Biathlon World Championship 2019-2020

In the 2019/2020 season, international biathlon competitions include several key events: the Summer IBU Summer Biathlon World Championships, the World Cup (BMW IBU World Cup), the World Cup (Biathlon World Championships) and the European Open Cup (IBU Cup Biathlon) . Competitions are held in several stages, according to the results of which the ranking of athletes is compiled. The winners of each type of biathlon championship will be presented in the spring of 2020 after summing up all the results.

Summer World Cup

In the 2019/2020 season, Belarus will host two major world biathlon competitions:

  • Summer World Junior Championship (August 21-25, 2019);
  • IBU Cup (March 02-08, 2020).

Sports events will be held at the National Center for Winter Olympic Training "Raubichi". The decision was made at a meeting of the International Biathlon Union. During the discussion, the venue for the annual summer race and the European Games was agreed with other national federations and international organizations that represent biathlon.

The National Center "Raubichi" was opened more than 40 years ago and was reconstructed in accordance with modern requirements for conducting sports competitions at a high level. The center has already successfully hosted the youth summer championship in 2015, in which many outstanding athletes participated.

Authorized representatives of the Republic of Belarus have already announced their readiness to conduct other sports. However, their schedule is approved in advance, and you can apply for the next four-year period in 2019.

World Cup

The World Cup (BMW IBU World Cup) is one of the most prestigious competitions among professional biathletes. Competitions include performances in the following disciplines:

  • classic individual race - Individual Competition (time limit: 20 km for men and 15 km for women, four targets);
  • Sprint - Sprint Competition (time limit: 10 km for men and 7.5 km for women, two targets);
  • pursuit race - Pursuit Competition (separate start race with a test distance of 12.5 km for men and 10 km for women, four targets);
  • Mass start - Mass Start Competition (competition with simultaneous start with a test distance of 15 km for men and 12.5 km for women, four targets);
  • relay race - Relay Competition (team competition with the passage of one stage of 7.5 km for men and 6 km for women, two targets);
  • mixed relay - Mixed Relay (competition of teams consisting of men and women, with the passage of one stage of 7.5 km for men and 6 km for women, two targets);
  • Single Mixed Relay - Single Mixed Relay (a team competition of men and women in which a couple pass eight firing lines in total).

Points are awarded to athletes for overcoming each stage of all disciplines and are taken into account both separately and in the overall standings. The best athletes are marked with the corresponding T-shirts:

  • yellow - the absolute leader in the overall standings;
  • red - for a leader in a particular discipline.

The final standings of the BMW IBU World Cup also include the results of the World Cup. According to the results of the season, the winner receives a cash prize and a Crystal Globe trophy. Cash incentives are also given to athletes who have taken lower places (from 2nd to 10th). Amount varies by discipline.

In the 2019/2020 season, the World Cup traditionally consists of 9 stages, which take place in different countries. The calendar is determined in advance and published on the official portal of the International Biathlon Union.

The schedule of the prestigious cup race in the 2019/2020 season is as follows:

By analyzing statistics over the past few seasons, several permanent leaders can be distinguished who consistently occupy high positions. Among them:

  • Martin Fourcade, French biathlete who won the men for 7 consecutive seasons;
  • Johannes Tines Boe, Norwegian athlete, preliminary winner of the 2018/2019 season (second place is taken by Russian Alexander Loginov);
  • Kaisa Mäkäräinen - representative of Finland, which occupies a leading position among women (in her arsenal of 26 victories);
  • Laura Dahlmeier is an athlete from Germany, she became the winner among women in the 2016/2017 season (in total, she has 22 victories).

World Championship

The 2020 Biathlon World Championships will be held in Antholz (Italy) on February 12-23. The results of this competition will be included in the overall standings when summing up the results of the World Cup, and will also be taken into account when compiling the rating of national biathlon federations.

In 2019, the World Cup was held in Ostersund (Sweden). The winners of this competition are:

Stage nameWomenMenMixed teams
Individual raceH. Eberg (Sweden)A. Peiffer (Germany)-
SprintA. Kuzmina (Slovakia)J.T. Boe (Norway)-
PursuitD. Herrman (Germany)D. Pidruchny (Ukraine)-
Mass startD. Wierer (Italy)D. Windisch (Italy)-
Relay raceS. Sulemdal, I. Thandrevold, T. Eckhoff, M. Olsby-Royseland (Norway)L. Helge Birkelann, W. Sh. Christiansen, J. T. Boe, T. Boe (Norway)-
Mixed Relay--M. Olsby-Royceland, T. Eckhoff, J. T. Boe, V. Sch. Christiansen (Norway)
Single Mixed Relay--M. Olsby-Royceland, J.T. Boe (Norway)

European competitions

European continental biathlon competitions include the European Championship (which will be held in Estonia in 2020) and the European Cup (IBU Cup Biathlon), which consists of eight stages.


In a series of competitions, athletes will show their abilities in standard disciplines:

  • individual race (Individual Competition);
  • sprint (Sprint Competition);
  • Pursuit Competition
  • Super Sprint Competition
  • mass start (Mass Start Competition);
  • mixed relay (Mixed Relay);
  • Single Mixed Relay

Performance points in each discipline are counted in the overall standings. At the same time, the indicators that were achieved in the European Championship are not included in the overall result of the competition results.

European Cup Calendar 2019/2020:

The most outstanding athletes in the last three seasons that have shown the best IBU Cup results are:

2018/2019Anton Babikov (Russia)Victoria Slivko (Russia)
2017/2018Vetle Shostad Christiansen (Norway)Carolyn Horchler (Germany)
2016/2017Alexey Volkov (Russia)Daria Virolainen (Russia)

Europe championship

The Open European Championship (IBU Open European Championships) is a prestigious competition in which athletes from any country in the world can take part. Participants will show their skills in the following disciplines depending on the categories:

  • individual race (men, women juniors and juniors);
  • sprint (men, women juniors and juniors);
  • pursuit race (men, women juniors and juniors);
  • relay race (men and women);
  • mixed relay (juniors and juniors).

In 2020, the European Championship will be held in the Estonian city of Otepää from February 24 to March 1. And in 2019 he was received in the Republic of Belarus at the National Center for Winter Olympic Training "Raubichi". According to the results of the European Championship 2019, the overall medal standings are as follows:

  1. Sweden.
  2. Russia.
  3. Norway.
  4. Bulgaria.
  5. Republic of Belarus.
  6. Germany.
  7. Ukraine.
  8. France.

Note. The 2019/2020 list of participants and a detailed race schedule with subsequent results will be known closer to the start of the competition.

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