Quiz for New Year 2020 with answers

With age, the New Year is perceived as a common occasion to meet at a table with family or friends. And then what? Films on TV, heart-to-heart talks, congratulations to the president and a chime. But as you celebrate the New Year, so spend it. The holiday should be noisy and fun, so the New Year quiz with funny answers will help entertain the guests with whom you plan to enter 2020.

New Year's traditions

If we are to learn to celebrate this holiday, then we definitely need to take an example from the Chinese. Neither Russia, nor prim Europe and rampant America with their Christmas traditions can compare with how they celebrate New Year in the East. Confirmation of this is a strict adherence to the Chinese zodiac, where animals dominate. So in 2020 we will have a new patron of the year - White Rat.

This little rodent will open a new 12 year cycle. The rat is a wise and cunning creature, and according to legend, it was to her that Buddha got to bring the most unusual animals to heaven. To win the symbol of the year, try to meet it sincerely, openly and cheerfully. Therefore, do not skimp on emotions, call your friends and come up with contests and entertainment.

For a mouse party

Riddles adore adults and children. For the New Year quiz 2020, you can pick up questions related to the symbol of the year. These can be tricky questions about both rats and mice.

  • Who is the first to escape from a sinking ship? (Rats)
  • Who almost killed Pinocchio? (Shushar rat)
  • In Japan they say: "Do you want to become rich, invite to visit ..." (Rat)
  • Who is Lariska from the cartoon "Cheburashka"? (Rat)
  • Who was Chuchundra giving advice to the mongoose Rikki-Tikki-Tavi? (Rat)
  • Who helped stretch the turnip? (Mouse)
  • Who does the cat love the most? (Mouse)
  • Who can make a woman jump on the table in a second? (Mouse)
  • To whom Leopold said: “Guys, let's live together”? (Two mice, Gray and White)
  • The Nutcracker Enemy? (Mouse king)

  • Looking out of the gap, afraid to get out (Mouse)
  • A small ball under the bench fumbles (Mouse)
  • Gray, small, tail as an awl (Mouse)
  • Small stature, long tail. Gray fur coat, sharp teeth (Mouse)
  • Which animal lives in the water in summer and in the land in winter? (Water rat)
  • What do they say about who does nothing? (Doesn't catch mice)
  • Who was the coachman in the fairy tale "Cinderella"? (Rat)
  • Who did the staunch tin soldier meet under the bridge? (With rat)
  • What game did Puss in Boots play with the Eater? (In cat and mouse)

For scholars

If you plan to celebrate New Year 2020 in a close family circle, then invite those gathered at the festive table to stretch their brains and answer difficult but interesting quiz questions.

  • Why do rats, which require very little food for life, constantly nibble? (If they don’t grind their teeth, they will grow so long that the animal will not be able to close its mouth. For a year, the rodent’s teeth grow 13 cm)
  • How ironically called an old man trying to look young? (Mouse stallion)
  • Which tale tells of the most awkward mouse? ("Ryaba Chicken")
  • Find a synonym for the word "get angry" in the subject of 2020 (Take courage)
  • What did the Montmorency dog ​​(Three in a Boat (not counting the Dog) book) bring in addition to the upcoming Irish stew? (Dead rat)

  • What was the name of the superheavy tank developed by Ferdinand Porsche? (Mouse)
  • What role did Evgeni Mironov get in the movie "Idiot"? (Prince Myshkin)
  • What do computer engineers call an armpit? (Mouse pad)
  • What is depicted on an Australian 1 cent coin? (Opossum)
  • What chemical element is named after rodents? (Arsenic)
  • How can I write the word "mousetrap" in five and three letters? (Cat or cat)
  • Traditional New Year's operetta at the Vienna State Opera? (I. Strauss "The Bat")
  • What herbaceous plant of the legume family must be grown in 2020 on a personal plot? (Mouse pea)

  • How does a word called a bat sound in Chinese? (Happiness)
  • Can rats swim? (Yes, and swim 30 km without stopping. They can also dive and get food from the bottom of the reservoir)
  • Do rats tolerate frost? (Yes, these rodents are even found at abandoned stations in Antarctica)
  • Can the ballad about the Pied Piper from Hamelin be considered true? (Yes, since the inadequate reaction of rodents to loud sounds was confirmed by an incident in the city of Southport, where a large number of rats bred and could not get rid of them. When a rock concert was organized there, the rodents abruptly left)

Interesting facts about the symbol of the year

If you are bored of guessing riddles, you can invite guests to compete in erudition, telling interesting stories about the symbol of the year. It’s good if the invitees prepare for this competition in advance. Stories must be unique and not repeated.

  • Rats warned people about the dangers of war. During the defense of Stalingrad, sailors told how rodents hastily left not only sinking ships, but also ships, which were shelled the next day.
  • In the 19th century, in France, a newspaper published an announcement stating that one of the markets would be moved to a new place. Interestingly, the day before that date, the rats from the trading floor got out of place and ran exactly where they were going to open a new market. Did they also read newspapers?
  • Psychologists, studying the behavioral stereotypes of humans and rats, performed an experiment. The subjects were placed in equal conditions, in a labyrinth in the center of which a bait was placed: for a person a banknote, for a rat - a piece of cheese. In the search speed, the subjects were equal. But when the bait was removed, it turned out that the rat quickly adapted to new conditions and did not resort to where cheese used to be. And the man again and again returned to the place, hoping to see the money again.
  • Rats can speak, they have a rich vocabulary. They communicate through ultrasound. If we could hear this animal, we would be deaf from the indignation of a small rat. This sound can be compared with the crash of a jackhammer.
  • Rats are suspected of killing dinosaurs. These rodents are big egg lovers. Scientists have suggested that such gastronomic preferences eventually led to a decrease in fertility, and then to the complete disappearance of ancient reptiles. Even today, the rat does not stop there, making room for itself under the sun. In Ireland, all the swamp frogs have already disappeared, and it was these gray rodents that ate them.

Comic New Year quiz

You should not focus on the symbol of the year, because the New Year is a fun holiday, so serious questions can be diluted with comic ones.

  • What are the names of school sledges called? (Portfolio)
  • Why does a snow woman have two waists? (To make hugging easier)
  • The most sober for the New Year? (Christmas tree)
  • What did the plastic windows lose in the winter? (Frost patterns)
  • In France he is the pope, in Germany - the saint, in Russia ...? (Santa Claus)
  • What holiday is going to the most risky people at the table? (For the New Year and drink champagne)
  • Snowman's wife? (Snow woman)
  • Snack from the tub served by guests in the winter? (Snowballs)
  • Currency for buying gifts from Santa Claus? (Poems and songs)
  • A woman who dresses up once a year? (Christmas tree)
  • The name of a winter holiday driving foreigners crazy? (Old New Year)
  • A salad that is not afraid of frost? (Herring under a fur coat)
  • Shells of the winter army. (Snowballs)

  • Where is the ice hut in which winter lives? (At the edge of the forest)
  • What is winter coming for? (For fall)
  • What holiday is celebrated twice a year? (New Year, January 1 and 14)
  • Who likes to drop people in winter? (Ice)
  • The two most important pieces of furniture on NG? (A table at which guests gather and a stool on which children recite poems)

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