What to give sister for New Year 2020

Choosing a gift for your sister for the New Year 2020 is not so simple. Among the variety of ideas, it is sometimes difficult to dwell on one option. You can choose an interesting present with any budget. When choosing a gift, several factors should be taken into account - age, hobbies, occupation, etc. Even an inexpensive souvenir can bring a lot of positive emotions if a girl likes it.

To the girl

You can give a younger sister of preschool age:

  • a kitchen and a set of dishes;
  • constructor
  • a doll with clothes or a stroller;
  • interactive toys (children's laptop, development board, etc.);
  • a soft toy (singing, in the form of a beloved cartoon hero, etc.);
  • interactive pet;
  • beautiful hair clips and elastic bands for hair, etc.

For a schoolgirl, the following gifts may be interesting:

  • kits for creativity (drawing, weaving, macrame, etc.);
  • board game ("Monopoly", "Trip to Europe", etc.);
  • original puzzles;
  • children's cosmetics;
  • stylish clothes (scarf and mittens, a t-shirt with a cool print);
  • a backpack in the form of a multi-hero, etc.

Important! A universal gift for a girl of almost any age (older than 3 years) is considered sweets. You can buy a basket with different treats, a set of "Kinder surprises" or chocolate of an unusual shape.


Girls in adolescence consider themselves to be adults, therefore, children’s gifts should be abandoned. If it is difficult to decide what to give to your teenage sister for the New Year 2020, you should pay attention to the following ideas:

  • Cosmetics. At this age, girls pay a lot of attention to their appearance, so lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, sparkle and other cosmetics will be delighted.
  • Gadgets and accessories for them. A win-win option - a smartphone, smart watch or tablet. You can limit yourself to cheaper options - a selfie stick, a stylish phone case, headphones, a keyboard for a tablet, etc.
  • Sports equipment and personal transport. Depending on your hobbies, you can give rollers, a bicycle, a gyro scooter, a skate.
  • For beauty. In addition to cosmetics, under the tree you can put a set for manicure, a hairdryer or an iron for hair, as well as jewelry or high-quality jewelry.
  • Original options. To give a good mood and surprise with originality, you can buy an unusual pillow, dancing radio, etc.

A teenage girl will also be delighted with a stylish purse or bag, other fashion accessories. You can give expensive perfumes, but in this case it is worth knowing the tastes and preferences of a loved one well.

Adult woman

It may be more difficult to find a good gift for an adult sister than for a child, despite the huge selection of presents in the store. Among the variety of offers, you can choose a gift, regardless of financial capabilities.

Practical options

A win-win option is to buy a practical presentation. You should pay attention to what is missing from the sister, so she used the gift, and not put it on the mezzanine. Here are some ideas:

  • bedding (you can choose with a 3D-pattern or in the colors corresponding to the bedroom interior);
  • household appliances - a blender, microwave, meat grinder, bread machine, etc .;
  • bath set (towels, bathrobe and slippers included);
  • kitchen accessories - a vegetable cutter, a dryer for dishes, a dryer for greens, etc .;
  • dishes - ceramic pan, several pots with non-stick coating, tea set, a set of glasses;
  • home textiles - tablecloth, beautiful napkins, plaid, decorative pillows.

If the sister drives the car, then you can put a navigator or a DVR under the tree.

Important! In order not to miscalculate with the purchase of a practical gift, you can present a certificate to the store. In this case, the sister will be able to buy what she needs.

Original gifts

In order for a present to be remembered for a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to unusual ideas. The following interesting gifts may be good options:

  • warm plaid with sleeves for cozy winter evenings;
  • a running alarm clock if a loved one likes to sleep long or is often late for work;
  • an apron with an unusual print, for example, a supermodel;
  • keyboard vacuum cleaner;
  • usb heated slippers;
  • a ball of predictions if the sister is indecisive;
  • cool piggy bank - in the form of a rat, making various sounds;
  • Massager for head;
  • original vase, etc.

When choosing a gift with a joke, one should take into account a sense of humor so as not to offend the recipient.

Important! You must not give presents that may indicate a problem. These include stretching underwear, anti-aging cream, etc.

Original gifts include impressions. It could be:

  • horse ride;
  • snowmobiling;
  • visit to the ice rink;
  • cinema, theater or concert tickets;
  • zip-line descent;
  • balloon ride, etc.

A certificate for a master class can also be a good idea. In this case, you need to know the hobbies or cherished dreams of the sister. Any woman will be glad to go to the spa. You can order a comprehensive program or individual procedures.

DIY presentations

You can make a soulful gift for your sister for the New Year 2020 with your own hands. You should start from your own abilities and creative inclinations. Here are some ideas:

  • cookies with predictions or wishes;
  • stylish photo frame;
  • photo collage;
  • knitted scarf or sweater;
  • Handmade soap;
  • jewelry - bead brooch, beads, etc.

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