Christmas Eve in 2020

In 2020, Christmas Eve will traditionally be celebrated on Christmas Eve. For believers, this is a special evening associated with the greatest feast and birth of Jesus Christ. Over the years of its existence, various traditions and ceremonies have formed. Some of them are still being followed.

Date of celebration and origin of the name

Since Christmas Eve is celebrated before Christmas, its date does not change from year to year. It marks the beginning of the so-called Christmas time, which will last until Baptism.

Important! Christmas Eve's date in 2020 will not change - it will be celebrated on January 6th.

There are two versions of the origin of the name of the holiday, although in both cases it is associated with dishes that are prepared on this day. According to the first version, the name comes from the word "sochi". So called a special porridge, which was prepared from steamed cereal grains. It must be watered with juice and honey. And now they are preparing a similar porridge, they just call it kutya.

According to another version, the name of Christmas Eve comes from the name of sochi cakes, which had special holes. It was believed that before a big holiday through these holes you could see evil spirits. Now this rite is not performed.

Festive dinner

Christmas Eve - Last Day of Christmas Lent. The clergy on this day adhere to dry eating, that is, do not eat hot food cooked with oil. And even then they eat only in the evening, and all day they drink only water. Ordinary people do not need to follow such strict rules, but on the festive table there should be only lean dishes.

In the evening before Christmas, families gather at the table. To begin supper with the appearance of the first star in the sky. They connect it with the Star of Bethlehem, which, according to biblical stories, illuminated the path of the shepherds going to the born Jesus Christ. On the table necessarily served kutya. Prepare it from cereal grains. Nuts, dried fruits, poppy seeds and honey are necessarily added to the porridge, although the recipes for cooking kutya vary significantly in different regions. The remnants of the holiday cereal are usually placed near the icons for the souls of deceased relatives. It is believed that on this day they descend from heaven to earth. Previously, the remaining kutya was distributed to poor people.

Knowing the number of Christmas Eve in 2020, housewives should think through the menu in advance. There should be 12 fasting dishes on the table for all the apostles to have. Be sure to serve:

  • a blast is a thick compote cooked from dried fruits;
  • dumplings with cabbage and potatoes;
  • lean cakes and pancakes with different fillings;
  • dishes with mushrooms;
  • vegetable salads;
  • pickles and preservation;
  • lean sweet treats - halva, marmalade, etc.

In some regions, there is a tradition according to which godchildren on Christmas Eve bring dinner to their godparents.


And now the tradition of caroling has been preserved, although mainly only in villages. Adults and children dress up in special outfits and go from house to house. They sing songs, glorify the birth of Jesus Christ and the masters. Sometimes they show a small theatrical performance. Kolyadnikov must be treated with sweets and give them money.

Christian and Slavic roots were closely intertwined in this tradition. A group of carols necessarily carries a large star, which symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem. Boys and girls dress up in different outfits, but the goat plays a special role. She always goes first. The Slavs believed that this animal drives away evil spirits.

Caroling is of Slavic origin. Before the baptism of Rus, it was one of the biggest holidays dedicated to the winter solstice (according to the old calendar, Christmas Eve falls on December 24). On this day, ceremonies were held dedicated to the god Kolyada. To do this, people changed clothes, sang songs, arranged dances and other entertainments. With the advent of Christianity, traditions were not eradicated, so they were interpreted under the new rules. Christmas carols began to glorify the birth of God's son.

Fortune Telling on Christmas Eve

Our ancestors believed that Christmas night is magic. The night before a great holiday, incredible things and miracles happen. In the evening, girls, and sometimes guys, gathered together to divine and predict their fate. It was believed that the predicted would come true.

And now some girls are wondering to find out about the future bridegroom. For example, you can find out about your spouse by performing a simple rite. The girl needs to go outside and lie back in the snow. Then get up to leave the house without looking back. The next day you should go out and look at the result:

  • smooth trace - the husband will be kind and affectionate;
  • the presence of irregularities indicates a rough and hard spouse;
  • with a deep trace, marriage can be several times;
  • if snowed, there will soon be a wedding.

Girls also divine on rice, wax, ringlets, water and in other ways.

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