Short women haircuts 2019-2020

In anticipation of the new season, fashionistas are asking what short women's haircuts will be in trend at the turn of 2019-2020, and what interesting ideas will help make the image stylish and bright.

We will try to understand the fashion trends of hairdressing, show on high-quality photos the most relevant women's haircuts or short hair, which will be at the peak of popularity in late 2019 and early 2020, and also tell you how to add a bright zest to a fashionable bow.

Current trends

It was once believed that women parted with long hair forcibly (trying to radically change their image, or to radically solve the problem of weakened split ends). But today, a stylish short haircut is the choice of successful, purposeful and confident women.

Of the advantages of this solution, it is worth noting that a fashionable haircut:

  1. makes facial expressions more expressive;
  2. gives the image a mischievous note;
  3. makes it easy to transform using various hair styling techniques.

So, in 2019 and 2020, such short female haircuts will be relevant.


If you think a square is an outdated classic, then look at how stylish and bright modern interpretations of this haircut look on short and medium hair. It is worth noting that the square is equally a good choice for both blondes and brunettes. Highlighting is read well on a medium-sized square, and even trendy degrades or whites can be made if desired.

At the peak of popularity today, a square on straight hair with a neat bang. But, if you don’t like the classic, or styling does not hold well on curly hair - feel free to choose hairstyle options with slight negligence.


Definitely, a bright haircut session will become a trend in 2020. The stylist Vidal Sassoon invented it in the distant 60s, but even today his spectacular and stylish idea finds many fans.

It is worth noting. which is as simple as possible to care for, cutting a session requires high skill from the hairdresser, because the characteristic shape of the hairstyle is achieved not by complex manipulations during styling, but due to the special angle of hair cut. If the haircut is done correctly, the tips themselves are bent in the right direction, which simplifies the task for the woman as much as possible.

Another reason for the incredible popularity of sassoon is the smooth surface of the hair, on which any creative ideas look great, whether it's pixel coloring, bright stripes or exclusive patterns.


The secret of the popularity of this haircut is its versatility, because a fashionable bob will suit a young girl, a successful young woman, and a stylish lady "aged". Short or long, with perfect styling or careless curls, on platinum, charcoal black or fiery red hair - the bean allows you to be so different (strict, romantic or shocking), spending a minimum of time to create an effective image.

Give the hairstyle some zest to help:

  • long bangs;
  • asymmetry;
  • shaved weights;
  • neatly cut neck.

Short cascade

For curly and naughty hair, a short cascade is ideal. Light curls, which will be formed even without special styling, will give the image softness, femininity and romance.

Also, if desired, the owners of the cascade will be able to decorate the hairstyle with stylish braids or hairpins, which in shorter versions can no longer be done.

Ultra short pixies

For the most daring - ultrashort options. Such a fashionable haircut will be the TOP idea of ​​2019-2020 for those who do not just want to switch to short hair, but are looking for their unique look.

Important! A very short haircut is suitable for everyone, but only for owners of an ideal face, the features of which are in themselves a virtue, as well as neat ears.

Extremely short haircuts are not recommended for owners of a magnificent figure, because an excessively neat hairstyle can increase the imbalance, as well as those who have a problem with the scalp. But regarding the color and condition of the hair there are no contraindications. An ultra-short option is possible for platinum blondes, and for brown-haired women or brunettes. Such a haircut on the hair looks quite beautiful with highlighting and coloring (see photo).

A little shocking

Haircuts are another way to express yourself. If you want to stand out from the crowd and emphasize your individuality, attracting attention in a bright way, feel free to follow the ideas of creative stylists.

At the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, young women will be interested in short female haircuts in a boyish style (with the longest bangs and a shortly cut head).

Also in fashion will be extravagant contrasting hair coloring of various lengths. In the trend:

  • turquoise;
  • ash pink gamma;
  • blue and lilac;
  • ultraviolet and coral.

It is worth noting that in 2020 bright accents will be relevant for owners of hair of all shades.


Experiment and don’t stop looking for your unique image. But at the same time, remember that it is only professionals who need to entrust their beauty, regardless of whether it is a classic haircut or ultra-modern coloring of your hair.

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