In 2020, the Russians will reduce the New Year holidays

Recently, almost all the media reported that in 2020, all working Russians will reduce the classic New Year holidays from 10 to 8 days. An unpopular decision was made by the Russian tripartite commission for the settlement of social and labor relations (RTK) on May 31, 2019. She approved the relevant decree of the government of D.F. Medvedev to add 2 January weekend to the May holidays.

Common January Traditions

Legislatively established and spelled out in the Labor Code that the first 8 days of the year are considered non-working for all winter holidays and Christmas. In 2017-2018, the vacation lasted 2 days more, since December 30 and December 31 fell on Saturday and Sunday. Of course, such a mini-vacation was to the liking of all residents of the Russian Federation, but in the coming 2020, Russians will still reduce the duration of the New Year holidays. This will have to be taken into account when planning trips somewhere and celebrating the New Year and Christmas abroad.

The end of 2019 falls on working Monday and Tuesday, and the 4th and 5th of January - on Saturday and Sunday, so they will be postponed to the same dates, but in the month of May. Such a proposal was voiced in the State Duma by parliamentarians from the LDPR faction and the Communist Party. They spoke out against a long winter weekend, arguing that prolonged vacations and frequent feasts undermine the health of able-bodied Russian citizens and reduce economic indicators, both this month and throughout the year.

Other parliamentary factions supported this initiative. They also agreed that the Russians should reduce the New Year holidays in the coming 2020. This initiative was supported by the head of the Government of the Russian Federation D.F. Medvedev. He explained that the January holidays worsen the economic situation, lead to a decline in GDP and increase injuries.

What holidays are expected

Although the number of New Year holidays in 2020 will be reduced, our compatriots are waiting for additional days to relax:

  • Defender of the Fatherland Day - February 20-25.
  • International Women's Day - March 7-9.
  • Holiday of Spring and Labor from May 1 to 5.
  • Victory Day in 2020 - from May 9 to 11.
  • Russia Day from June 12 to June 14.
  • Unity Day November 4.

These are official holidays indicated in the Government Decree, which is adopted every year, after prior coordination with large employers and trade union organizations. In this 2019, in the summer of Russia, Russia Day awaits - Wednesday, June 12. He could not be attached to the weekend on the 15th and 16th, as he fell in the middle of the working week. Further, more than 2 days, employees will be able to rest only in November. November 2-4, National Unity Day will be held.

Do Russians need more rest?

Specialists often argue whether long weekend periods are needed, because every working person has the right to an official 28-day vacation. Moreover, some categories and officials are entitled to extended legal leave. For example, employees of the Ministry of Emergencies and other emergency services have the right to leave up to 40 days, representatives of the Investigative Committee, war veterans and some categories of health workers up to 30 days (the duration of legal leave in these cases depends on the length of service).

According to experts from the Organization for Economic Cooperation, which published its report in 2018, Russian residents work much longer than other Europeans, but have a lower rate of labor productivity. By the number of man-hours worked, the Russian Federation entered the TOP-5 of the most "working states". It was ahead of Greece, Costa Rica, South Korea, Mexico, but the country occupies only 34th place in terms of labor productivity. Such indicators depress the Government of the Russian Federation, therefore, a number of measures are planned to increase production indicators in leading industries.

As for the number of weekdays that fall on holidays, there are 14 in 2019 and 15 in 2020. For comparison, China leads 21 days in the number of missed working days in the world, followed by Colombia and India - 18 days, Lebanon and Hong Kong - 17 days, Japan and Argentina - 16 days. In Finland and Slovakia, there are 15 holidays per year. And in the UK - only 8 days, so our compatriots should not be particularly upset, against the backdrop of the British, they will have a full festive mini-vacation in the winter.

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