New 2020 in Vladimir

The new year 2020 in Vladimir is a great opportunity to celebrate a holiday in an ancient distinctive city. This settlement was founded back in 990, was an important political, religious, economic center of the region throughout the entire period of the existence of Ancient Russia. Today the city is the administrative center of the Vladimir region, and its population is 350 thousand inhabitants. Despite the fact that Vladimir is part of the Golden Ring of Russia along with Suzdal, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, the tourist flow here cannot be called great. All this contributes to a quiet peaceful vacation during the Christmas holidays.

Climate features

The weather in Vladimir for New Year 2020 is not much different from Moscow, since the city is only 180 km east of the capital of Russia. January is considered one of the coldest months of the year, so during the day the temperature varies between -7 - -12 ºС, and at night the thermometer drops to -15 - -20 ºС. Frosts up to -25 - -30 ºС are rare, but during this period you can not do without warm clothes.

It is noteworthy that in January there are practically no sunny days in Vladimir (maximum 3-5 on average monthly basis), but snowfalls are extremely rare. The snow cover reaches 15-20 cm, which opens up scope for winter entertainment, both in the city itself and in the region. The humidity level holds from 75 to 90%, as a result of which Vladimir is almost always chilly. Cloudy weather does not make the city gloomy, on the contrary, many tourists coming here for the New Year celebrate the grandeur of architecture, the mystery of the streets and the unique historical atmosphere.

Entertainment Options

Since Vladimir is characterized by a developed tourist infrastructure, there are many leisure options in the city. Spend a fun and unforgettable New Year 2020 in Vladimir, as follows:

  • joining the mass festivities;
  • visiting one of the cozy restaurants;
  • sightseeing;
  • having gone to a ski resort.

Tourists with children also have places to go to the New Year 2020 in Vladimir. First of all, this is the famous city planetarium located on Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street. A mini-exhibition awaits visitors at the entrance, the main exhibit of which is the globe of the moon and models of satellites launched into space during the Soviet era. A starry sky is depicted on the planetarium dome, and distant space objects can be seen in powerful telescopes on a sunny day. Entrance ticket costs 150 rubles.

During the Christmas holidays, more than a dozen ice rinks in various parts of the city will flood in Vladimir. The most famous and equipped ice rink is located on Mira Street (Polaris Sports Palace). Every day, several thousand people visit the ice on which incendiary melodies sound. The Sports Palace has a buffet, wardrobe, skate rental. The cost of an hour of skiing is 250 rubles (for adults), 50 rubles (for children). Among other sites, ice skating rinks can be noted on the streets of Announcer Levitan, Verkhnyaya Dubrova, Yubileynaya, Stroiteley, etc.

Mass festivities

Those who do not know where to spend New Year's Eve 2020 in Vladimir, feel free to go to Cathedral Square. Here, two weeks before the main event of winter, the main city Christmas tree and the festive fair will be placed. On the evening of December 31, thousands of guests and locals will be gathered on the square, who will enjoy exciting leisure time. In the program of events:

  • disco;
  • round dances;
  • congratulations of officials;
  • performances of the best artists of the region;
  • contests from Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden.

Among other places of mass congestion on New Year's Eve, it should be noted: St. George's Street, Victory Square, Pushkin Boulevard. A walk around the city can be combined with a tour of local attractions, of which there are several dozen in Vladimir. The Golden Gate, the Assumption Cathedral, Trinity Church, the Church of St. George the Victorious - this is far from an incomplete list of ancient monuments of architecture, inherited by the city from ancient times.

Ski resort

Not far from Vladimir, in the village of Melikhovo, there is a wonderful sports and ski complex "Krasnaya Gorka". The length of the main descent is 300 m, there is also a training (200 m) and sports (270 m) track. The complex is also equipped with a slope for "cheesecakes", cross-country skiing, snowboarding. The rental price of sports equipment is from 500 rubles / hour.

There is a hotel on the territory of SPK Krasnaya Gorka. The cost of living in a standard double room varies from 1.5 to 3 thousand rubles / day. The apartments have everything you need for a comfortable stay: TV, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, minibar, telephone. Special attention should be paid to the hotel restaurant, which offers delicious tea and Russian folk dishes.

Hotels and restaurants of the city

Prices for the New Year 2020 for tourists in Vladimir, if they increase, then slightly. The cost of entertainment, accommodation and food remains at an acceptable level. For example, renting a double room for a day in the most popular hotel of the city "Gladiator" varies from 600 to 1.5 thousand rubles. In fact, this is a large complex, which includes the Arena restaurant, Finnish sauna, Russian bath, gym, walking area in a pine forest. For the additional service, in addition to accommodation, you will have to pay separately.

The list of other Vladimir hotels about which positive reviews have been left on the Internet include:

  • "Russia";
  • "Park Hotel";
  • Orion Hotel;
  • "At the Golden Gate."

The cost of a double room is almost everywhere in the range of 1-1.5 thousand rubles / day. Renting an apartment in the city costs from 1 thousand rubles / day, the price of suburban real estate for the New Year 2020 varies from 2.5 to 10 thousand rubles / day.

In Vladimir, there are many restaurants that offer gourmet Russian and European cuisine. The list of the most popular entertainment venues in the city includes:

  • "Barin";
  • "Burgher";
  • "Oblomov";
  • "Panorama" and others.

The price of an average check in Vladimir’s restaurants for the New Year 2020 will not exceed 3-5 thousand rubles, although the total amount depends on the number of dishes and drinks ordered. Many establishments work by reservation, and book a table here in advance. Each restaurant, bar, night club of the city has its own entertainment program, which is usually posted on the official website of the institution.

Offers of tour operators

Tours to Vladimir for the New 2020 start from 15 thousand rubles, taking into account the departure from Moscow or St. Petersburg. The trip program usually includes accommodation, meals, excursions, a banquet. Many companies offer to visit Vladimir as part of a tour of the Golden Ring of Russia. This amazing and beautiful city has something to see, and a developed tourist infrastructure will provide entertainment for every taste. Believe me, nobody will be bored in Vladimir for the New Year 2020.

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