Earth Hour 2020

In 2020, Earth Hour will be held in different parts of the world. The international environmental action will be held for the 12th time. Every year, the number of participants across the planet, including in Russia, is increasing. According to recent data, in previous years more than 2 billion people from more than 7 thousand cities on all continents participated in it.

When it will be

Earth Hour is the time for turning off lighting devices and electrical appliances, light illumination in shops, shopping centers, on the street, etc. Electricity is also turned off in state institutions, banks, factories and factories. Since the action appeared not so long ago, some people do not know when the Earth Hour will be in 2020, but they want to join the participation.

The event does not have a fixed date, although it is not difficult to calculate. It is always held on the last Saturday of March.

Important! In 2020, Earth Hour will be held on March 28. Disconnect electrical appliances and bulbs in the period from 20.30 to 21.30 local time.

What is the essence of the action

Humanity is causing serious harm to nature. The environmental situation is deteriorating every day. One of the most pressing environmental problems is the excessive emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As a result of air pollution, the so-called "greenhouse effect" is created. It leads to serious changes in climatic conditions. Melting glaciers, rising sea levels and other changes lead to serious natural disasters - storms, abnormally low and high air temperatures, floods, etc. In addition, humanity often unreasonably uses natural resources.

In order to draw public attention to environmental problems, activists proposed to hold an action during which it was necessary to turn off electrical appliances for an hour. Organizers urge to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and save natural resources.

Repeatedly, experts argued that the action was useless, since it was impossible to stop the turbines of power plants in an hour. In other words, even when the lights and electrical appliances are off, the power plants continue to work and emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but at the same time, electricity is not wasted for useful purposes. Organizers of such statements usually respond that the action is symbolic and is held in order to draw public attention to environmental issues. In addition, the event is usually not limited to turning off electrical appliances.

History of occurrence

Earth Hour originated in the Australian capital - the city of Sydney. The organizer of the action is the World Wide Fund for Nature. The event was first held in 2007 with the support of a local magazine. Then 2000 enterprises demonstrated their solidarity in the fight for environmental protection. In just one year, it spread to 35 countries. Further popularity grew in progression. Every year, millions of people across the planet joined the action.

Initially, electricity was turned off only at enterprises, but over time, private individuals began to join the action. Now many cities turn off the light even in banks and at facilities of national importance. According to the latest data, Earth Hour is held in more than 180 countries around the world.

The event has been held in Russia since 2009. Now more than 150 Russian cities and about 20 million people are participating in it. Every year, the capital of Earth Hour is selected based on the results of outages that are recorded on the official website of the action. For example, in 2018, the title of winner went to Lipetsk, and in 2017 to Surgut. The capital of the event must receive a 30-centimeter figurine with a globe, a crown and an engraved city name.


As part of the Earth Hour program, the following activities are usually carried out:

  • rallies in protected areas;
  • flash blogs to protect the environment;
  • garbage recycling stocks;
  • seminars and conferences on environmental topics;
  • Exhibitions on the theme of global warming, wasteful use of resources and other problems of nature.

Promoters usually encourage people to take care of the environment. There are several ways to do this:

  • monitor energy consumption (turn off the TV and bulbs when unnecessary, use LED lighting, buy equipment with energy class A + or lower);
  • purchase products in packaging made from natural materials that can be disposed of without harm to the environment;
  • participate in the landscaping of streets;
  • maintain the conservation of protected areas;
  • to take part in the actions of improvement in the city.

How is the action "Earth Hour": video

Watch the video: Expo 2020 l Earth Hour (April 2020).

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