Coloring book for New Year 2020

The original New Year coloring will help shorten the time in anticipation of the winter holidays, and we are ready to offer many ideas for children and adults: pictures with the image of the Rat (symbol of the coming year), as well as coloring cards for the New Year 2020.

Kids coloring

Of course, children love the most “revive” a variety of pictures!

For the smallest

If your baby is already 1.5 years old, it's time to offer him a fascinating coloring of small pictures. Let the first coloring for the baby, proposed by you for the New Year 2020, be as simple as possible, and the characters depicted in the picture - well-known crumbs:

  • herringbone;
  • snowman;
  • heroes of your favorite cartoons;
  • Christmas decorations.

Scientists claim that decorating at an early age is not just an exciting game. In the process of "revitalizing" the picture, the baby develops fine motor skills of hands, logical thinking and imagination, and also receives important knowledge for the development of the world around him.

Advice! The finished dagger can be carefully cut out, attach a thread to it and attach it to the Christmas tree. Believe me, the baby will be proud of his own made jewelry, and will certainly show it to guests.

For preschoolers

At the age of 4-5 years, the child already has experience with pencils and paints, so the coloring for the New Year 2020 can be more difficult, larger and more detailed.

Advice! If the child does not have the patience to finish the job at a time, do not insist. Let him rest, and then draw a picture when he has a desire.

For elementary school students

In grades 1-4, the children really like to solve logic puzzles, so they can be offered not classic coloring, but options with a twist. If in such tasks the condition is in English, then the child will be able to simultaneously consolidate his knowledge on the topic of "color", which is just held in elementary school.

Another interesting option for tasks for little wiseacres is to decorate the picture, which must first be drawn by yourself, sequentially connecting the numbered points.

Drawing Santa Claus

Many kids annually write letters to Santa Claus, putting their drawings as a gift. Kids can be offered to give a good magician their own decorated picture.

Symbol of 2020 - Rat

The Rat will be the symbol of the New Year 2020, which means that the coloring on which the rats or mice are depicted will be relevant.

It can be:

  • cute realistic animals;
  • cartoon characters (Mickey Mouse, Ratatouille and their friends);
  • mice and rats in clothes.

Advice! Invite the child to be creative and make the usual coloring, which depicts the symbol of 2020 - the Rat (or mouse), become New Year's.

To do this, it’s enough to draw a Christmas tree, balls, stars, holiday serpentines and presents in the background.

New Year card

Hand-made postcards are incredibly popular today. But, unfortunately, not everyone can just take a blank sheet and draw an original congratulation from scratch. In this case, original coloring cards will not help. All that is needed is to pick up bright shades and “revive” the image. Of course, you can always add something to your existing elements, making New Year's greetings even more creative.

Advice! Some elements of the postcard can be made voluminous. For example, Christmas tree, balls, toys, watch dial or serpentines.


The school requires a beautiful New Year’s newspaper, and you have absolutely no time for its production? We offer two simple solutions to this problem:

  • Print individual elements (Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Snegurochka, New Year's heroes, Krysk, etc.), color them, cut them out and make a newspaper in the form of a collage.
  • Print a poster on the printer and simply decorate it, adding congratulations and wishes in the windows (you can rhyme).

Advice! Also, New Year's coloring posters can be used to create a collage card. To do this, simply paste the photos into the windows in the picture.

Coloring for adults

Do you think that decorating is children's entertainment? So you are mistaken! Psychologists say that this is one of the most effective methods of relaxation, helping to recover from a hard day's work, distract from existing problems and show their creative abilities, which, unfortunately, are not always found in adult life.

We bring to your attention a selection of fairly complex New Year's coloring books that will be of interest to both adolescents and adults.

By the way, such pictures can be painted not only with pencils or felt-tip pens, but also with helium pens, watercolor or acrylic paints.

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