New Year 2020 in Rome

The new 2020 year in Rome will be the best celebration option for connoisseurs of the European level of service, iconic sights and fine Italian cuisine. Millions of tourists annually visit the "eternal city", but the greatest influx of travelers is observed during the Christmas holidays. At this time, Rome looks especially attractive: the streets are illuminated with multi-colored lights, shop windows are decorated with fairytale figures, Christmas trees are installed on the main squares.

Climate features

The weather in Rome for the New Year 2020 will please the lack of winter and moderate heat. Despite the fact that January is considered one of the coldest months, the thermometer here rarely rarely falls below 8-10 ºС during the day. At night, the temperature usually varies between 3-5 ºС, and frost and snow in Rome are as rare as in Greece.

It often rains in Italy in January, so the humidity level is usually 70-80%. In bad weather gusts of wind, reaching 10-15 m / s. If you are planning to relax on the New Year 2020 in Rome, do not forget about the umbrella and warm clothes, especially if you plan to spend most of the time outdoors.

Celebration Options

New Year's Eve 2020 in Rome can be met with fun and intense. The most popular ways to organize leisure are:

  • Shopping
  • mass festivities;
  • sightseeing;
  • visit to entertainment venues.

Unlike Christmas, which is considered a family holiday, Italians prefer to celebrate New Year on the streets. Rome on the evening of December 31 will be filled with tens of thousands of tourists and locals. People get to know each other, organize in small groups and celebrate until morning.

The epicenter of the festivities will traditionally be Piazza del Popolo. It is noteworthy that you can get on it only until 22:00, after which the local police will block the entrance to avoid crowding. An interesting entertainment program is provided on the square, mainly for young people. Among the planned events: sets of famous DJs, musicians, contests and fireworks. At the Piazza del Popolo it is allowed to drink alcoholic beverages, detonate pyrotechnics, break empty containers on a monument.

Amusement establishments of Rome

If noisy street festivities are not attractive, then it is best to meet the New Year 2020 in Rome in one of the restaurants. Unfortunately, this type of entertainment on the evening of December 31 is not in demand, so most establishments close at 2 a.m. and do not offer incendiary entertainment to their guests. The list of the best restaurants in Rome invariably includes:

  • "Mirabelle";
  • "La Rosetta";
  • "Antica Pesa";
  • "Casa Coppelle";
  • "Roof Garden Hotel Forum Roma".

The menu of the listed institutions always has original Italian pasta, minestrone soup, lasagna, tiramisu, ravioli, Parmesan chicken. From alcoholic drinks should be ordered local wine, liquors, vermouth, martini. Prices in the entertainment venues of Rome on New Year's Eve significantly increase (on average by 20-30%). The cost of the celebration for one person can reach 120-150 €, but there is one plus: almost always there are free places in restaurants, cafes and bars, as a result, they can not be booked in advance.

Sights of Rome

Most tourists come to the "eternal city" to inspect the unique architectural monuments erected more than a millennium ago. In January, they look bewitching and monumental. Among the required places to visit are:

  • Pantheon;
  • Villa Borghese;
  • Appian Way;
  • Capitoline Hill;
  • Colosseum (Flavian Amphitheater);
  • Big Circus (Circo Massimo).

Arriving in Rome for the New Year 2020, you can also visit the Vatican City - an enclave state inside the capital of Italy. Here is the residence of the Pope, the famous St. Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel. A large sightseeing tour of Rome costs from 40 € per person, and with a stop at the Vatican - 60 €. Since in Italy January 1 was officially declared a day off, on this day all attractions will be closed. The rest of the Christmas week, they are available for visiting the sutra until late at night.

Shopping centers of Rome

A huge number of travelers come to Rome at the end of December for shopping. On the eve of the New Year holidays, grandiose sales are held in the capital of Italy, when discounts on branded items reach 40-60%. Among the most popular goods: fur coats, leather goods, shoes, furniture, wine. In the list of popular shopping centers and outlets of the city, we note:

  • "Coin";
  • "UPIM";
  • "Oviesse";
  • "Euroma2";
  • "La Rinascente";
  • "Galleria Alberto Sordi";
  • "Castel Romano Designer Outlet".

In large shopping centers in Italy, it is not customary to bring down the price of sellers, which can not be said about small shops or bazaars. Here God himself ordered to bargain, and the price of the goods often decreases by half. A nice addition to shopping in Rome will be the opportunity to return VAT. Usually this is 20% of the cost of the goods minus the administrative tax. VAT is paid when traveling outside the EU and presenting a check for purchased products.

Roman price list

Prices in Rome for the New Year 2020, as in any European capital, are rising, but this does not stop the flow of tourists. Among the current prices:

  • lunch in a cafe - 10-15 €;
  • breakfast in the cafe - 8-10 €;
  • taxi ride - 10-30 €;
  • visit to the cinema, theater - 50-100 €;
  • travel by public transport - 1-2 €.

Housing is most expensive - an average of 25%. The price of a double room in a 4 * hotel comes to 120 € per night, and a one-room apartment for a day in the "eternal city" costs at least 70 €. For budget trips, hostels are suitable, in which a bed will cost 10-15 € per night.

Offers of tour operators

Tours for the New Year 2020 to Rome from Russia are stably purchased by several thousand tourists. They are not deterred by the high cost of travel, since even a three-day trip from Moscow with a minimum set of entertainment costs from 400 €. For this money, you can, for example, fly to the Czech Republic or Turkey for a week. Many people prefer to visit Rome without the help of tour operators. In this case, the price of the trip reaches 1000-1500 €. Air tickets will cost about 300 €, accommodation from 200 to 400 €, meals - 150-200 €, entertainment - at least 100 €, plus shopping.

New Year's Eve 2020 in Rome will be remembered for unrestrained fun, exquisite cuisine, amazing atmosphere of the holiday. Many tourists coming here during the Christmas holidays fall in love with the capital's flavor, uniqueness and grandeur. In the "eternal city" you must go at least once in a lifetime, because it is worthy of the attention of every inhabitant of the planet.

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