Production calendar for 2020 in Tatarstan with holidays

An integral tool for employers when planning work on the territory of Tatarstan will be the production calendar of the republic for 2020 with approved holidays, workdays and weekends. Based on this information, the working hours will be calculated depending on the work schedule. The information from the document is relevant not only to bookkeeping and personnel services, but also to ordinary working people when planning their daily affairs and trips in the coming year.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the officially approved version of the production calendar of Tatarstan for 2020 with transfers of holidays.


The production calendar of Tatarstan for 2020 is compiled by the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Protection of the Republic, taking into account the provisions of federal and republican regulations:

  1. Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation No. 588n of 08/13/2009.
  2. Labor Code of the Russian Federation.
  3. Decisions of the Government of the Russian Federation "On the transfer of days off" (approved annually).
  4. Law of the Republic of Tajikistan No. 1448-XII of February 19, 1992.
  5. Decree of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan determining the dates of celebration of Uraza-bairam and Kurban-bairam in 2020

2020 is a leap year, so it will have 366 days, including 246 workers and 120 days off (assuming a five-day week of work with non-working Saturdays and Sundays).


For Tatarstan, there are national holidays fixed by Russian legislation. In the 2020 calendar, the dates of holidays considered official non-working days will be as follows:

Republican holidays

In addition, regional legislation establishes internal holidays associated with significant dates for Tatarstan (according to the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan No. 1448-XII of February 19, 1992). Due to the latter, the number of days off in the 2020 production calendar for Tatarstan people will be slightly larger compared to similar documents for other regions of the country. Local holidays are on the following dates:

  • Uraza Bayram - Sunday May 24th.
  • Kurban Bayram - Friday July 31.
  • Republic of Tatarstan Day - Sunday, August 30.
  • Constitution Day of the Republic of Tatarstan - Friday November 6th.

On a note! For republican holidays that coincide in date with the calendar weekend (Saturday or Sunday) from 2016, the possibility of additional rest on the next working day is canceled (according to Law RT No. 67-ЗРТ dated 09/29/2016. For all-Russian holidays, transfers are still valid as in all subjects of the country.

Reduced time

For work days preceding official holidays, employers are required to set the working day for one hour less, which is necessarily taken into account in the production calendar (according to Article 95 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation). In 2020, busy citizens of Tatarstan will receive shortened days:

  • Thursday 30.04;
  • Friday 08.05;
  • Thursday 11.06;
  • Thursday 30.07;
  • Tuesday 03.11;
  • Thursday 05.11;
  • Thursday 12/31.

What is tolerated

Non-working national holidays, which in 2020 coincide with weekends on the calendar, provide an opportunity to relax from work on the next working day. Given this rule, in 2020, it is expected that:

From what dateOn what date
01.01 (saturday)04.05 (Monday)
01.01 (sunday)05.05 (Tuesday)
23.02 (Sunday)24.02 (Monday)
8.03 (Sunday)9.03 (Monday)
9.05 (Saturday)11.05 (Monday)

Special attention is paid to the transfer of days attributed to holiday non-working days in the framework of the so-called New Year holidays: two of them will be allocated to other days of the calendar year (according to Law No. 35-FZ of 04.23.2012), which is reflected in the relevant Government Decree.

When planning dates, officials seek to maximize the interests of citizens and provide a longer vacation instead of the traditional two-day weekend. So, in 2020, the rest days of January 4 and 5 (Saturday and Sunday, respectively) will be postponed to May 4 (Monday) and May 5 (Tuesday), which will extend the vacation for May holidays.

Long weekend

Non-working days of official holidays and their transfers in some cases will provide the population of Tatarstan with several periods of longer rest than the traditional 2-day weekend. Given the above carry forecasts, a long weekend in 2020 is to be expected:

  • 01.01.-08.01. thanks to the New Year holidays;
  • 02.22-24.02. on the Defender of the Fatherland Day;
  • 03/07/09/03. in honor of International Women's Day;
  • 05.05-05.05. to the Day of Spring and Labor;
  • 05/05/11/05. on the occasion of Victory Day;
  • 06.06-14.06. to the Day of Russia.

Working hours

The above data on working days, days off, and holidays and related periods of rest and reduction of working hours on the eve are used in calculating working hours in 2020. They are set for different operating modes, presenting a monthly, quarterly and annual picture. The indicators for the "five-day" are presented in the table below:

Month / quarter / yearNumber of daysWorking hours (hours)
2020 year36624612019611764.21173.8
calendarworkersweekend40 hour / week36 hours / week24 hour / week
1st quarter915734456410.4273.6
2nd quarter916031477429285
3rd quarter926527519467311
4th quarter926428509457.8304.2
1 half year18211765933839.4558.6
2 half year184129551028924.8615.2

On a note! Monthly rates are calculated by dividing the duration of the working week in hours by 5 (assuming 5 days) and multiplying the figure by the number of days of work on the calendar minus shortened hours on the eve of national and republican holidays. By a similar principle, quarterly and annual values ​​are also calculated.

In total, in 2020, the production calendar of Tatarstan provides for the following working hours for different operating modes:

  • 1173.8 h (at 4.8 h shift / 24-hour week).
  • 1764.2 h (at 7.2 h shift / 36-hour week).
  • 1961 hours (at 8 hours shift / 40-hour week).

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