New AvtoVAZ 2019-2020 years

In recent years, AvtoVAZ has been steadily increasing the sales of its cars in the domestic car market. The main reason for this is the emergence of a variety of new models. So, in the coming years, the company plans to launch production of the presented cars.


The next update of the model in 2019 is connected with AvtoVAZ’s desire to extend the production of a veteran car.

In the new version, fresh decorative elements appeared on the exterior of the car and several embossed stampings were added. The front optics received a slightly increased size, but retained the filling in the form of halogen lamps. Among the most significant changes, new, large-sized side mirrors should be noted.

The interior remained the same finishing materials, which is associated with the budget class of a passenger car. For the updated version, gasoline engines with a capacity of 105 and 123 liters are saved. from. Also, to equip the front-wheel drive transmission, a five-speed manual transmission or a robot will be used. Buyers will be presented with four options for picking Priors, and the initial price will be 435 thousand rubles.


In connection with the revision of the lineup by the Volga company, Lada Grant 2019 received a new body design, designed in the front of the car in the corporate X-shaped style. This design made the car look like a West model.

Also, due to the cessation of the release of Kalina, the body options have expanded and now they are presented:

  • hatchback;
  • wagon;
  • liftback;
  • sedan.

In the interior, there was a replacement of finishing materials with better ones, thanks to which it was possible to increase comfort. In addition, the design of the center console, the front tunnel, as well as the dashboard, was changed.

To equip all versions, three gasoline engines with a capacity of 87, 98 and 106 forces are designed. The transmission used a modernized 5-speed manual transmission or 4-band automatic, which allowed to increase the dynamic parameters of a small car. Regardless of the type of body of the Grant, customers will be offered five configuration options, with the base cost starting from 426 thousand rubles.

Granta cng

The plans of the Volga company in 2019 to establish serial production of the Granta sedan in the performance of CNG with gas equipment.

The machine will be equipped with a pair of gas cylinders, the total volume of which will be 200 liters. Such a quantity of methane will allow a small car to travel a distance of 1050 km without refueling, while reconnecting to gasoline consumption occurs at the end of gas reserves.

In its exterior and interior, the gas sedan will become identical to the base version with a gasoline engine.

The estimated price of CNG modification will be 550 thousand rubles, which is more expensive than the traditional version, but taking into account the cost of gas, the difference can pay off within 2.5-3 years of operation.

Lada 4 × 4 CNG

Currently, AvtoVAZ is considering the possibility of producing another new product by 2020. This will be a five-door version of the Lada 4 × 4 Urban with gas equipment. Execution of the CNG SUV will receive another 90-liter methane fuel tank. The tank itself will be installed in the luggage compartment, which will reduce its volume. This fact should be considered a certain disadvantage. Also, the car due to a drop in engine power will lose in dynamic parameters.

According to company representatives, a certain demand for a gas balloon SUV should ensure a reduction in fuel costs, as well as increased mileage up to 1000 km without refueling. Estimated cost of the machine will be 575 thousand rubles.


The planned restyling of Vesta 2019 primarily added style to the design due to a larger number of bends, protrusions and interesting transitions. The front of the car is characterized by a proprietary X-style and embossed hood.

The interior has changed due to the use of better materials in the decoration. The touch monitor of the multifunctional complex has also expanded and therefore become more convenient. The choice of power units will not change and will be represented by two gasoline versions of 106 and 122 forces. With both engines, a 5-band automatic transmission or a 5-speed manual transmission is possible. The novelty will be presented in seven trim levels, while the most affordable will cost 550 thousand rubles.

Vesta sport

Among the novelties of AvtoVAZ 2019-2020, Vesta Sport stands out. A feature of the car should be considered the fact that it was designed with the help of racing developments, but at the same time adapted to traffic on urban and suburban roads.

Among the main differences in appearance from the standard Vesta, it should be noted:

  • redesigned front air intakes;
  • enlarged rear bumper;
  • door sills;
  • spoiler on the trunk lid;
  • alloy wheels.

The interior is decorated in dark color with red accents and the architecture is practically no different from the standard version. High dynamics passenger car gives the engine capacity of 145 liters. from. Vesta Sport will go on sale in 2019, and the cost will be almost 1.0 million rubles.

Xray cross

The 2019 crossover hatchback differs from the basic Xray version with off-road parameters and design.

Belonging to the new crossover class emphasize:

  • lower body kit;
  • high (215 mm) ground clearance;
  • inserts in wheel arches.

Appearance is distinguished by a branded front part, sharp figured stampings, large side glazing. The interior is characterized by a two-tone finish, as well as a well-designed layout that allows you to make the car universal.

The engine has a capacity of 122 forces with a volume of 1.77 liters, and the front-wheel drive transmission is equipped with a 5-speed manual. The price of the crossover will start from 730 thousand rubles.

Xray sport

At the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, AvtoVAZ planned to release a charged version of the compact Xray crossover under the name Sport.

The novelty differs from the standard modification in its dynamic and even aggressive front design. Red decorative elements have been added to the exterior. The crossover has:

  • reduced ground clearance;
  • 18-inch wheels with an interesting pattern of wheels;
  • trapezoidal exhaust diffusers mounted in the rear protection panel.

The interior of the Xray Sport is characterized by a sporty steering wheel shape, special pedals and enhanced lateral support for the front seats.

As the power unit will be used a gasoline engine with a capacity of 148 liters. from. (1.8 L). The cost of a sports crossover will be known closer to the start of production.


A mini-crossover of the enterprise under the designation XCODE may become a successful novelty of AvtoVAZ in the 2019-2020 model range. The car is inferior in size to the Xray model and has an expressive appearance, which is characterized by both power and speed. In addition, the design features all the corporate features of the cars currently manufactured by the enterprise.

Salon in its architecture and decoration will be very close to the interior of the Xray. The company notes that XCODE will receive rich equipment for domestic models. Among the systems and equipment planned for installation it is already necessary to note:

  • LED optics;
  • automatic braking;
  • car park;
  • active cruise control.

The basic version will be equipped with an engine capacity of 109 liters. from. The transmission will receive both four-wheel drive and front-wheel drive. AvtoVAZ plans to provide detailed information about the model as the machine is developed.

Largus fl

The restyled, or rather the facelift version of Largus 2019 will have a design in the style of the Vesta and Xray models. Therefore, the updated version will change the shape of the headlights, fenders, front bumper, grille. There are not many changes in the interior, they will only affect the use of more anti-wear fabric upholstery and the use of additional noise absorbing inserts.

Largus will continue to retain five and seven-seater equipment, as well as currently installed power units. Such small changes are due to the fact that the company considers the model to be quite successful and therefore does not require deep modernization.


The new small car is a light commercial vehicle of the enterprise, the production of which will be launched in 2020.

In the AvtoVAZ lineup, Van should become an addition to the Largus car. At the heart of the novelty is the Renault Dokker heel design, but the appearance will correspond to the existing X-shaped style of the company.

The technical characteristics of the car will practically coincide with Dokker, but the main advantage of the domestic truck will be a lower price due to the use of materials and components of Russian production.


In 2020, the Lada car lineup can be replenished with another interesting novelty - the Questa model. Auto will receive a futuristic design with elements in the style of the X-code.

Since this prototype so far exists exclusively in the outline format, there is a possibility that the model will remain on paper, like the variant UAZ Patriot previously created by Vyacheslav Alexandrov. If the car nevertheless goes into series (naturally, very remotely resembling a futuristic concept), then this will be the first domestic supercar.


The new AvtoVAZ 2019-2020 model period confirms the company's desire to expand sales not only due to new models, but also thanks to modernization and restyling for already established cars.

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