Ekadashi calendar for 2020

Ekadashi is the day of religious fasting, which according to the Vedic calendar comes on the eleventh lunar day, and in classical astrology - on the day when the sunrise coincides with the eleventh lunar day. To get a schedule of these days for 2020, you can make independent calculations according to the lunar calendar or use the specially compiled Ekadashi calendar for 2020.


It is believed that during Ekadashi, food is filled with all human sins, and its use increases the amount of negative energy in the body. If on this day partially or completely refuse food, then you can "burn" the negative karma and achieve liberation (enlightenment). From the point of view of dietetics, these periods are ideal for weight loss, in connection with which many nutritionists strongly recommend cleaning and unloading according to this calendar.

The onset of Ekadashi is tied to the time of sunrise, so in different cities its dates may vary. But if you know the Ekadashi calendar for 2020 for Moscow and the time difference, then you can easily determine the fasting days for any other locality. So, in St. Petersburg, the sun rises almost the same, and in Vladivostok and Khabarovsk, new days come 7 hours earlier.

Ekadashi calendar for 2020

For Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Ekadashi calendar for 2020 will be as follows:

January6Pausha (Posha) PutradaThis Ekadashi in January 2020 eliminates the consequences of all sinful acts, promotes the acquisition of knowledge and glory, promotes the birth of a son and the fulfillment of desires
20Shat tilaProtects from any poverty - spiritual, physical, mental and material. Creates protection from all illnesses, bad luck and misfortunes, Relieves from the consequences of sinful acts
February5JayaIt gives the result, as from the distribution of donations and bathing in places of pilgrimage. Allows a person to go to Vaikuntha (paradise) forever
19VijayaIt has great power and gives great opportunities. Eliminates the effects of sinful acts. Gives strength to win in any situation
March5-6AmalakiFrees from all sinful consequences. Allows you to return to the abode of the Lord. Acts similar to donation results
19PapmochaniGives the fasting person 8 mystical abilities. Automatically relieves of the most violent fall - abortion, alcohol, adultery, murder
April4KamadaFulfills the desired, absorbs the consequences of a sinful fall. Grants the highest good
18VaruthiniPromotes the attainment of constant bliss and great luck. Makes an unlucky person lucky, an unhappy person happy. Gives wealth in life and deliverance after death
May3-4MohiniReverses the sinful consequences of many births. Gives the results of many pilgrimages and donations. Exceeds by good deed any merit from ablution in sacred waters
18AparaAllows you to get the various benefits of the material world. Destroys the consequences of all sins, including murder, abortion, adultery, lies, boasting, falsification. Instead of hell, directs to heaven
June2Pandava NirjalaIt can compensate for non-compliance with one, several and even all Ekadashi in the calendar from the beginning of the year. It implies complete (dry) starvation and refusal of night sleep. Makes a person pleasing to God and allows him to enter his abode together with all ancestors, including sinners (even suicides)
17YoginiFreed from the curses of the fasting and his entire family. It allows you to get out of the abyss of material existence and go to the infinity of the spiritual world
July1Padma (Devshayani, Shayana)Helps to achieve perfection in everything. Awarded with happiness and deliverance from the consequences of all sinful acts
16CamikaIt protects a person from committing sin and frees from the consequences of past sins. Gives much more benefits than studying spiritual literature
30Shravana PutradaGives happiness in this and subsequent life. Promotes the conception and birth of a child. Destroys negative sinful reactions
August15AjaInstantly relieves years of misery and suffering associated with past sins. Relieves from painful feelings and emotions.
29Parshva (Jayanti, Parvartini)Relieves from problems of a material nature and need. Destroys past sins. Invokes the worship of the inhabitants of three worlds
September13IndiraHelps to rescue ancestors from hell and eliminate the consequences of their own fall. Directs to the spiritual world, relieving suffering
27PadminiIt comes once every 2.5 years, so it is very powerful. Grants the results of all existing in the Ekadashi calendar. Destroys sins along with the Almighty, returning a person to His abode
October13ParamaAlso comes 1 time in 2.5 years. Blessed for joy and complete liberation from birth and death. Gives a person the benefits of all Ekadashi combined
27Saves 10 generations of ancestors through each of the next of kin (father, mother, spouse or spouse). Prevents the suffering of the material world, eliminates the consequences of past sins and at the end of earthly life helps to plunge into the abode of the Lord
November11FrameHelps to gain high social status, respect and honor. Saves need by bestowing prosperity
25Devutanna (Utthana)Gives piety. Eliminates the effects of sins 1 life. If on this day there will be only dinner - 2 lives, and with complete starvation - the consequences of sins 7 lives
December10-11UtpannaThe most auspicious day for beginners to observe Ekadashi. Along with fasting, you need to take a bath in the pond at noon or simply in clean water. On this day, one must chant the prayers of Mother Earth. You cannot talk with immoral people and even look at them
25MokshadaFrees from material addictions. Allows you to free yourself from rebirth. Gives enlightenment and spiritual perfection

During Ekadashi, one should not only observe fasting, but also control one’s thoughts, emotions and actions, not allowing them anything bad. Then the beneficial effect of this day will be fully manifested.

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