Name days in 2020 for months

Do you know that most people celebrate Birthday and Angel Day today on different days? We offer you to find out when your Name Day falls in 2020, and also when you should congratulate your family, friends and relatives on the holiday by reading the full list of church names (by dates and months).

Name Secrets

Name Day (or Angel Day) - a holiday long enough. Historical sources have preserved information that it existed in Russia already in the 17th century, although many scholars believe that it appeared much earlier and is one of the Byzantine traditions that took root on our lands shortly after the baptism of Russia.

Name day is the day of veneration of a saint whose name a person bears. It is worth noting that there can be several such days in a year.

Name selection

Since ancient times, before the rite of baptism, parents chose a name for the baby, guided by a special book called the Saints (months). On its pages are collected all the names of the saints canonized by the Church with the days on which their memory is revered. According to Christian traditions, you can choose names from those that fall on the baby’s birthday (as well as on the 7th and 40th day from the moment of birth), or on the date of the sacrament of baptism (if it is not performed on the 40th day of birth).

Since in the old days, the priority was the names of saints who patronize the day of birth, so Angel's Day for many coincided with Birthday. Today, other options are possible. For example, children are often baptized without coordination with the church calendar, or even give names that are not in the Holy calendar.

When the name is in Holiness

Regardless of whether the name is correctly chosen or given to the baby for any other reasons, along with it the person receives the protection of a certain saint. Accordingly, by determining the month in which the dates are due to honor the patron, you will determine when to celebrate in 2020 Name Day (or Angel Day).

Important! If there are no female names on a certain day, it is possible to choose an analogue for the male name indicated in Saints (Ivan → Ivanna; Vasily → Vasilisa; Alexander → Alexandar, etc.).

When the name is not in Svyatki

Guided by fashion, parents can choose a name of a non-Christian origin for the child. What to do in this case? Does this mean that a person will be deprived of protection from above? If a person has already been called a worldly name that is not in the Saints, then for baptism you can simply choose a different name (consonant with the worldly, or different from it). In this case, in everyday life the name indicated in the metrics will be used, and in the performance of any Christian rites (and this is important!) - the name given at baptism.

If an adult does not know what name he was called at baptism, he can turn to the Church for the sacrament of changing his name, having already consciously chosen his patron.

Name day by day and month

To date, the pages of the month are more than 5,000 names. We will tell you how to navigate the dates and determine when to celebrate name days in 2020. To do this, you must:

  1. View suggested name lists
  2. Find a saint whose name you have been given at baptism;
  3. inquire how many times a year his memory is honored.

Important! Not every day indicated by your name is a name day, because there are many saints with the same name. We recommend that you learn more about your patron and his deeds, as well as look for his name in the 2020 Orthodox calendar.


In the first month of the calendar year, Orthodox Christians celebrate the largest holiday - Christmas. Also in January 2020, all those whose patrons are venerated according to the Saints will celebrate Name Day, namely:


The last month of winter will be no less rich in name days - in February 2020, Angel Day will be celebrated:


With the advent of calendar spring, the celebration of their holy patron saint will be:


No less popular and original names according to the Saints were collected in April. So, this year it will be possible to congratulate the holders of the following names born on April:


In the last spring month there are a lot of male names. Therefore, girls who were born (or were baptized) this month can bear the name of the holy male. So, in May, masculine names are worth a look at Alexandram, Eugene, Vasilisa, Anastasia, Antonin.

See the full list of male and female names in the file:


In the first month of summer, Angel Day will be celebrated:


In the days of July they honor Orthodox saints bearing the following names:


Born or baptized in August, it is worth looking for your patron and the name day in this plate:


For the first month of autumn, the Saints offer such male and female names. If your patron is also revered this month, you can safely celebrate your Angel Day.


The second month of autumn gives a holiday to the owners of such names:


People born in November will find the date of their Name Day in this list of names for the last month of autumn 2020:


In the first month of winter, Angel Day will be celebrated:

How to Celebrate a Name Day

Unlike the mundane Birthday, Namedays are filled with a deep spiritual meaning, which means that the main thing in the celebration is not a feast, congratulations and gifts, but a spiritual component.

On Angel Day, you need to remember your patron. It is recommended to visit the Temple, take communion and confession, pray, thanking for help, and if necessary, turning to your intercessor with a request.

Important! If Name Day falls on the period of fasting, the celebration is postponed to the next day off, and the menu is made taking into account the current restrictions.

As a gift on Name Day, you need to look for something "for the soul." If a person is a believer, then the best present will be a personalized icon, a vessel for holy water, or a book of spiritual content. For children on this day, it is best to choose a colorful children's Bible.

Of course, a small holiday on the occasion of Angel Day is not forbidden, because this is a great occasion to meet friends and give a birthday boy not only an original gift, but also the most valuable thing - the joy of communication.

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