Lunar calendar for february 2020

The moon is called the heavenly luminary, capable of influencing not only the human body and psyche, but also the plant, animal world, as well as natural phenomena. And the lunar calendar is a cycle of the changing phases of the Queen of the Night.

In the lunar month, 29 or 30 days due to the fact that the cycle itself lasts 29 and a half days. A day is not always equal.

The lunar calendar for February 2020 will help to understand which day will be the most favorable for certain tasks, and when it is better to completely abandon any activity.

Moon phases and their effects

The most favorable time is considered to be the period of the growing moon. You can safely take on any undertakings, meet new people, organize meetings, make major purchases - everything will be successful. It is recommended to complete business with the waning moon.

The new moon and the full moon are critical days when we are more susceptible to the influence of the night luminary. And in order for the energy background to be stably positive, it is better to avoid drinking alcohol, be more attentive to your well-being, try to restrain negative emotions and not splash aggression on other people. It is recommended to do introspection, take time to meditate.

With the help of our calendar, which describes in detail the phases of the moon in February 2020, you can carefully plan your time, minimizing the loss of power and energy.

Date / Day of the weekPhaseLunar dayZodiacEnergyComment
01 / SaturdayGrowing8, 9calf-Be prepared to cheat. Restrain your emotions, otherwise conflict is inevitable.
02 / Sunday1 quarter9, 10calf+Good luck will haunt you. If troubles occur, they will be very insignificant.
03 / MondayGrowing10, 11calf+The day is favorable for travel and serious undertakings. Everything will lead to success.
04 / TuesdayGrowing11, 12Twins+Take care of financial and career matters, take time to work with documents.
05 / WednesdayGrowing12, 13Twins-Increased chance of conflict. Try to be softer.
06 / ThursdayGrowing13, 14Cancer+Try to do introspection and work through your mistakes.
07 / FridayGrowing14, 15Cancer+Any undertakings will be successful. It is also recommended to take time for relatives.
08 / SaturdayGrowing15, 16a lion-You will encounter temptations. Think carefully before making a choice so that it does not turn out to be wrong.
09 / SundayFull16, 17a lion+-Harmony reigns everywhere. A very calm day. Try to direct energy into creativity.
10 / MondayWaning17, 18Virgo+Great time to improve your love relationship.
11 / TuesdayWaning18, 19Virgo-Problems lie in wait at every turn. Try to be prudent.
12 / WednesdayWaning19, 20Libra-It is better to stay at home or to avoid crowded places. Meditate.
13 / ThursdayWaning20, 21Libra+-Good day to strengthen the spirit.
14 / FridayWaning21Scorpio+Today you are very creative and physically active.
15 / SaturdayWaning21, 22Scorpio+Think about your life experience, also think about plans for the future.
16 / Sunday3 quarter22, 23Sagittarius-There is a risk of jealousy and jealousy. Use caution.
17 / MondayWaning23, 24Sagittarius+-Take care of your health.
18 / TuesdayWaning24, 25Sagittarius+-Get enough sleep, rest, spend the day calmly and leisurely.
19 / WednesdayWaning25, 26Capricorn-Try not to be active, save strength. They will still come in handy.
20 / ThursdayWaning26, 27Capricorn+Raise old unresolved issues. Today everything should be resolved successfully.
21 / FridayWaning27, 28Aquarius+Any transactions will be successful. Small health problems are not ruled out.
22 / SaturdayWaning28, 29Aquarius-Only solve the most necessary questions, do not allow yourself to think bad.
23 / SundayNew29, 30, 1Fish+-Summarize, complete the business. Do not start anything new.
24 / MondayGrowing1, 2Fish+Do something unusual, it will raise your vitality.
25 / TuesdayGrowing2, 3Fish-Keep emotions to yourself, do not let aggression prevail.
26 / WednesdayGrowing3, 4Aries+-Make decisions thoughtfully, not superficially.
27 / ThursdayGrowing4, 5Aries-On this day, the body is a little weakened, so plan your meals carefully.
28 / FridayGrowing5, 6calf+Ideal time for a romantic date.
29 / SaturdayGrowing6, 7calf+Today you feel the special support of loved ones, so the day will be fruitful.

Favorable days on the lunar calendar for February 2020

The most favorable days can be called February 5, 13 and 21. During these periods, you will succeed, any undertaking will find a positive response, and each business will have dizzying success.

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