Sagaalgan in 2020

Sagaalgan - a traditional holiday in Buddhist culture, which symbolizes the beginning of the New Year. Every year it falls on different dates between January and March. Winter holiday is popular in many regions of Russia - the Altai Territory, Buryatia, Komi.

Sagaalgan Date

According to another, the holiday is called Tsagan Sar. It is the starting point of the new year and the onset of spring, the flourishing of nature and life. In 2020, Sagaalgan will be celebrated on February 24.
Chronology is traditionally carried out according to the calculations of the lunar-solar calendar, because every year it falls on a new date. The calculation is done by specialists using astrological tables. A festive day is always celebrated on the first day of the new year according to the lunar calendar.

Sagaalgan is of great importance for all the Mongolian peoples inhabiting the lands of the Russian Federation. In Yakutia, Tuva, Buryatia and a number of other regions, Sagaalgan will be declared a day off. In Kalmykia, it is considered a national holiday, involving the revival of traditions and festivities.

Tsagan Sar entered the list of official holidays only in 1990, and was banned in the Soviet Union.

History of the holiday

Tsagans Sar, or Chaga-Bayram has many names. All because countless peoples and their dialects celebrate this holiday. The new year marks not only the beginning of a new lunar cycle. On this day, each person becomes one year older, even if he celebrates his birthday on a completely different day. That is, every Mongol who honors national traditions can consider Sagaalgan his second birthday.
Many years ago, the festival was dedicated to the harvest, because it was celebrated in early autumn. At this time, harvested, finished milking animals, because the day was often called the White Month. From dairy products, it was customary to cook dishes that were served on the Sagaalgan table.
Years later, the celebration moved to the end of February. This tradition was founded by the grandson of Genghis Khan and lasted until the 14th century. Already in the 17th century Tsagan Sar began to symbolize purity and holiness, filled with rituals and traditions. Since 2004, the holiday has become an official day off in certain regions of Russia.
Now worshipers of Sagaalgan celebrate 3 days and 3 nights, but it is the first day of the day off and involves the observance of rites.

Traditions and customs

The white month of Sagaalgan in 2020 is celebrated for three days, but preparation begins much earlier. You need to pickle food, buy meat and prepare delicious delicacies for family and children.
The following traditions are common:

  • For a few days, the hostesses are taken to put the house in order and clean. It is important not only to wash the floors and dust, but also to get rid of old unnecessary things. All trash that accumulates over the course of the year and is not used must be discarded.
  • Believers hold a one-day fast before the New Year.
  • You need to buy new clothes or at least some element - for example, a scarf, belt, etc. Since the holiday is the beginning of a new year and a new life, you need to start all over with a clean face - get rid of the old, give a chance to the new.
  • In the past, all unnecessary things and old clothes were pointedly burned at the stake. Now it’s customary to donate your belongings to the people who need them.

  • Previously, men had to renew harness, saddle, horseshoes for their assistant - a horse. Time has changed, and the car became the main vehicle among the representatives of the stronger sex. Therefore, updates should be dedicated to him - to replace tires, carry out maintenance or just buy a new "Christmas tree" in the salon.
  • The rite of purification is the final stage of preparation. Both people and a house with a car are subject to fumigation with herbs.
  • It is customary to cook meat - beef or lamb, which is then served on the festive table. Also popular are Buzuy and Bortsoki.

  • On the day of Sagaalgan, you need to dress in all white.
  • On a holiday it is customary to go on a visit, as well as invite relatives and friends to your home. The New Year, even according to Mongolian traditions, should be celebrated brightly, noisily and cheerfully.
  • First and foremost, congratulations to senior family members. The youngest member approaches him, holding out his hands, palms up. The elder should lower his hands and patronize him. Such traditions are treated as mutual respect and support.
  • There are no restrictions as gifts. Usually gifts are exchanged right at the festive table, accompanied by their congratulations and wishes.

Those who wish to celebrate Sagaalgan in 2020 should remember that alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the festive table. It is customary to use ars, which are prepared from sour cottage cheese.

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