CSKA uniform for the 2019-2020 season

The cooperation between PFC CSKA and the Umbro trademark, renewed several years ago after a long break, continues in the next season. The fans will be presented with a new CSKA uniform for the 2019-2020 season. Designers retained the club’s recognizable working colors, but they rejected radical changes only in the home and guest versions.

Home kit

At home, the Moscow football club will play ammunition in the usual colors - blue and red. By these colors, players are habitually recognized by fans.

The T-shirt, traditionally combining both colors, will become simpler - there is less blue on it: the designers excluded blue inserts on the sleeves and shoulders, placing it exclusively on the V-neck. The main color of the T-shirt - red - it was decided to present in a "deeper" shade, rather wine. The emblem of the football club is on the upper left, as before, the Umbro logo is on the right. The title sponsor of the “Reds” remains the operator of electric networks ROSSETI. Its name remains in the middle and is applied in large white letters. The name and number of the player traditionally remain on the back.

Shorts in CSKA 2019-2020 uniform. Logos are occasionally diluted with a deep blue color: on the right is the emblem of the football club, on the left is the Umbro brand icon. On the eve of the games, they plan to put the player number on the shorts.

The design of home ammunition for the army of 2019-2020 can be compared with the design of the form 2013-2014, developed in collaboration with the Adidas brand. Then the red T-shirt was complemented by a blue V-neck and white stripes of the company.

Guest kit

The design of the guest kit CSKA is similar to home. The difference is only in color - the form for away matches is made in snowy white. In this case, the blue collar of the t-shirt is saved, as in the home kit. The trademark badge and sponsor logo are printed in blue, which goes well with the collar. Compared to last season's CSKA uniform, the new one for away matches is devoid of vertical stripes of red and blue, which makes it look a bit easier.

To the shorts of the away form CSKA 2020, the design of the home option is applied - a solid plain white color without inserts. The exceptions are the Umbro logo and the emblem of the football club.

The guest kit CSKA has similarities with the shape of the 2013-2014 season. Both sets are white, but previously blue was also present on the shoulders.

Third set

The spare kit of the new CSKA 2019-2020 uniform has every chance of becoming a “hot” novelty due to the coal-black color and bringing the ammunition of the army to the European level. Designers did not even use a bright T-shirt collar, on which bets were made in the home and guest versions: the V-neck is also painted in black. The only conspicuous detail is the emblems, traditionally made in white. It is expected that dramatic changes in the color scheme of the third form will become no less discussed event among the fans of the team than CSKA transfers of the new season.

Solid black shorts of the third set of CSKA uniforms go well with a T-shirt. The presence of the logo of the football club and the Umbro logo are retained.

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