Taxi Driver Day 2020

In Russia, Taxi Driver Day in 2020 will be celebrated on March 22.

This holiday refers to international, and its date is considered fixed. Representatives of this profession speak of it as a vocation. Indeed, a taxi driver is a person who not only takes passengers to their destination, but often becomes the one to whom people pour out their souls, with whom they share their pain.

Being a taxi driver means working in any weather, regardless of the time of day or mood. The driver needs to have the talent of a psychologist to find the right words for each customer. It is very important to be able to restrain ourselves in time in conflict situations, and in case of danger it is necessary to quickly and correctly respond to the threat. The combination of these nuances adds a significant share of risk to the profession, so it is considered dangerous, not suitable for everyone.

Male taxi driver near car

The very presence of a holiday with a date assigned to it indicates the importance of this type of activity. It is useful to know the date of the international taxi driver’s day not only to representatives of the profession and their relatives, but also to those who often use the services of this type of transport.

History of the holiday

Attention! Long before the appearance of the car, coachmen in major European cities needed to get licenses in order to drive, and the first hired crews with motors appeared in France in the early 90s of the XIX century.

It is believed that the word "taxi" was formed from a taximeter, invented in 1891 by Friedrich Brun. And just 6 years after the appearance of the taximeter, the first car with a fully functioning meter appeared by the efforts of Gottlieb Dimer.

Over time, taxi companies formed in many cities, which began to crowd out private “cabmen” from the market. To identify the cars that officially employed drivers work, in 1967, a law was passed in the United States that city taxis must be yellow. Since then, this particular shade has been causing greater confidence among American, European, and Russian consumers of services in comparison with the offers of private owners.

Interesting Facts:

  • London's first taxis were red or green, and modern cars were painted black. In Singapore, such a car is painted in blue, and in Thailand - in pink.
  • The first large fleet of Moscow had at its disposal 230 cars. It has been operating in the capital since 1912.

Attention! Taxi drivers all over the world provide a number of related services: towing a faulty car, the "sober driver" service, are engaged in the purchase and delivery of products, which significantly expands the scope of their activities.

Traditions and customs

Most taxi drivers greet the holiday at work. People who are constantly engaged in carriage need to be in good physical shape, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle. That is why it is not customary to celebrate a celebration with a noisy feast, collective "forays" into nature.

Congratulations to drivers close friends, colleagues, superiors, as well as regular passengers who regularly use taxi services. As a presentation here, everything that can be used to improve the performance of a car or a gym membership is appropriate, because representatives of the profession often suffer from the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.

Many collectives organize awards ceremonies for the best drivers who have distinguished themselves by special merits over the past year. In addition to awards, medals, commemorative postcards, superiors can reward particularly diligent employees with prizes.

Who can work as a taxi driver?

To work as a taxi driver, you need to have special character traits:

  • resistance to stress;
  • resourcefulness;
  • cleanliness;
  • excellent outgoing qualities;
  • extensive driving experience;
  • good physical health;
  • the ability to navigate the terrain.

Companies with a good reputation, when taking drivers to work, give preference to people who know foreign languages, sign language. Thus, the boundaries of the profession are being moved apart even wider.

A person who meets all of the above requirements can safely try himself in the role of a modern "cabman". Often, such activities are combined with other work, because you can be a taxi driver at any time of the day, which during the times of the economic crisis helps many city residents stay afloat.

Today, both male and female drivers can be a cup-driven car. However, such work, with all its apparent simplicity, is fraught with great risk. A taxi driver is responsible for the safety of his clients, their cargo, but is completely safe from meeting with inadequate passengers. Therefore, ordering a taxi on March 22, you should congratulate the driver on their professional holiday.

See video about congratulations on the Day of the taxi driver:

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