How many graduates in 2020

Almost every day of the calendar is some kind of holiday. But there is no graduate day in it. Despite this, there is an unwritten rule according to which the first Saturday of February is used as a “memorable date”. In 2020, a graduate meeting falls on February 1.

Why in February

The tradition of assembling the entire issue appeared along with the first university. However, in the Middle Ages, it was given much more importance. There were few educated people in those days, so it was important to keep in touch. And at the meetings they didn’t remember the young years, but discussed pressing issues, including politics. And the result could be a petition to the king to introduce a new law or vice versa.

Today, alumni rallies are held not only at universities, but also at schools, lyceums, and colleges. And the transfer of the memorable date to February occurred relatively recently - since the school became an obligatory step in the educational system. Pupils often continue their studies at universities, so they have little free time. Only a short vacation after exams remains. Therefore, the holiday “set” just after the winter session.

The tradition of gathering after graduation is unofficial, so when there is a graduate meeting in 2020, each class and course decides on its own. If the traditional date of February 1 is not suitable, then you can also postpone it to a later time. For example, in May and meet with the school on the last call.

Holiday traditions

At meetings of former classmates today, important state affairs are not discussed. The only tradition that has been preserved is a visit to an educational institution. Pupils come to school or university, meet with their teachers, discuss past times.

Schools are more sensitive to the holiday, so current students decorate the school building:

  • hang a festive welcome banner;
  • hang the balls;
  • decorate the walls with collages with photographs of graduates;
  • prepare a small talent show. 9535

If an educational institution has graduates whom it is proud of, then a performance will be a mandatory event. On it, the most successful ones talk about the years spent at the desk and how it affected their lives. Such presentations motivate the current generation of students and show what opportunities they have.

This is an optional program. Each school has its own approach to preparing the holiday. But universities do not react to holiday preparations. Most often, this is a standard school day, which is no different from others. Graduates themselves in the university building spend only a fraction of the time. After a general gathering at a school or university, the celebration continues with a small feast. Conducting such gatherings at school is inconvenient, so the meeting flows into a cafe or restaurant.

Organization of the meeting

The organization of the holiday is carried out by former students themselves. Now it is very simple to do. You can find classmates on social networks. It is only necessary to create a general chat with a discussion of who will come and when the alumni meeting in 2020. Usually, those who were the most active at school were the initiators.

Along with the discussion of general issues at the meeting, it is worth contacting the school. Each educational institution has its own rules. Although, by tradition, all February 1, 2020 have the right to a free tour of the building and all audiences. Also, prior notice will help assemble teachers, even if they have already retired. Aged teachers can be visited right at their home. But such gatherings are arranged by very small companies where their favorite students gather.

The alumni meeting is held in an informal format. No dress code or other mandatory rules. Students can be divided into interest groups and continue communication separately from the bulk of vacationers. You can also leave the event at any time, without waiting until everyone decides to disperse.

The main purpose of the meeting is communication. Although graduate meetings are held annually, some classes only meet for round dates. For example, after 10 years. Indeed, during this time, many have changed and I want to see how school friends grew up.

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