev and the Martyr Gabriel of Bialystok (Orthodoxy).
  • 6.05. - George the Victorious (Orthodoxy) and the birthday, enlightenment and departure of the Buddha to Nirvana (Vesak) (Buddhism).
  • 11.05. - Plowing Day (Raek Na) (Buddhism).
  • 05/14. - Icons "Unexpected joy" (Orthodoxy).
  • 19-20.05 - Day of power and predestination (Islam).
  • 05.21 - The Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian (Orthodoxy).
  • 05.22. - Nicholas the Wonderworker (Orthodoxy).
  • 05/23. - Eve of Ramadan (Islam).
  • 24-25.05. Eid al Fitr and Uraza Bairam (Islam).

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