Old Slavonic calendar for 2020

The Eastern calendar at the end of the 20th - beginning of the 21st centuries was widely spread, but several centuries ago the Slavonic calendar was the main one for the Slavs - the totemic Slavic calendar, which was decisive in pagan pre-Christian times. Every year a special totem from the animal kingdom was allocated in it. The next 2020 according to the Old Slavonic calendar will also pass under the sign of one of the symbolic totems.

New Year's Day

New Year according to the system of the Old Slavonic calendar, as in the Eastern counterparts, does not begin on January 1. Until January 24, the Soaring Eagle, the totem of the previous year, will remain the dominant sign, but on January 25 it will be replaced by the Spinning Misgir (spider). With this knowledge, you can make assumptions about how the year 2020 will go, what expectations should be associated with this period, and what actions should be postponed.

The onset of the New Year, as a new cycle of development of all living things, among the Slavs was close to natural processes, and meant binding to the coming awakening and active growth after the winter. It was during this period that the first sprouts for seedlings woke up and the usual seasonal work started. Later, the calendar was untied from such a system, but the horoscopes of the East and the Slavs still adhere to the standard order.

Old Slavic cycle

The entire cycle according to the annual history differs in its structure from the eastern horoscopes in that there are much more totem animals - there are 16 in total. The spinning Misgir is the 13th in a row, that is, it is closer to completion. Every 16 years, the cycle is repeated anew, and totemic symbols during one year alternately affect people's actions and determine their reactions to events.

To determine which symbol to refer to people born in different periods, you can use the tablet with years of birth. It should be remembered that those born in the period from January 1 to 24 should look for their totem animal under the designation of the previous birth of the year.

Totem Characteristics

There are no random images in the Old Slavonic horoscope: each animal has unique characteristics that are unique to it. Spinning Mizgir is characterized by endowment with its mystical properties and identification with a divine being.

The first feature that the Slavs deified was the shape of the body of the spiders: it resembles the figure eight, that is, a sign of infinity, the cyclical nature of natural processes. Another indication of infinity is the number of paws: the spider always has 8. The main occupation of the spider is to weave a unique web, which is compared with the patterns of fate that a person weaves all his life. There is no fussiness in this process; it is completely saturated with the creative principle present in everyone.

The upcoming misgir does not stop working on creating a network until his death, he continues his work in case of any cataclysms and storms. It firmly holds together the past, present and future, symbolizing the inextricable link of generations, which was fundamental for the Slavs. Ancestors and descendants are interwoven into a single chain, and traditions and knowledge are transmitted along it, as through a special channel.

The transfer of centuries-old experience within the clan and the whole people made the Slavs feel their power and strength, made possible the implementation of large-scale plans and plans. Spinning Mizgir was a symbol of national unity, which can be restored by invisible threads in any situation.

The influence of a patronizing sign

The Slavs believed that everyone who was born under the auspices of the Forward Mizgir, has certain character traits. Such people were born in the following years:

  • 1972;
  • 1988;
  • 2004.

All newborns born in the period from January 25, 2020 to January 25, 2021, will also fall under the protection of the Spinning Mizgir in accordance with the Old Slavonic horoscope.

According to the Old Slavonic horoscope, Spider-people have strong energy, which constantly attracts friends to them, so those born in these periods most often have a reputation for the soul of the company. They are able to spark the idea, lead even the most inert personalities. The initiative and makings of a leader are manifested in early childhood and are gradually strengthened, overgrown with new skills. This makes them excellent managers who can bring considerable benefits to the company.

Staying alone is not acceptable to Forward Mizgir. He needs people-reservoirs with which he must share the excess of his energy. It is very important to feel support, encouragement, therefore it is very important to surround yourself with like-minded people. Opponents and opponents will not be able to break the solid core present in such a person, life principles and worldview are protected by the armor of internal stability.

At the same time, Spiders get married earlier than others and become wonderful family men, surrendering to the process of raising children and providing maximum support to the spouse. Children of representatives of this sign are always surrounded by care and love, but at the same time respect the authority of the parent.

What will be the year of the Spider

The Old Slavonic calendar allows you to determine what 2020 will be for all other signs. Spinning Mizgir is a measured and wise animal, and also very hardworking, and this is fundamental for astrologers. Some of them have already presented their forecasts, which cover such areas of life as love and family, business and work, health.

Relations and family

If the previous year according to the Old Slavonic calendar was not very successful for establishing long-term relations, then in 2020 it is time to get a partner. Such undertakings promise to become promising, and most likely will lead to a decision to create a family, since Spider is a very family totem. Bachelors can take a fresh look at the prospect of having a family, and those who have long put off the decision to have a baby can decide on this. Even those who did not feel the support of their relatives before, will now be able to feel a reliable rear.


The work should adhere to the classical mechanisms and work more than usual - this approach will bring doubled fruits, as the Spider favors hard work and diligence. There is a prospect of successfully moving up the career ladder, but serious interaction with new business partners may not live up to expectations. Particular attention should be paid to any documents that need to be signed. Do not spare the time to familiarize yourself with their contents. A careful study of the strategy and taking into account long-term prospects is what will allow you to get good dividends.


In terms of health, the year 202 according to the Old Slavonic horoscope has a high potential for activity. If a person gravitates to a passive lifestyle, then health can dramatically deteriorate, the activation of chronic diseases is especially dangerous. To avoid this, it is important to ensure constant moderate loads. If you follow this recommendation, then your health will be stable throughout 2020.

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