The new form of Bavaria 2019-2020

Bavarian kits for the 2019-2020 season are almost ready. In May, fans of the club could see a new home uniform, and recently there was a prototype of equipment for away games and the third set. What will the players of one of the first FC Munich look like now?

Home form

By tradition, the development of equipment was carried out by Adidas. This year, it was decided to dress the team exclusively in red. The t-shirt combines several shades of red, and the sleeves are slightly lighter. On the shoulders are three stripes, and on the chest are white Adidas and Telekom logos, as well as the emblem and motto of the football club. On the left sleeve you can see the logo of another Bavarian sponsor - Qatar Airways.

One of the main features of the new form is the graphic print on the T-shirt. This is not just an abstraction, but a drawing repeating the architecture of the Allianz Arena stadium, where FC Bavaria has been training for 14 years. Thus, they wanted to pay respect to their "home." In fact, the red color of sportswear is also associated with the Allianz Arena, since it is the red stadium that glows at night.

Shorts and leggings are also red.

Guest kit

It is not yet known exactly what the final version of the Bavarian guest form will be, since the release is scheduled for July. But the network already got photos of the kit. Designers chose mostly white and gray colors. The white T-shirt is decorated with three strips of light gray on the shoulders, and in front the same gray Adidas and Telekom logos. At the bottom, it is decorated with an interesting pattern with pixels all in the same gray tones. The neckline is round. The name of the team and its motto are printed on the back near the neckline.

Goalkeeper kit

According to rumors, the goalkeeper's outfit will be made in green. It will have white logos and a stylish solid graphic design. On the sweater from the armpits, 3 white stripes will be located downward.

Third form

The official release of the third form will take place in mid-July or early August. Then we can see the full package. So far, only photos of T-shirts have appeared. Its main color is black. The edging of the collar and sleeves, stripes on the shoulders, logos and team badge are reddish-orange. As in previous versions, the theme of Allianz Arena is traced here. On the front of the t-shirt, diamond-shaped patterns are visible that copy the pattern of the roof of the stadium.

It is also reported that the third set for next season will include black shorts and socks. It is assumed that socks should have red-orange details, as on a T-shirt.

The black spare form with orange stripes is strikingly similar to the 2016-2017 guest kit, although it does not have a diagonal gray pattern.

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