Friend's Day 2020

There are many holidays in the world, official and unofficial. But one of the warmest and most sincere is considered a holiday, designed to remind us of the importance of friendship. Friend's Day (or else Friends Day) in 2020 will traditionally be held on June 9th.

The history of the holiday

It is not known for certain who initiated the establishment of a "friendly" holiday. Presumably, the idea arose in America in the middle of the last century. And like any good undertaking, innovation was picked up by many people in different countries of the world. At the same time, the idea was also liked by the staff of the United Nations. By the end of the last century, the world community decided to hold Friends Day.

At first, they could not decide on the date of the celebration. At one time, celebrations were held on the first Sunday of August. But gradually the date moved to the beginning of summer and today no one is wondering what date Friend's Day is June 9th.

Friend's Day in Russia

The holiday came to Russia in this century. It is not official, so there is no day off. But in spite of the “everydayness" of the date, some major cities hold ceremonial events, albeit not as large-scale ones as they are at regulated festivals. The organization of art sites is very popular on this day, where everyone can attend a master class and make a gift to their friend on their own.

Friend Day Celebration

Given the not so long history of the holiday, Friend's Day has no established traditions. Except, perhaps, one - this day must be spent with friends. And if circumstances are scattered across different corners of the globe, there is always the opportunity to call a loved one and say good words to him. Or send a message by e-mail or in social networks. Moreover, many mobile operators offer pleasant bonuses on this day, and on social networks you can get a set of greeting stickers for free.

And with those who are nearby, you can go to the cinema or to a concert, to a bowling alley or to an amusement park. Well, do not forget about the graceful time of the year on which this glorious day falls. Clear, sunny weather as if "pushing" to a trip to nature. Spending time with friends in the fresh air in addition to usefulness will bring a lot of positive emotions. But if suddenly inclement weather happened, it is quite acceptable to gather at home, to recall amusing situations from the past with a cup of tea, to dream about the future. And once again feel happy from the proximity of dear people.

In addition to the International Friends Day, there is also a similar theme, a holiday - Friendship Day. It is celebrated on July 30. An important nuance: the July holiday is dedicated to the friendly relations not of individuals, but of entire states.

It is interesting

  • Such an amazing phenomenon as friendship is inherent not only to people. All highly organized beings on earth are friends with their own kind. French scientists have found that even sharks are able to make friends.
  • American researchers have calculated the exact number of hours needed to establish strong friendships. In their opinion, at least two hundred hours of close communication should pass from acquaintance to friendship.
  • Do not have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred friends! This saying will "sparkle" with new colors, if you listen to the opinion of scientists. They believe that time spent with people we like can be compared to a visit to a psychoanalyst. The positive effects are almost identical.
  • Astronomer O. Charlotte, having discovered a small asteroid, gave him the name Amicitia. Translated into Russian - "friendship". In such an unusual way, the scientist expressed gratitude to his friends.
  • On September 26, Russia celebrates the Day of Meeting with Old Friends, and September 27 - Friendship Day. And a very curious holiday, which could appear only in our country, is the Day of the drinking companion. Fans gather for a bottle of wine celebrate it on December 7th.

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