Submariner Day 2020

Day of the Submariner in 2020 will be celebrated in Russia for the 24th time. The fixed date is March 19th.  The holiday was established in 1996 by order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy F.N. Thunderous. The date was not chosen by chance, the celebrations are timed to the day of the signing by Tsar Nicholas II of the decree on the classification of submarines as independent units of the navy.

The history of the formation of the submarine fleet

The first mention of the prototype of a modern submarine can be found in Russian sources from 1718. Efim Nikonov proposed Peter I the original project of a "hidden vessel". And even a test copy was built. During the tests, the ship was damaged, and during the repair Peter I passed away and the project was never implemented.

In 1834, the first-ever metal submarine was constructed. Adjutant General Karl Schilder was engaged in its creation. But this project was closed - the government stopped funding.

Only half a century later, the Russian military returned to the idea of ​​creating submarines. At the end of the 19th century, the inventor Stepan Dzhevetsky provided drawings of the ship, which was set in motion by the efforts of a team of sailors, pedaling and rotating the propeller. However, this type of vessels did not find practical application.

Monument to the submarine Stepan Dzhevetsky

The starting point of the modern history of the submarine fleet can be considered the beginning of the twentieth century. Under the guidance of marine engineer-designer Ivan Bubnov, the Dolphin boat was created, which could be used in military operations. In the literal sense of the word, new submarine ships received baptism of fire in 1904 during the Russo-Japanese War. And already in 1906, Nicholas II issued a decree on the introduction of the newest unit - an underwater ship - in the classifier of ships of the navy.

During the First World War, submarines participated in many battles in which they demonstrated their indispensability. By the beginning of World War II, the Russian army was armed with more than two hundred submarines. After the victory, a new era began in the history of the Soviet navy. Nuclear submarines were actively created, nuclear missile weapons were developed.

Having survived the difficult decade after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the navy is gradually regaining its former glory and becoming the true pride of the country. Now the Russian Navy is armed with submarine diesel, missile and nuclear cruisers. The profession of a submariner is respected and honorable. Owning a strong, organized fleet is an indicator of the country's high level of development and power.

Submariners Day Celebrations

Day of the submariner is not an official day off, but is celebrated solemnly. The events taking place in those places where the Navy bases are deployed are of particular scale. On this day parades and holiday concerts are held, new improved models of equipment are demonstrated, demonstration exercises and reconstruction of battles at sea are held. Memorial services for departed submariners are held in sea churches, prayers for the health of living are read.

The first persons of the state and fleet commanders thank the submariners, the diplomas, memorable gifts and prizes are awarded to those especially distinguished. Many receive an extraordinary promotion. The day is marked by a moment of silence in memory of the dead comrades.

Not only sailors celebrate the day of the diver - it is a holiday for everyone who is somehow involved in the design and creation of ships. These are designers, design engineers, shipbuilders, repair workers, teachers and students of specialized universities, as well as family members of submariners.

In addition to the Day of the Submariner, there are similar holidays in Russia. The most famous is the Day of the Navy, it is celebrated in the summer of July 28. A month before him, on June 25, they celebrate Sailor's Day. And on October 8, commanders of surface, submarine and air ships receive congratulations.

Interesting Facts

  • Thanks to its impressive dimensions - a surface displacement of 23,200 tons and an underwater of 48,000 tons - the Shark submarine is the largest submarine in the world.
  • At a record 1027 m, the Komsomolets submarine sank in 1985. No other submarine has yet been able to surpass this achievement.
  • The first ship intended for biological research was the Russian submarine Severyanka.
  • The debut entry of submarines into the arena of hostilities occurred in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905.
  • The only submarine in the world that participated in three wars is the Russian Panther submarine. The ship sailed since 1916 and passed the Imperial, Civil and World War II.
  • The first submarine to cross the Arctic under the ice was the Russian submarine D-3. It happened in 1938.
  • In 1966, a group of several Soviet atomic submarines traveled around the world under water. The voyage took 45 days.

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