Payments for a third child in 2020

In 2020, in Russia for the birth of a third child in the family one-time and monthly payments are provided, as well as assistance to parents at the regional level.

One-time help

  • Maternity payments. The basis for their accrual is a sick leave issued in the antenatal clinic. It is transferred to the enterprise, where the amount of maternity assistance is calculated.

Non-working women with an insurance policy should contact the local FSS. Payment for a third child in 2020 is 100% of her average earnings, if he exceeded the minimum wage before leaving on maternity leave. The maximum amount is 65.4 thousand rubles.

If the salary of the pregnant woman was below the subsistence minimum, the size of the maternity benefit is calculated taking into account the regional minimum wage.

  • Native help partially compensates for the acquisition of essentials for the newborn. Its size is 16.75 thousand rubles. The wives of the military receive 26.7 thousand.

Only one of the spouses can apply for the benefit by submitting a certificate to the Human Resources Department or the Social Insurance Fund Office (for the unemployed) to confirm that the second parent has not previously received the same payment.

Monthly assistance

Under Russian law, families in which a third child is born acquire the status of large families and the corresponding benefits. Monthly benefits that the state gives for the third child in 2020 can be received by any of the parents.

  1. Allowance up to 1.5 years drawn up at the enterprise where the father or mother worked before the decree. The amount of state aid is calculated based on the average earnings for the last 2 years, and is 40% of it. The minimum size is 6 131.37 rubles.
  2. Allowance up to 3 years paid not everywhere - in 62 regions of the Russian Federation. Parents and other relatives caring for the child are entitled to receive it. The amount of state aid is equal to the size of the child's living wage in the recipient's region of residence.

Regional assistance

Support programs for large families also work at regional levels. The size of lump sums is set by local authorities, so the difference can be significant.

  1. In Moscow, for the 3rd kid 10 minimum wages are paid. The privilege can only be used by those parents who are not older than 30 years.
  2. In the suburbs, regional assistance is 30,000 rubles. It is paid to families whose income is lower than or equal to the cost of living.
  3. Families of St. Petersburg receive 37,000 rubles at a time.
  4. In Primorsky Krai, regional assistance amounts to 30,000 rubles.
  5. The regional authorities of the Altai Territory support large parents financially in the amount of 50 thousand.
  6. Payments in Voronezh - 20 thousand.
  7. In Chuvashia financial assistance is equal to 100 thousand, but there is a prerequisite. A family can improve housing for this money or pay for education.
  8. The authorities of Bryansk also pay 100,000 rubles each.

In some regions, local authorities pay regional maternity capital or monthly cash benefits of up to 3 years. In the Kursk region, a regional certificate is issued for 85 573 rubles for a third child and 114 098 rubles at the birth of triplets.

In some northern regions of the Russian Federation, there is a "northern coefficient", which significantly increases the size of federal payments. The coefficient varies in different cities - its average size is 1.7-1.8. The application of the "northern allowance" almost doubles the amount of the lump sum after the birth of the child, as well as the amount of maternity benefits. The coefficient is valid in Nadym, Novy Urengoy, Salekhard and other cities.

Pregnancy Benefit

Payment is made during the period of gestation of the third child - provided that the pregnant woman is registered for up to 12 weeks and provides the FSS with a certificate from the antenatal clinic. The amount of payment in 2020 is 630 rubles.

Increase in maternity capital

Maternity capital is drawn up at the local administration of the Pension Fund. The family has the right to receive 453 thousand rubles for the third child in 2020, if the certificate was not issued after the birth of the second baby. Maternity capital is provided once, indexation is also not provided for in the next 2 years.

The government of the Russian Federation has repeatedly expressed proposals for its increase. Back in 2015, a corresponding bill was prepared and submitted to the State Duma. Deputies from Belgorod initiated it. So, rumors about a possible increase in state payments for a third child in 2020 to 1,500,000 rubles did not appear from scratch. On April 21, 2015, deputies considered in the first reading the bill of the Federal Law "On Amendments to the Law" On Additional Measures of State Support to Families with Children "" No. 571638-6. It dealt with a threefold increase in maternal capital for the third and subsequent children. The proposed validity period is 10 years (from 01/01/2017 to 12/31/2026). The State Duma rejected the bill for a number of objective reasons.

Other benefits

The birth of a third child gives the right to receive preferential mortgage lending, in which the state compensates the bank for interest above 6%. The subsidy is paid within 5 years from the date of the loan. The family has the right to purchase mortgage housing without a down payment, to receive a land plot for free unlimited use. Benefits also apply to housing and communal services - 50% of the amount indicated in utility bills.

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