New Year 2020 in Saratov

What a special delight to celebrate the New Year of 2020 in Saratov, so it is in the breadth and variety of offers! The city will definitely not let you get bored by random business travelers, and people who purposefully decided to spend holidays on the Volga, and those who would like to break away from reality on a magical night and have an unbelievably cool time.

On the street

Saratov is a multinational city, which is why the popularly beloved New Year is celebrated here in a particularly friendly and bright way!

Of course, mass festivities begin long before the hour of X. Over the last two weeks of December, performances, speeches, congratulations are held in every district, recreation center, and shopping center, and on December 31, the climax! Many residents rush to Theater Square by 10:00 pm - the main place where it is best to spend New Year's Eve in Saratov. Every year, they necessarily install a large screen broadcasting the president’s speech and the chimes, the most cheerful Santa Claus, an elegant Christmas tree, musicians, fireworks and 2020 will not be an exception.

On New Year's Eve, tents with tea and pastries will work, sets of firecrackers will be sold. You can also ride in a fairy sleigh, on horseback and take photos with fairy-tale heroes.

After midnight, the Saratovites do not go home, but continue festivities. The crowd from Theater Square disperses down the streets, the children try to linger at each impromptu scene and take a closer look at Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. On the central streets of the city (Chapaev, Kirov, Moskovskaya) strangers sincerely congratulate each other on the upcoming and the upcoming, rejoice at an important event and give in to universal rejoicing.

On the Volga

No city noise? At the services of Saratov hostel! Snow, starry sky above your head, crystal silence and a small banquet in a cozy chalet with a fireplace and a bear's skin. And also snowmobiles, skis, tubing, skates, winter fishing, a sauna and delicious tea with aromatic steppe herbs.

Many camp sites in the vicinity of Saratov are more focused on summer vacations on the Volga, so in winter the number of offers is sharply reduced, and the price rises. Therefore, accommodation and a banquet for the New Year on a good base is unlikely to be budgetary, but this adventure is definitely worth the money. Tourists have to count from 2000 p. per day.

At the drama theater

The Saratov Drama Theater several years ago introduced a good tradition of inviting residents and visitors to the festive New Year's concert.

The celebration consists of two parts. First, a meeting with Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden in the lobby, funny contests, prize drawings, champagne, and then the audience is invited to go to the hall. There, on the Big Stage, a performance will be given with the participation of stars from famous Moscow theaters.

Attention! The program is designed for 18+, the presence of children is inappropriate.

As a rule, the stars and the program of the event are announced in a few weeks, the gathering of spectators is scheduled for December 17: 00-18: 00, the dress code is formal, ladies in evening dresses, men in suits with a tie. The ticket price varies, it starts from 1500 to 3500 rubles, the price includes welcome champagne.

In the restaurant

A great idea is to celebrate the New Year in a restaurant! In Saratov, all the popular and popular cuisines of the world are presented and, of course, the emphasis is placed on the gifts of the Volga: crayfish, sturgeon, pike perch, sterlet, catfish, carp, it is amazing to cook fish here!

Of the most pleasant places where it is guaranteed to celebrate a holiday, are:

  • "Center" - three halls (150, 200, 300 people), decorated in a classic style, European and Caucasian cuisine, a children's menu, there is a stage for performances, the cost is from 1,500 r .;
  • SOHO - two halls (8 people and up to 200) plus karaoke, fusion cuisine, cost from 2000 r, you can have your own fruits and alcohol;
  • "Moscow" - three rooms (classic up to 150 people, banquet up to 50 and VIP up to 25), European, Russian, author's cuisine, there is a children's menu, the cost is from 1800.

The city is full of coffee houses, restaurants and cafes, so if large banquet rooms are not attractive, you can find a more sincere and calm place.

Night clubs

Young people, of course, will prefer to visit a good night club, of which there are more than a dozen in Saratov, fun and dancing until the morning, then auto-parties and cozy sleepy gatherings in a coffee shop.

Almost all establishments offer an enchanting show program, playing up the New Year's theme in every way, fiery music, interesting contests. It is impossible to stay away and not be involved in the celebration.

On a note! Many clubs (except hookah) have a full-fledged cuisine, so there will be no problems with a delicious treat.

The most popular party places in Saratov are Gatsby, CUBE, Grand Michel. The cost of the admission ticket depends on the coolness of the invited star, but in any case on New Year's it will be at least a thousand rubles.

If you suddenly didn’t succeed in going to the planned place, and there’s more than enough drive, you can walk along Kirov Avenue or go down to the Cosmonauts embankment in the vicinity of the Slovakia Hotel, there is the concentration of everything bright, noisy, sparkling!

Saratov will leave an unforgettable experience of the New Year. And it doesn’t matter where it was decided to celebrate the festive night of 2020: on the main square surrounded by hundreds of happy and joyful people, outside the city in a stunning beautiful snowy forest or at a mind-blowing party in a fashion club - in any case it will be cool, fun, interesting!

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