Red days of the Russian calendar in 2020

The red days of the calendar in 2020 in Russia remain unchanged. 2020 is a leap year, and there will be enough reasons to gather with family and friends. Along with the official holidays and the days that were moved from weekends and workers in 2020, several long vacations will appear.

Official holidays

In 2020, 366 days. In the production calendar of Russians there are 248 days of workers, and the remaining 118 are days off. The standard production calendar is for a working week of 5 days.

The order from the Ministry of Social Development of the Russian Federation officially approved for 2020 the following schedule of days off and holidays:

In 2020, official events such as:

  1. New Year - January 1, Wednesday.
  2. Nativity of Christ - January 7, Tuesday.
  3. Defender of the Fatherland Day - February 23, Sunday.
  4. International Women's Day - March 8, Sunday.
  5. Spring and Labor Day - May 1, Friday.
  6. Victory Day - May 9, Saturday.
  7. Russia Day - June 12, Friday.
  8. National Unity Day - November 4, Wednesday.

In some regions and cities, in addition to all-Russian holidays, they also hold regional ones. They also persist in 2020. Such holidays include religious, days of historical events. Such official holidays are also days off for the population of some regions, the birthdays of the village are declared days off at the discretion of the administration.

Long weekend

Many red days of the calendar in Russia are an occasion to meet family, friends, go to the cottage or go on a short trip. An extended weekend or vacation appears if the holiday falls on Friday, Monday, Saturday or Sunday. In 2020, there are several such periods:

  • New Year - from January 1 to 8.
  • February 23 - from February 22 to February 24.
  • March 8 - from March 7 to 9.
  • May Day - from May 1 to 5.
  • Victory Day - from May 9 to 11.
  • Russia Day - June 12-14.

The longest weekends always fall on New Year and Christmas days. In the New Year holidays, two additional days are formed thanks to Saturday and Sunday, January 4 and 5. These days may be postponed to May 4 and 5, which forms a five-day “long weekend”. So far, this is only a draft resolution and whether the schedule of transfers in this edition will be accepted, it will become known only after the order of the Ministry of Social Development of the Russian Federation (approximately at the end of October 2019).

Shortened working days

The working day is reduced by an hour on the eve of one of the official holidays. In 2019, they reduced 6 days, and in 2020 it will turn out only 5 shortened working days:

  • April 30 - on the eve of the May holidays.
  • May 8 - on the eve of Victory Day.
  • June 11 - on the eve of Russia Day.
  • November 3 - on the eve of National Unity Day.
  • December 31 is the final working day of the year before the New Year 2021.

Work and weekend transfers

To optimize and make more efficient use of working time, the government draws up a schedule of postponed working days and days off. This is done in order to lengthen the holidays and get good results from workers. To transfer, the government uses several rules:

  1. The only working day between the holiday event and the weekend is shifted to Saturday.
  2. If the holiday falls on the weekend, allocate another day to relax. It is most often postponed to Monday and less often to any other day of the year.

In 2020, the Russians are guaranteed to receive 5 additional days for rest:

  • January 4 - postponed to May 4;
  • January 5 - May 5;
  • February 23 - February 24;
  • March 8 - March 9, the nearest Monday after the holiday;
  • May 9 - May 11.

Unofficial holidays

Unfortunately, the government does not set aside weekends on such days. But unofficial holidays are also a great occasion to get together as a family or in the company of friends. Such dates include days for congratulating people of certain professions, name days, important dates for Orthodox Christians.

In January alone, there are 8 unofficial holidays:

  • 01.01. - International hangover day.
  • 11.01. - Day of reserves.
  • 12.01. - Day of the prosecutor.
  • 01/13. - Day of the press in Russia.
  • 01/14. - Old New Year, the day of the pipeline troops.
  • 01/15. - Navy Command Day.
  • 01/21. - Day of the engineering troops.
  • 01/25. - Student's Day, Tatyana's Day.

All unofficial holidays are collected in the calendar:

The red days of the calendar in 2020 are almost half of the working days. Given that some of them merge into long vacations, a third of 2020 Russians rest. There is no official order yet, but according to the transfer rules and previous official holidays, you can draw up an approximate work schedule and plan trips.

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